Elena Bensonoff is an award-winning holistic practitioner, consultant pharmacist, and the founder of  Wholistic, Inc. 

As a pioneer in the fields of functional, regenerative, and energy medicine, she has been sharing her gift for healing for over 20 years.

Using her clinical skills and medical intuition, Elena has been able to support clients in reducing stress, ending digestive issues, overcoming chronic illnesses, and more. 

Elena is the author of Wholistic Wisdom: Awakening Your Inner Healer, a #1 Amazon Best Seller in Holistic Medicine, and her expertise has been sought out by and featured on media outlets including Elephant Journal, Mindvalley, iHeartRADIO, Daily Grind, Soulvana, and NBC News.

She also has her own podcast, the Wholistic Living Podcast, and is also a guest instructor at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York, and board-certified as an advanced fellow in anti-aging, functional and regenerative medicine. 

When she’s not combining modern medicine and ancient healing modalities to improve her clients’ health, she’s spending quality time with her partner, four kids, and two dogs.

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Wholistic Living Podcast with Elena Bensonoff

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3 Key Points:

It’s important to look at yourself when you’re watching movies to see what’s being played out,  how do you connect and where do you connect to certain narratives and stories.

If somebody is pressuring you or making you not feel at ease, make you feel uncomfortable in a sales conversation, then it’s time to take a couple of steps back and listen to your inner guidance and your inner voice.

Everything you’re seeking exists within you.


Show Notes:

[1:52] And the reason to do this is that I often say to people, while you don’t want to feel like The Wolf of Wall Street or Glengarry Glen Ross or Boiler Room, those famous sales movies, they probably totally turned you off as a heart-centered, ambitious entrepreneur or as a spiritual person. So you do not want to identify with these kinds of people who basically take the money and run.

[3:39] Films, of course, leave an imprint, they interact with our field. But overall, as a movie, it has a very specific vibration.

[4:31] Vibration of the Movie:  Dirty Dancing film

[6:36] One of the darkest films that I like to talk about which I didn’t measure the frequency of that film is Batman and Joker. But the reason I’m bringing this up is to put this into perspective, every human being plays a character.

[10:09] Vibration of the movie: The Wolf of Wall Street

[11:20] Vibration of the movie: Boiler Room

[14:16] This is what I call Hijacking of the Matrix. As long as you’re going to participate in play into that game, you will always be entrapped. So really the key is to honor yourself, know what’s important to you, and trust the feeling.

[18:35] The vibration of the movie Million Dollar Baby

[21:21] The vibration of the movie: Erin Brockovich

[21:57] The vibration of the movie: Hidden Figures

[22:42] The vibration of the movie: League of Their Own


We all have our own different stories were attached to






and we learn about ourselves by becoming conscious and aware through the film. 


Hey, Gorgeous. This is episode number 341. And we have the wonderful Elena Bensonoff back on the show today.

Hi, this is Elena Bensonoff. And you’re listening to Heart Sells! Podcast with Christine Schlonski. Enjoy.

I am so pumped to have Elena back on the show today. We are going to talk about how you can embody your experience and thrive. And also Elena is going to analyze some of the sales movies that most of the people that I know are fascinated with, but never, ever could connect with the hero because it’s just not an alignment. And yeah, this is going to be a very interesting episode. So just that you have a little bit of a background, Elena Bensonoff is an award-winning Holistic Practitioner. She is a Consultant Pharmacist and the founder of Wholistic Inc. She is a pioneer in the fields of Functional Regenerative and Energy Medicine, and she has been sharing her gift of healing for over 20 years. She is using clinical skills and medical intuition in her work and helps her client in reducing stress, ending digestive issues, overcoming chronic illness, and much more. She’s also a number one best-selling author in holistic medicine with her book, The Holistic Wisdom: Awakening The Inner Healer. I am so super pumped that she is back on the show today. So let’s dive right in. While I am so super excited you are back on the show, Elena. Welcome.

Oh, thank you so much, Christine, I’m excited to be back here with you.

