Brady Patterson is a multiple best-selling author, international speaker, and survival trainer. 

Currently, he is the Director of Strategic Partnerships of the #1 Joint Venture network for coaches and consultants, where he teaches entrepreneurs how to build a solid referral network for their business, where to find those partners, and how to generate 6 and even 7 figures through cultivating authentic relationships.


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3 Key Points:

Affiliate is more like a transaction, while the Joint Venture is really creating more value and other ways of trading traffic, money.

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Show Notes:

[10:21] How can I structure my program if I want to promote it and be attractive to people?

[10:54] How can you give better service to your customers?

[14:07] If you know your partner, you get to know their motivations, and if you know their motivations, you know, the things that can help support them to grow, and help them actually step up into promotion.

[15:50] What’s the difference between an Affiliate and a Joint Venture Partner?

[18:39] Can you give us an example that has happened to you in your career by forming these amazing relationships to inspire people more to take this seriously?

[24:18] Relationships are a form of marketing, like joint ventures or relational marketing. And so you need to build the connection first.

[26:18] So if you build those connections, then you’ll be able to move forward with much more ease than if you tried to do things on your own.


Hi Gorgeous. This is episode number 348. And I’m very excited to have Brady Patterson back on the show today.

Hi, this is Brady Patterson you are listening to the Heart Sells! Podcast with Christine Schlonski. Enjoy.

I’m super excited to have Brady back on the show I loved our conversation about how to magnify your results with ease. So if you have not checked out Episode 347, I highly recommend you do today we will be talking about why you should not stop with a person in front of you. And Brady has some really interesting advice for this that opened my eyes, so I hope it will open yours as well. Brady Patterson is a multiple best-selling author, international speaker, and survival trainer. Currently, he is the director of strategic partnerships of the number one joint venture network for coaches and consultants, where he teaches entrepreneurs how to build a solid referral network for their business. Also where to find those partners and how to generate six or even seven figures through cultivating authentic relationships. In case we have not met yet, I’m Christine Schlonski, the host of Heart Sells! Podcast, where I talk with inspirational successful heart-centered entrepreneurs and business leaders about how they have built a widely successful business. Past guests include obviously, Brady Peterson as well as Bob Burg, John Lee Dumas, Brian Kurtz, and Melanie Benson, Natalie Ledwell, as well as Ann Wilson. I hope you enjoy today’s episode. This episode is brought to you by Heart Sells! Academy, where we support heart-centered ambitious entrepreneurs to redefine sales. So if you love what you do, and sales is a challenge for you, we can show you how to sell with ease, how to transition into the sales with grace, and how to close with confidence while having fun making a lot more money and most of all, having a lot more impact. So if that is for you check us out at ChristineShlonski.Com. So let’s dive into today’s episode with Brady Patterson. Well, I am so super excited. You are back on Heart Sells! Podcast. Welcome, Brady.

Thanks for having me back.

I love talking about Joint Venture Partners and partnerships, and how this can really work for everybody’s business. I don’t think that there’s a business where this wouldn’t work, really. So whatever people learn in this episode, they can go and apply it in their business. But before we dive in, I would love to know what Heart Sells! mean to you?

Like that, I think probably heart selling just being real. You know, if I’ve got known with my coaching when I or when I’m making offers to if somebody is not a fit, I have no problems telling them and coming from that place that it’s more important for me to be able to offer, it’s more important for them to to make the decision based on their actual needs rather than force them into something. Nobody needs more gadgets, gizmos, training, or whatever unless they actually do and it’s in their best interest if it’s in their highest good. And I think that that’s the foundation of ourselves.

Yeah. Great, great answer. Thank you so much. And, you know, oftentimes we do get inspiration from books or maybe even YouTube videos. Is that like a book? I’m quite sure you read a lot of them but a business book or maybe any other book that really inspired you on your business journey.

