August 15

A New Level


A new level, what’s possible for me – is possible for you!

Yesterday was the day where I managed to run (and walk) my first 20 km (12,42 miles) without stopping!
I know for those of you who run regularly this might be a joke, BUT I am not a runner. I have never had the runner’s high and I am still searching it.
Why would I run then?
It is easy: I decided that I want to bring my health to the next level, I want more energy, less body fat, more muscles and I want to be fit.
How to do this?
Take action, start moving and then keep moving!
Set your mind on moving and even if you think you can’t go anymore, KEEP going! Make that stretch. That stretch that you have never experienced before and that will make you proud after you did it. This is how you get results; this is how you know you can achieve things.
Yesterday I brought myself to a new level. I did something I had never done before. The idea of just running and running for hours did not excite me. The run took me forever. BUT now I have done it. I have been there and I can take it from here and do it again- faster hopefully and with more ease 🙂.


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