Yeah, we had such a great conversation about Frequencies and why it’s important, and what to look for. So in case, people have missed that they need to listen to that amazing, amazing episode. And today we want to talk about Movies and the Frequency of Movies. And the reason to do this is that I often say to people, while you don’t want to feel like The Wolf of Wall Street or Glengarry Glen Ross or Boiler Room, those famous sales movies, they probably totally turned you off as a heart-centered, ambitious entrepreneur or as a spiritual person. So you do not want to identify with these kinds of people who basically take the money and run. So you had this amazing idea about testing frequency and allowing me to send you some names of movies. So we could check that out. But to be totally transparent, like the movie I want to know, at first hand, is like one of my favorites. It’s Dirty Dancing, but, you know, some kind of ruining my age. But, you know, when it came out, I just loved the music, right? I love the story of how everybody got at the end what they wanted to get, and then all those dance moves. Let’s just start with this one before we get into the others, a few amazing movies as well, where it’s really about Empowerment and the good Frequency.

So yes, I love that with you. Let me give you a little background just so people can have an understanding because films, of course, leave an imprint, they interact with our field. And of course, there are so many other things we can test because you talk about music, so the music can be tested separately, right? And all these other things. But overall, as a movie, it has a very specific vibration. And one thing I wanted to say, as far as businesses, we actually have people reach out to us and ask to test the vibrational frequency of their own company, the vibrational frequency of their own website to see if it’s in alignment with and in full transparency of what it is that they’re doing and how they’re being and showing up in the world. So in other people will be feeling these frequencies. So this is I think, very important because you also said that there are certain sales movies you don’t want to associate with. And it’s also important to test the vibrational frequency of your company. I think this will be a great idea. But anyway, your favorite movie Dirty Dancing.

I love that movie. One of them. Yeah,

I love that movie too, very much. I’ve seen it probably many, many times. So we talked about frequencies from zero to 1000. 1000 being fully integrated human experience. We’ve tested a couple of avatars that walked this planet with this frequency. And also we actually recently did an episode on artists and composers. Famous composers like Mozart, Beethoven, Leonardo da Vinci and in some of their charts because we look at different categories. They have categories where they have 1000 frequencies in their Creativity, which is absolutely Divine Flow, No Resistance. And it’s so beautiful to see, of course, they have other frequencies that they experienced, whether it was addiction or courage. So you can see the beauty of what makes up a human experience, right, and how these different characters contributed to the human experience. But Dirty Dancing. So Dirty Dancing film, overall vibrational frequency is 30 out of 1000. 30 is an Emotion. So this has to do with the Unprocessed Emotion of Guilt. That’s the frequency that it brings out. And I thought this is very interesting because I love this film as well. But somehow, that guilt feeling is being played. And that’s the frequency that the film is projecting out.

So what happens, actually, so when you love that movie so much, and I don’t know, I stopped counting, but I watched a lot of time about being able to do all the dance moves. But hopefully, it was more I was more focused on the dancing instead of the guilt. But what does it do if you are not aware? Right? I wasn’t aware. So what does it do to people if they are not aware and they consume movies or music or information that is at such a low level of frequency?

They will impact you, absolutely. So everything impacts us whether it’s having a positive impact or negative impact. And maybe for you, you took all the best parts. But it would be interesting for you to sit down and see what emotions are triggered within you besides liking the dance moves, right. But what else was there? And what narrative were you attaching to? So we all have our own different stories were attached to, but becoming conscious and aware, because I think through the film, we also learn about ourselves, you know, one of the darkest films that I like to talk about which I didn’t measure the frequency of that film is Batman and Joker, I think it’s called. Yeah, I didn’t even see Dark Knight. Yeah. And I didn’t measure the frequency of that film. But the reason I’m bringing this up is to put this into perspective, every human being plays a character, you’re playing a character in this lifetime being Christine, I’m playing a character of being Elena. And let’s say we’re both playing in the light. So looking from a Divine Perspective, the right actors are the characters from a soul level, incarnate here to play out a shadow role or light role. So think of it I always bring up, think of it as a Batman was playing the light in the light, and Batman is playing, or the Joker is playing in the shadow role. So from a higher perspective, they’re both actors, they’re both probably great individuals, but one has to embody the dark. And the other one is embodying the light, and then seeing who in this film you resonate with, you see, and it’s not about making somebody right or wrong. But understanding that they both are important in having this experience, right and having for the Batman, right. And I think at the end, he says that he is not going to kill the Joker. Because Joker is important. Right? His role is important. So I would say it’s important to look at yourself when you’re watching movies. And I think the more conscious you become aware of yourself, and you can see what it is that it’s being played out. And how do you connect and where do you connect to certain narratives and stories?