Well, I think it’s probably been said a million times, I probably have a dozen I could cite but the Four-hour workweek was a huge influence on me. You know, that was the first book, because it also introduced me to the second biggest book, which was Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. And between those two books, I learned so much about business.






Wow. Yeah, I don’t know The Meditation one. So cool. Thank you for sharing. Yeah, the Four-hour workweek was quite remarkable. And I just going through a bit of decluttering so when I cleaned out some boxes for old books, I came across the Four-hour Workweek and I made sure I put it in my bookshelf so I can read it again. Because it has been a while. And I just remember I was still my job and I read it how much inspiration this gave me. So I can highly recommend it as well. So talking about partnerships, because I learned that partnerships make your life easier when done, right? So if I am a coach, a healer, or a consultant, how do I go about it? Like, how do I approach people? I cannot go to an event and talk to everyone say, hey, do you want to promote my stuff? Yeah, what’s a good way to go about it like, maybe you have the two mistakes, or biggest mistakes, or the two things you’d really need to avoid. And then also giving some kind of advice on what to do?

Well, probably the biggest mistake people make is stopping at the person in front of them. So they start to have a conversation and explore, maybe there’s potential here. And right away, or even 3040 minutes into a conversation, they just they, they realize there’s nothing going to happen here where we’re not a good fit. And they get off the call, and it just that relationship dies, it withers away. But what if you really want to grow your network and your connections more effectively, the better thing is to continue to deepen that relationship, and find out who you can support each other by introducing each other to you already both have existing networks, even if you’re just getting started, you know, people, you know, you and as you meet somebody else that you’re maybe looking at as a potential partner, you want to they know people as well. And maybe you don’t have a fit together, maybe it’s your audiences don’t match, maybe there’s a, like, if you’re using a technical like the lists don’t fit, right, the email list is not a good match that you know, for different products or the or the buckets, whether they’re, maybe they’re in real estate, in your in health and wellness, right, so maybe there’s not a match there. But you have, you probably know people in your community, you can introduce each other too. And so if you get into that situation, you can just say, hey, look, it looks like we’re not gonna have a fit. But let’s have a conversation about who we can introduce each other too because I think that there’s some great potential within my community, I know some people here’s, you know, this person and that person, Do you know them? Or would you like to know them, you know, and that way, you can start to expand your network at the same time. And so the biggest mistake is always people not stopping in front of them or not stopping, it’s where they just stop at the one conversation. And then the second part of that is, they don’t follow through or follow up. You know, they have to have the conversation, you make all the deals, but there’s no follow-through. And that happens a lot. And it happens. Sometimes it’s because the person has no systems in place. Sometimes there’s technology, you never know what’s going on, or why somebody is not responding. But it’s really important to follow up. And like I know your process, for example, with the podcast is really good, you make sure that person follows up that there’s a system in place for you to make sure that things happen the way they’re supposed to. And that’s important in all JVs because if you don’t follow up and follow-through, then nothing happens. And then that conversation was a waste for likely both of you. The people involved, the clients aren’t necessarily getting the attention or the products that they need or deserve or could benefit their life better. And so it all starts to kind of disintegrate. So those two, those two things are probably the biggest.

I love that they’re so so important. So just because some people might think like, there’s a follow-up, like, I cannot pressure the other person or maybe they are not interested. Do you have an elegant way that people can use or walk on so it’s easy to follow up?

