Meet Your 
Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass 
Learn their best practices and tools to create a business and lifestyle they love while making great money and giving their gifts to the world. 

Bob Burg
Sales & Influence Authority

Christine Schlonski
Queen of the Sales-Success-Mindset, Sales Trainer, international Speaker

Sean D. Steward
Transformational Business Coach, 

Sales Trainer and Speaker

John Lee Dumas
Host of Entrepreneurs on Fire

Dana Pharant
Master Healer, Life Strategist & former Dominatrix

Alysa Rushton
The 6 & 7 figure Woman's Voice Igniter

Dr. Roy Martina
Holistic MD,  Business Coach, 
Peak Performance Specialist

Dr. Katie Henry
Queen of Joy

Dr. Joy Martina
Psychic Psychologist & Oracle

Art Giser
Creator of Energetic NLP

Vince Kramer
Mentor to the awakening Heart

Jonathan Christian 
Chief Imagination Officer/ Founder of We Make Stuff Happen

Rachel Miller
Serial online entrepreneur

Jenny Kovacs
The Queen of Being Seen

Kim Eldredge
Bestselling Book Strategist, Your Story Pathfinder, BEAST-MODE Marketer

Maartje Koper
Law of Attraction Expert

Augie Byllott
The Real Estate Millionaire Mentor

Vivian Glyck
Founder of Just like my Child

Do you like what you see? 
Here are some of the inside secrets you'll discover during the class. 

  • Great insides on the topics of Sales, Mindset, Money, Wealth Creation and different tools that you can 
  • use to make a difference in your business
  • How to give first makes you more successful
  • Why charging for your services (even a high ticket) makes a positive impact on your clients
  • How to attract more clients into your world
  • Why showing up online, being authentic and true to your values helps you sell
  • How to connect to abundance and be your best self
  • Why joy makes you more sales
  • How to create wealth without your own money
  • And much, much more!

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