Yeah, so interesting. Yeah, I didn’t watch the movie. I just didn’t like the setup was too dark. I’m very conscious of what I consume. It’s kind of chilly. I’ve not before I didn’t see the trailer. Most of the time just seeing the, how do you say, the ad the advertisement, like the poster, so to speak. I can already tell you, I’m not watching that movie. And then if you know if something intrigues me, I watched the trailer and to the amusement of my husband. He’s always like, well, this is, you know, this is kind of child-safe. You can watch. I’m not going to put this in my mind, because I know like a picture you want to be seen will be there forever. So I refuse to put garbage into my mind. I wanted to be beautiful and great about it. So it’s really interesting. Yeah. Okay, that’s one of the darkest movies. I did not expect that but totally explains why I was so firm about not watching. Wow. Okay, so let’s move to those typical Sales movies. How about The Wolf of Wall Street? I think that was the most recent one that I’ve, as a sales movie.

Yeah. So most of these films, actually, The Wolf of Wall Street being one of them is playing out a frequency of 25, which is a Frequency of Shame. This is why so many people, well, there’s a lot of people that love this film, right? But these are the frequencies of, you know, the shame, the guilt, it’s really, from what you’re talking about, of course, Heart Sells!, this is as far out and much disconnected from heart frequency because it’s playing out on the lower frequencies of like of machines, a frequency of 25.

Yeah. I mean, it’s totally fascinating. The story is fascinating. I mean, how far you can go basically, and how much money you can have. But you know, when you really look at it, I see that shame playing through the movie. Yes. Yeah. Interesting. So another one, I know that a lot of salespeople, especially men, rave about his Boiler Room. Where was the Boiler Room?

The Boiler Room vibrational frequency is 50. And 50, actually, is a very interesting frequency. It’s something and I see quite often, it’s a Frequency of Apathy, but also Frequency of Manipulation. So whenever there’s a Shield of Apathy, it makes a person a very calculated Manipulator. So this particular movie’s playing out at that particular frequency manipulation, Apathy 50.

Wow. Yeah, just while you were talking, I was thinking about some websites I have looked at recently, and some clips on YouTube of sales trainers, where they go like to that extreme, a little bit like in Boiler Room there see, like, if you don’t want to go with a Ferrari, like, get out of here, you’re kind of not worth like being even here, like challenging people to have those big status dreams. And you know, if you don’t wear the tailored suit, and the white shirt and silk tie, and if you don’t have your Rolex or something else, then you’re just not worth it. And I see that over and over again in the market. And those people they push, of course, it’s that it’s a lot of force behind it, they push into the market, and they push other people who are fascinated by the material gains, to become these salespeople that then show up and give you the feeling like if you don’t buy today, you are not worth anything, you don’t value yourself. And it’s incredible to see because all those heart-centered entrepreneurs are so turned off. But somehow still people cultivate that manipulative, masculine energy and pretending there’s no other way. And they throw around with big numbers. You know, I close deals, high five-figures, six-figures, but I didn’t run around at the market, letting everyone know, it was just great. Yeah, I celebrated that. And I celebrated my clients who said yes, and who I did get to serve, but not in that way. Because that number was important. So how can people know when they are going into a sales conversation? What to be careful of? Or what to look for? How can they differentiate a person that cares from a person that really is just there to take the money and will do anything to get it? That I know that as a feeling and you know, I can feel it. But if someone is not, or has not been in many sales conversations, they might not even realize it? Do you have some advice around?

I would say everything is a feeling. Everything is a feeling and the description that you just gave about the Ferrari’s and all these other things. This is what I call Hijacking of the Matrix. As long as you’re going to participate in play into that game, you will always be entrapped. So really the key is to honor yourself, of course, know what’s important to you. That’s number one. If that’s important to you, then you’re part of that which there’s nothing wrong with it. That’s just who you are admitted on it. But I would say the majority probably of your listeners and business owners who are in their hearts, your heart will always, always tell you the truth. Trust the feeling. You don’t have to give an answer right away. You have to go within. And if somebody is pushing you, then you need to take a couple of steps back. Tune in listening, there’s no emergency, nothing is an emergency unless you’re having a heart attack. And you need an operation as soon as possible. Everything else you can make a decision about later. So if somebody is pressuring you, or making you not feel at ease, make you feel uncomfortable. Then it’s time to take a couple of steps back and listen to your inner guidance and your inner voice.

Your heart will always tell you the truth. Trust the feeling.
You don’t have to give an answer right away. You have to go within.