Well, I template everything. So you know, I said every the easiest way is to put it into the calendar. So usually on a call when I’m booking something with somebody, let’s say I book a promotion with somebody, if I’m going to follow that up, I calendar everything on the spot. So I actually will ask the partner, hey, let’s open our calendars right now and put this in the calendar. And I’ll schedule every single step. So for sending for a webinar, and there are three emails, I’ll be like, okay, email, one for the webinars should go out on Monday at 6 am. Pacific time. It’s on my calendar. Is it in yours? Right? Okay, perfect. Okay, great email to go out on Wednesday at 6 am. Pacific Time, and it’s in my calendar, is it in yours, and I’ll go through each and every one. That way. It’s in the calendars as an actionable task, right? So that we know what’s happening. So and things in the calendar tend to get done, at least in my experience. So that removes that problem. So I can reach out to the partner later on and be like, hey, some let’s say something didn’t happen. And I’m like, Hey, I just checked the traffic from today’s promotion. I noticed that no links have gone out has the email gone out? Do you know? No. Okay. Well, what happened? Oh, it’s not on my calendar. I’m like, Really? You know, it’s like, Okay, well, is your calendar entry is the email in the calendar for Wednesday and Friday like we agreed. Oh, yeah, they’re there but I must have missed the one on Monday. Okay, no problem. I always tend to look at systems being the problem. Well, before I look at people because I tend, you know, technology breaks, things happen. But usually, it’s a system that causes the issue. And so if I know that it’s there, I don’t have a problem reaching out, and most people are pretty thankful because usually, they’re going to earn any revenue from it. So if they’re going to earn some income from supporting you, then it’s nice for them to keep them on track.

Yeah, totally. And that’s a great topic that we just kind of throw into the pot, so to speak, earning income. So everybody’s, probably my guess would be most people are excited about earning some income. So if I have a program that I want to promote, and I want other people to help me to promote, how can I kind of structure this, so it’s attractive for people, but I’m, you know, I’m making sure that I have enough revenue left for myself.

Well, that’s a can of worms. So it’s like they ask the hard ones. So the whole thing around structuring a program, for searching an affiliate program for working with partners, is that it really depends on the volume of work involved for yourself as the person creating it. So kind of standard in the industry is if it’s a fully digital program, there’s it’s all recordings, there’s nothing going on, you can easily pay 50% of the revenue from the sale to the partner, as they’re, you know, rewarding them for promoting your products. You know, 40-50% 50 is pretty normal, I’ve seen 40 as well. And that’s, that’s one thing. But as soon as you start adding live classes, co one on one coaching, that number starts to decrease dramatically. And so it can go as all of a sudden goes from 50%, down to you know, maybe 30%, maybe 20%, maybe 10%, somewhere in that range. And it also is related to the price of the program. So if you have a $497 program that is fully digital, maybe it’s no problem to pay out 5%. But if you have a 5k, approaching 5k or $5,000 coaching program, where you’re doing, you know, regular calls, and things like that, all of a sudden now, paying out 50% of that is, you know, is not an effective use of the promotion. So maybe now it drops down to 20%. Maybe it’s 10%. And I’ve had in some cases, depending on the level of the program, like I’ve seen $25,000 programs that they pay, like 3%, right, so they really are a spectrum, and at the end of the day, it’s kind of comes back to like your whole intention with Heart Sells! is like, Where is it? Where does it fit? Right? Where does this fit for you? How can you give better service to your customers, and if it means giving away more money to take care of your partners, and it still allows you to be the best partner and the best coach possible or the best service provider, then you start to look at where those levels fall and feel good for yourself.

Yeah, I think that really is a question that I know I have thought about a lot. And I know that you know, discussing with my clients as well, when they start finding partnerships I was talking about finding something but also your partner’s feel rewarded. I mean that your soulmate clients are probably going to run around and you know, bring people to you all the time, not asking not expecting anything, they’re just so happy that you help them to get massive results. But then when you have it on a more strategic level, where you are asking other people to share their audiences with you, you have to find a way where you have a reward system in some way, shape, or form. And that it’s always Well, how do I do this? How can I make it so it’s really attractive? And I do get that maybe that extra promotion, that extra email, that extra Facebook Live or whatever it is because a partner feels so valued and so excited about the value that your program brings, but also the added value of some extra income. And yeah, as you said, it’s a can of worms. It’s really, really tricky. So I loved your insights on that.

