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Nancy’s clients call her The App Mama. Nancy Schwab is the Founder of Unleashed Mobile Apps and the number 1 bestselling author, her work centers around helping entrepreneurs bring their visions to life. As a mobile app strategist, she helps her clients find the right developer and navigate the development process.
Nancy also uses her decades of business experience to help her clients monetize their mobile apps to success. Her favorite part of her work comes when her clients grow their businesses through technology.
In her downtime, Nancy enjoys spending time with her husband, cheering on the Green Bay Packers, traveling, particularly to places with a beach view.

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Nancy Schwab’s Website: https://unleashedmobileapps.com/

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3 Key Points:

  • You are worth the amount and the package that you were looking to offer. Set your boundaries, so that your value can come through.
  • You would need to speak to someone with those outside eyes looking in so you would see the possibility of what you could have brought to the table and that you are moving in the right direction.
  • The first thing on a business plan is to work with somebody else, a professional coach to help you through everything and with your best interest in mind and will bring out the best of you.

Show Notes:

[4:07] I was shifting from being that developer to doing more online and teaching. And I needed some guidance through that and how to have those conversations with other developers.

[5:08] It was at a time where we were having a conversation and you helped me figure out my value and what I bring to the table, and to think bigger, and to not just worry about the baggage that I was carrying.

[10:56] Hiring the right coach is very, very personal. You have to have the connection.

[12:44] You can buy a course, and do self-study but Laser Individual Coaching is what will catapult your business, where we could get down to the nitty-gritty of what it is that I need personally.

[15:24] When you bring in your experts, we actually learned that they’re, they’re human, just like we are and they started at the beginning, like everybody else, they weren’t just placed at the top of the heap.


Hi Gorgeous. This is episode number 332. You’re listening to Heart Sells! Podcast. I’m your host, Christine Schlonski. And it is a Variety Friday. I hope you had a wonderful, wonderful week that you had tons of success, impact, and fun. And on Variety Fridays, I usually answer your questions, I share some resources. I share from my knowledge as an entrepreneur and as a former sales director, building teams making millions for the company I used to work for. And today I have a very special guest for you from The Success Series that I am recording at the moment. And it is Nancy Schwab, who has worked with me one on one in my Laser Coaching Program, and who’s also part of the Heart Sells! Members Community. And Nancy shares today her amazing story of How She Shifted Her Mindset and What It Has Done For Her. And I really hope that this inspires you. So let’s tune right in as I will introduce Nancy in the Success Series. And I hope you have a ton of fun and you take away some golden nuggets. I am here with the wonderful, Nancy Schwab. She is an appsolutely expert in apps, also called the App Mama and I am so excited to have you here today. Nancy, welcome.

Thank you, Christine, I’m so excited to be here and share with your audience today.

Yeah, I just loved working with you. Because you know, your work is so amazing. But let’s tell people a little bit like what do you do?

Well, I am, as you said, the Resident App Mama here and Unleashed Mobile Apps. I’m also the founder. And we’re a mobile app strategy firm. So we help you through the entire process from concept to finding the right developer, to developing the app. And then we take it one step further. And we teach you how to make money with it, how to monetize it. And we’re able to help you bring that to market so that it can enhance your business and help you out. That’s what we do here at Unleashed Mobile Apps.

Yeah, awesome. And I think you said something very important. That’s monetized because I know lots of people have apps, but there’s not really the monetization, and the apps get, you know, kind of lost and some app stores. But that’s not why you created that in the first place. So I’ll just love that. Yeah, let us know. Tell. Tell us a little bit about how, how did you find me? And what actually made you decide to work together?

Well, we actually met at an event. We were down at an event in Florida back when you could do live events. And we got talking and we clicked there was something about our energy that fit well together. And it just it kind of mesh and I was drawn to work with you because of that. And your whole philosophy aligned with what I do. And working with clients, it all aligned in the same way even though it’s a different topic than what I do sell. It aligned very well. So then we had a conversation a couple of times after that. And that’s what drew me it’s just it’s the energy, the alignment.