Yeah, beautiful. And I totally agree, I love beautiful things, right? Nothing against a Ferrari. It’s a beautiful car. But it’s just that male dominant, it bravura, I don’t even know how to express that. It’s a feeling. And it’s like overpowering, overruling. And I think we are over it. It was the whole world is kind of over this behavior. There is a new way, there is a way where you can trust your clients, I trust my clients to make the right decision. I trust that they will feel if I’m the right person for them, they don’t need me to tell them. I want people that are empowered and who do the work. So if I tell them, they need me, otherwise, you know, they’re never gonna be happy for the rest of their lives. That’s just not working. That’s all paradigm. And I think it’s so so time to shift all of that and to get it into the light.

And I think collectively, we’re seeing this right now, since 2020. Everything is being in a way dismantled. People are forced to look within. And that’s the beauty, I feel 2020. And now we’re in 2021, which’s coming out, is having the absolute clarity of truly what is important. And yes, it’s wonderful to have nice things, but ultimately, your health matters, your well-being matters, and how you feel how do you ultimately feel because it doesn’t matter how many things you buy, it will never fulfill you on a soul level, it will make never make you feel good. So it’s about understanding, yes, you can enjoy nice things. But ultimately, everything you’re seeking exists within you.


Everything you’re seeking exists within you.

What a beautiful reminder, I just, I just love hearing that. I never get tired of hearing it. I think you need a reminder every single day, that it’s all within already. I used to wear a bracelet that started off.





That is amazing.

Yeah, just you know, when I wanted to shift out of corporate into being my own boss, and you know, you touched on that like letting go of a paycheck, especially if you have achieved that level. It’s intimidating. It’s frightening. And stepping into having faith, trusting that all is working out for your highest good because you’re willing to give and you’re willing to stay in your heart. That’s something so that bracelet had really, really helped me over that period of time. Yeah, love it. So you brought other movies. And I gave you one movie where I thought that as a movie, where it tells a story about someone who really empowered herself. She found the right mentor. She, it looked like she didn’t have any chance at the beginning. But she worked herself through all of it. And she succeeded. And the movie I’m talking about is Million Dollar Baby. Tell us about that frequency.


Yeah, that movie’s frequency is also 25, which is shame.




Incredible. Wow. I did not expect that at all, because it was such a, you know, inspiring story that you can work yourself up to wherever you want to go and be.

You know one thing I noticed, in doing readings, thousands of readings of people is a lot of times it’s really all about unprocessed emotion that we carry throughout life that either makes us very successful or not. And a lot of times we see people who are very successful that we’ve read, who have an underlying frequency of 100, let’s say in their finances, right, because we look at finances, health, personal growth, relationships, creativity, philanthropy, intuition, there are many aspects that we look in. 100 is fear, frequency, and finances. Okay, we’ve read quite a few extremely successful people. And combine that with high ego, but we test there are two different types of ego, inferior or superior. So in most cases, it’s the inferior ego where you’re never good enough. And you have this driving force, which is the Fear of Failure. And that’s sometimes is a combination that makes people successful, but also, ultimately, the undercard, I call it the Silent Undercurrent that ultimately makes you very unhappy. Because no matter how much success you achieve, you feel you’re never good enough. So looking into the unprocessed emotion, so in this particular movie that unprocessed emotion is Shame. Yeah. And maybe that was her driving force in her success.

Yeah. Right, I can still see that the struggle getting out of that social standard, and her family pulling her back in. And she wanted success and money. Yeah, I can totally see that. Yeah.

It’s all about how much that emotion is playing out in your life. But in this case, this emotion is the predominant emotion of the film. It’s the predominant frequency.


So you brought us some other movies? Oh, this is gonna test high, like Dirty Dancing is going to be going through the roof. Right, so much good music and dance moves and love and light and also a little bit tragedy and drama, of course, but it’s a Hollywood movie. So you need a certain mix to attract a lot of people to the movie. Yeah, let’s talk about those where you found they’re really empowering. They have an amazing frequency. Tell us a little bit about that.

