August 24

A chain reaction


A chain reaction

This morning I got myself a coffee. Maybe you remember this place that draws me in when I am staying at my friends and go to work from there. I can hardly resist.


It is not even an especially nice or beautiful place but it has a huge magnetic power over me. Every morning I somehow end up at the counter paying for a coffee and then I land on the street again with a big black coffee in my hand, no idea how all this has just happened since I want to cut short on coffee…. 


Anyhow, today there was a lady ordering when I came in and when it was her time to pay she tipped the lady at the counter. Now you need to know that this is not common in Germany. It is not a restaurant and it is not Starbucks (where you see the little tip bucket so you could tip). So no tip required. I observed the situation and noticed how the lady in the coffee shop lighted up when receiving the tip. And I thought well, I’ll do the same and let’s see what happens. She was already nice and served well before but this little tip made her change her pasture, her smile got bigger her eyes more sparkly and her voice softer and more excited.


So now it was my turn. When I tipped her she lighted up like a Christmas tree. It was just beautiful to see what such a small gesture can do. And then she was on. She greeted the trainee who came in with a big smile, told him good morning and ask him how he was doing today. Well, you might think – that is what you do. NO! Not here in Germany 😉 The day before she only said good morning and no other interaction at all. I know that because I happened to be there at the same time, drawn into the coffee shop by magic.


So I could see the chain reaction. The chain started with a small gesture of doing something nice.
The lady who got her pastries before I ordered inspired me and put a bigger smile on the lady behind the counter. I took action. The action made me feel good since I could see a change in an instant. I felt uplifted myself. So lady behind the counter made the trainee feel great and so on and so forth. We do not know which impact we might have with small things we can do. With things that might not be so important to us but make the day for someone else who might make the day for someone else….


There might be a huge ripple effect only starting with such a tiny gesture. It might be like the butterfly clapping his wings and that causes a hurricane at the other side of the earth.


See yourself as powerful.
Start given.
It can be such tiny gestures as a smile, a nice word, a tiny tip when not expected, a phone call to a friend that you did not connect with for a long time …


The POWER of nice is incredible.


And you know what, it will come easy to you and it will empower you and lift you up.


So go out and change your world today. Make it better. FEEL it, enjoy it, see the beauty in you and others and all the things that surround you.


Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!

Christine Schlonski


PS: If you think I would be a great mentor for you, let’s talk!
I have the opportunity for 1:1 Gorgeous, dive in deep. YOU and ME!
Get results, get into your purpose, into your light, into your POWER and stay there!

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