Thank you. Yeah, and it can go so many ways. It’s yeah, it’s definitely a topic that’s near to me because we do a lot of it I mean, JV affiliates, this kind of thing like they’re a big part of what I do. And you do you find ways to reward people, right? Sometimes if you’re you need a last little boost, you can start trading other things you can look at what is it that serves the partner that helps them, okay, they’re gonna, you know, they’re gonna do a podcast episode for me or they’re going to do a Facebook Live or something like that. Okay, great. Can I bump their commission, you know, or get out and rather than looking at it from individual pieces, I look at it from their perspective, like for the promotion, what’s the best thing is going to happen of everybody to Facebook Live, if everybody did a podcast episode, or if everybody sent that extra email? What would help them? What would incentivize them like you were saying to do so maybe we bump the Commission’s maybe we do if somebody gets out this thing today then we know we send out Apple Watches or who knows right something that gets the attention of your partners and I’ve seen that happen and work incredibly well especially in the in a launch model where people are doing like the PLF style stuff that can be incredibly effective. So it really again comes back to like, what if you know your partner, you get to know their motivations, and if you know their motivations, you know, the things that can help support them to grow, and, and help them actually step up into promotion. So some people like stuff, some people like more content, some people like, more credibility, you know, there are different things that they’re looking for. And if you can touch on those pieces in the things you’re putting, into the reward system, inherently, then it’ll help your partners be far more successful for you.

A partner feels valued when you have a reward system in place.

Yeah, awesome. And I would just want to touch real quick on PLF, just in case, some people might not know what that is. So its Product Launch Formula by Jeff Walker, which is an amazing program. I haven’t taken it, I’ve only heard good things about it. And I’ve seen quite a few launches structured this way. Very impressive. So yeah, if you want to know that just google Product Launch Formula, and you find your way. So what’s the difference, just to clarify, between an affiliate and a joint venture partner?

Perfect. So I would say I’ll start with Affiliate. So an Affiliate is essentially someone that gets paid to promote you. So it’s kind of like they’re like a form of advertising. So somebody has an email list or social following or something and they’re promoting you to your product to their audience for revenue. Where the Joint Venture comes into play, is in joint ventures can look like a number of things. It can be, hey, we’re buying a house and or, hey, we’re together as an investment property. It could be we’re buying a business together. So joint ventures is a much more broad topic. But in the internet marketing kind of coaching experts world JV usually refers to kind of one-way affiliate deals where we’re supporting each other. Now that can look like a lot of different things. Maybe we’re paying money, maybe we’re just trading traffic, you know, you’re promoting my webinar, I’m promoting yours. We’re not exchanging money, but we’re exchanging traffic. And so it can look like a number of different things. But the partners, it comes back to a JV is a partnership, a collaboration, if you will,

Yeah, I love that. So Affiliate is more like a transaction, while the Joint Venture is really creating more value and other ways of trading traffic, money. I don’t know, some rights license, whatever like it’s a broader spectrum.

Correct. And over time, it shows up in a huge way, because of strict straight affiliates. Oftentimes, it’s as long as they’re promoting you, and they’re making money and their numbers are working, they’re happy to promote you. But as soon as something comes along that makes them a bit more money, they kind of disappear. And so when you build it, when you build a partnership, a real strategic partnership, what happens is as you do that, now, there’s a connection between the two of you. And so somebody won’t just abandon you before a promotion, because if somebody is going to pay them a few extra dollars, at least not very often. And you know, you’ve got something that you can do with that has longevity, or it’s like, I have partners for over six years now. Right. And, you know, since getting into this industry, that makes a huge difference. But, you know, if somebody calls me in the evening and says, Brady, I need some help, I need to get an email out, you know, if I’ve never met the person before, and they’re a random person, I’m probably not even going to take the message. But if a friend calls and says, Hey, I need help, I’m much more inclined to be able to support them.