Yes. So I thought, well, let’s find some movies that are inspiring and powerful from a female perspective. Right. So we tested Erin Brockovich. Erin Brockovich’s film tested at a frequency of 450 and 450 is Reason, High Intellect. So this film’s frequency embodies what it is like to have a powerful mind. So when you set your goal and achieve it in her case, she did right? She revealed all this information. This is a very different frequency 450 versus 25. And then we, it’s amazing. And then we looked into the film, Hidden Figures. Hidden Figures, which I haven’t seen, but after reading the frequency, I want to see this. Actually, the frequency of the film is by 540. 540 is the Frequency of Joy. So it raises your vibration. So if you’re watching this movie, it actually will contribute to raising your own vibrational frequency because you’re in the frequency of joy, true joy.

Yeah, I love both of those movies. They are just wonderful and empowering. Also a bit shocking. I mean, there’s, you know, revealed the darkness has revealed so to speak, was and that struggle those people had. But it’s beautiful to hear that they’re at a such high frequency.

Yes. And then another movie we just tested is the League of Their Own, which is a story based on a true story of a group of women that created a baseball league. The first Baseball League, I don’t remember, I think it might have been during World War 2, we’ll have to check on that. But the overall frequency talks about what it’s like to build something together as women, community, heart. This movie embodies the frequency of 525, which is a Frequency of Love. So again, it a very different frequency than the ones that are in the lower vibrations.

Yeah, yeah. That’s amazing. So what advice would you love to give our listeners that they can embody more of this in their day-to-day life and help their businesses grow their positive impact? And also be aware of what like, what path not to go down to? Because it’s, it’s not going to be a good one?

Yes. I would say it’s important to embody what you’re wanting from your clients, what you’re teaching. If you’re teaching love, if you’re teaching integrity, if you’re teaching success, you have to embody all those aspects within yourself first. You have to master yourself first. In order to do that, you have to face your own shadows, what I call shadows, unprocessed emotions. So perhaps every morning, set a goal for yourself where you say three things you love about yourself, looking in the mirror. And I know that it’s sometimes can be very difficult, but make sure they’re unique every day, it’s going to be something new and unique that you’re going to say to yourself. So find the best things you love about yourself, and don’t run away from shadows, Shadow parts of you. So there is unprocessed fear, facing fear perhaps it’s about journaling, what it is that scares you? Because I can guarantee you that your biggest fear a lot of times is blown out of proportion in your head. And it’s a lot smaller once you write it down or perhaps talk about it with your friend or someone that you trust that will give you honest feedback.

Yeah, totally. And sometimes there’s like the biggest treasure hidden behind that shadow, like once you process that, and that weight is taken off of your shoulders, then you know, I’m just what just came to mind is the fear of speaking, right? So many people have that fear of being on a stage. But once you go through it can be can blow up your business in a beautiful way. Because you can reach so many more people.

Yes and another thing I will say is, be courageous, be curious, be flexible. And don’t judge yourself too hard. Remind yourself of how great your tools are doing because your journey is unique to you. And it takes courage to be you. You’re unique. No one else is like you. So appreciate yourself.


  It takes courage to be you.

  You’re unique.

  No one else is like you.

  So appreciate yourself.






Yeah. Beautiful. Beautiful. Well, thank you so, so much. This was so much fun and enlightening. Maybe this tests at 1000? I don’t know.

Very good.

Very good. Yes. And I just want to make sure so all the links to you are in the Show Notes so people can connect, they can learn more about what you do, what you offer, and yeah, how to connect to maybe check their own frequency or the frequency of the business or what are they creating. And I just want to thank you so, so much for taking the time to test and doing the work before hopping on to this conversation. And yeah, it has been wonderful.

Thank you, Christine.

I really enjoyed spending this time with you. And you’re a beautiful person. Thank you.

Wow, what an interesting episode. I hope this was fun for you too. I never would have guessed that one of my favorite movies, Dirty Dancing that I watched so often had such a low frequency. This quite amazes me still. And also all the rest of this conversation with Elena was just amazing. So hop on over to ChristineShlonski.Com. Find the podcast tab, you will have all the links that connect to Elena the resources we talked about, as well as the Show Notes and the Transcript. So I hope you really, really enjoyed once you’re over at ChristineSchlonski.Com. Make sure you take that opportunity and you sign up for the Empowerment Notes. That’s empowerment right into your inbox. And also I would love, love, love for you to give Heart Sells! Podcast, a rating, and a review. You can do that on iTunes, on Stitcher, and it would really help the podcast to get seen more, to get noticed more, and to have more listeners or give more listeners the opportunity to tune in to these amazing experts that they might miss out on otherwise. Thank you so so much for having been here. Have an amazing day wherever you are in this beautiful world. And I’m saying bye for now.



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