Yeah, so true. And I think you said that in our first episode, that basically, there’s this relationship capital that you are building, and this really pays a lot of dividend in your bank. And I personally think the best thing you can do is invest in yourself and into relationships, because that will, you know, if the person still is alive, that will stay as capital, and that will help you your business, your personal growth, whatever it is, by you helping others. So can you maybe give us an example or something inspirational that has happened to you in your career by forming these amazing relationships to inspire people more to take this seriously?

Well, I think it’s, it’s kind of around partnerships. So for me, one of the most inspirational things that occurred was is not just one incident, but multiples, where I don’t even necessarily think about how that about the impact that my relationships make. I invest in people even if they consider themselves not investable. Right. So I’ll meet somebody and I’ll spend some time with them, get to know them. And I am exploring if this person a potential partner? Can we do some things together, but I treat each person the same. I don’t. I might know somebody that has a List of a million people, I will spend equal amounts of time with that person as I will with somebody that has a list that doesn’t have a list at all, it’s just getting started. Especially because I know that those people can grow. And I get messages. And I didn’t. They didn’t start landing for me until about a year ago, actually. So as if they were coming in for a long period of time. But it wasn’t until somebody had reached out to me recently, actually, there was one particular individual. And he reached out to me, and he sent me this beautiful message that you know, hey, I was in a really dark place, you know, my life was falling apart, I was considering just ending things. Because I felt like, nobody would give me the time of day, nobody’s gonna, you know, help me with my business. I’m struggling, nobody’s hiring me. My clients are non-existent. They’ve all as I fall into depression, depression, things just got worse. And now, like, you sat down, you spent time with me, and you introduced me to people. And I did, I took this in one individual, I took him around, and I introduced him to a couple of people at this event. And he said, My life is completely different. It’s completely switched. I went from being depressed and ready to end things to now. And this is an extreme example, like, but it was like now things I’m my business is booming. I have clients, I have community, people are supporting me. And it’s it was a very, it wasn’t even a long period of time. And so that was probably one of the I’ve had a number of similar types, maybe not as like extreme polar as though as that one. But those things I often forget, because I’m just because I’m so focused on the person in front of me, I oftentimes forget about the people that I’ve already talked to, not in a way of like, I’ve never remembered them again, but they’re just not present in my mind. But the ripples we make by individual connection with people, carry on far beyond the time that we spend with them.

Yeah, totally. What a beautiful story. And that’s it you’re not, you don’t need to do it alone. Right? If you have a community that kind of inspires you that has the same values that things like you that have the same challenges were family, friends, people that think you are better in a job than being an entrepreneur, then this is so, so valuable, and you brought us a gift, it’s the Collaborate eBook, where you guys really go down and in details about joint ventures, affiliates, and so on. Tell us a little bit about it.

So the book covers our philosophy on joint ventures, so how to do them, where to do them, where to find them, which ones are the best ones, and ultimately, simplify, give a simple roadmap to actually go about how to do this right? Collaborates. The book is based on our signature event and collaborates, which is a three-day virtual, event that brings people together so they can actually put these practice these principles into practice.

Collaborates Book covers our philosophy on joint ventures.

So how to do them, where to do them, where to find them.

Yeah, I love that. And we’re also going to put a link for the event because you’re doing them on a regular basis. So in case, you’re listening to the episode, now, make sure you check out the next event dates and give yourselves a chance to dive in for three days, you will get so much done, you will have accountability, you will walk away with partners, right, if you show up.

So that’s, that’s the intention of the events, you walk in, you learn the things you need to about joint ventures even if you didn’t consume and read the book, you know, if you were like, okay, I’ve absorbed this knowledge and the book just accelerates the process. So that’s, that’s the intention of the events, you walk in, you learn the things you need to about joint ventures even if you didn’t consume and read the book, I’ve absorbed this knowledge and the book just accelerates the process. And then you come to the events. And yeah, you’ll absolutely you’ll meet people, even if you’re starting from the very beginning, you’ll be able to say okay, well, here’s what I do. And this is what you’ll start to identify the type of person, that’s a good potential partner for you. And we help you figure those things out as part of the events. And that way, when you walk out, you do walk away with multiple partners, not just one. And typically, people are walking with 5678 910 long-term potential partners for themselves.

Yeah, awesome. Yeah, that was my next question. Like if I don’t have a business yet? If I just have a business idea? Is this the right place to be? And then how many partnerships will I be able to create if I show up 100%?

Yeah, so if you don’t have a business, you know, it’s a little more difficult. However, I still, I still recommend people come to the events to grow. Because you’ll get exposed to a ton of different ideas. There’ll be things that you’re like, oh, somebody does that. Like there’s a guy in the community that has a business teaching how to do poison ivy removal, you know, there are all kinds of different types of people that come to the table and or come to the events. And so as they come in, you’ll see different ideas, and you can start investing in that relationship capital now. You know, like, most people forget, don’t worry, it either forgets or they don’t know that. Like you can make decisions in lots of things. Very quickly you can say, Oh, I want to buy this tool, I want to buy that thing. I’m going to hire this accountant, that’s those things can happen relatively quickly. One thing you can’t do fast is marketing. Almost no marketing can be done quickly. And relationships are a form of marketing, like joint ventures or relational marketing. And so you need to build the connection first. And that takes time. And so if you start early, then you’re building your network. That’s how I got ahead. That’s how I built mine, I started to get to know people. And then when I got into this industry, it massively escalated how quickly I grew. Because I knew so many people when I first started.

Yeah, and I also think it can give you inspiration. Like when I started, like, I had this idea, and I just knew I wanted to do something, and then going to events, starting to network, really like fueled my brain. And it was so beautiful to see like, Oh, this person is already successful with a similar ideas. So, you know, if I do it my way, then this is supposed to work. So this was really nice to see. So awesome. Yeah, as I said, we’re going to put the obviously the book in the show notes and the event as well for people. So final words of inspiration for this episode.

Get Started. You know, it’s like anything in life, if you start, if you wait, nothing tends to happen. So you need to take action, even if you don’t decide to start a business, even if you don’t decide to use strategic partnerships, you’ll get connected to a community that can help support you with the other thing. So it gives you other ideas, they’ll help you get clear on just by being there is going to help you be more clear on what you’re doing. You know, so if you’re like, I realized I don’t want to use joint ventures, that’s actually a good thing to know, it’s a good investment of your time to find out, I don’t want to do that. But then the people at the event will have access to the things that you do want to do. Right. So if you build those connections, then you’ll be able to move forward with much more ease than if you tried to do things on your own. Yeah.

Awesome. Beautiful words. Thank you so so much for having been here. It was a pleasure. And I just love the beautiful work you do as I wholeheartedly believe that life is so much better with the right people. And yeah, the inspiration and go in your own path. Wow, what an episode, I for sure had some really wonderful takeaways, again, that you do not stop with the person in front of you makes so much sense for me. And you know, I have been guilty sometimes of making kind of fast assumptions like, oh, we’re not a match. And because we’re not a match, you just don’t really move forward with this relationship. And this was such a beautiful reminder that Brady gave us in this episode. So I hope you enjoyed that as well. And you have also found other golden nuggets for you for your business. Hop on over to ChristineSchlonski.Com. Find the podcast tab and Episode 348, you will have the show notes right there with the transcript. And also all the wonderful resources we talked about. Once you are at ChristineSchlonski.Com. And you feel like you’ve really, really love some support with selling so you can sell with ease, transition into the sales conversation with grace and also close with confidence, then you might want to book a sales assessment, where we take the time to really get clear and analyze your sales process, see where you might have some gaps that need to be closed, where you already have amazing strength that you can use even more. And you will walk away with a solid plan of how to do your sales. So check out the sales assessment. And also sign up for the Empowerment Notes. That’s empowerment right into your inbox, where I share tips, advice, strategies, and anything amazing that comes my way with you to support you in your business. Have a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world and I’m saying bye for now.


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