Awesome. Great. So what space, were you? So what kind of help Are you looking for at the time where we actually started to work together?

I actually was shifting my business at that time. And I needed some guidance on that and how to bring that to life. And to take it from that one-off level that I was at. I was strictly doing development. And I was doing it in a very, very narrow field. And I found that I was honestly leaving a lot of money on the table. And then I was listening to my own customers. And I realized that exactly what you said before clients build an app, they have a beautiful idea. But then what and they don’t know how to monetize it and bring it to market. So I was shifting from being that developer to doing more online and teaching. And I needed some guidance through that. And how to have those conversations with other developers. So my whole audience was shifting as far as where I was going to get my leads from now. I still help the individual client, but I needed that connection. So we got talking and your Laser Coaching Program really worked out well for me at that time, because I needed that individual attention to help me navigate through the waters so that I could be successful.

Yeah, I love that. Can you kind of pinpoint that? I know we have quite some sessions. But could you kind of pinpoint one aha moment like maybe the biggest aha moment may be seeing a possibility of being able to get that possibility or that opportunity. Through the shifts, you had while we work together?

Yeah, actually, I can pinpoint that it was at a time where we were having a conversation and you helped me figure out my value. And what I bring to the table, and to think bigger, and to not just worry about the baggage that I was carrying. So I had to release the baggage so that more opportunities opened up. And I was working on a case that I was struggling to ask for the dollar amount that I was going to ask for. And to realize that I really am valuable in that and to stand in my power to be able to say, Yes, I am worth that amount and the package that I was looking to offer. And so it was at that time where it was like, don’t, don’t give, set your boundaries, set your boundaries, so that your value can come through. And that was the aha moment. And I know we had several sessions after that. But that was what fueled me to keep getting on the phone with you every week to share the excitement of what was happening next. And so that that’s what did it for me.

Yeah, I was so excited just seeing you like having these little moments. And then you know, sometimes it’s just the little piece of advice that somebody else can give you that shifts the whole situation, right, that opens up a conversation that wasn’t there before, that opens up the next possibility or opportunity to make an invitation or an offer. Right, so that you even like where you’ve been, it’s so so amazing. So I just want to congratulate you again for you know, achieving all of that and, you know, kind of shifting and transforming to really own the value you’re bringing to the table and to have people talking to you about it. And you know, you can present it in a way that that feels so much better. And yeah, with more confidence, because you really get people the results. So that’s, that’s wonderful. Thank you so so much. And that kind of triggers the next question like, what has happened? Or what do you think would have happened if we would have not worked together?

Oh, I can. So guarantee you, I would have stayed on as you call it, the mouse wheel, it would have been that definition of insanity, keep doing the same thing, but expecting different results. And it wasn’t going to work for me. And I needed something that was going to give me an opportunity to speak with someone to have those outside eyes looking in. And to see that possibility. And that’s really what you brought to the table because had I not done that. I would have kept doing what I was doing before going nowhere, not moving in the right direction because I couldn’t see the possibility within myself. I felt it but I didn’t know how to bring it out. And having that second set of eyes coming in and seeing really a fresh canvas is is what had happened and have we not done that. I’d be stuck in the mud. I would be right where I was before wondering how can I turn this around with no clue how to make that happen?

Yeah, beautiful. And I know that this has happened for so many people, but not because not everybody is in that mindset of investing in themselves or really, you know, taking that next step to get to that next level. And I get it. Right, I have had investment decisions that were super difficult for me, right, that made me nervous, that made me sweat, that made me panic inside. But I also knew that this was the next thing I trusted my gut. And for me, it always has worked out so just want to get your opinion on, you know, what you encourage people and you know, no matter if it’s just me over someone else, but that investing in themselves is like super, super important to get to the next level.

Oh, without a doubt, that should be the first thing on a business plan is to work with somebody else. I’m a professional, and I expect people to come to me because I am the App Mama and I know my business, and I know what to do versus doing it themselves. And when somebody takes the time to invest in them in themselves to get that coaching. Yes, I think that that’s imperative because you don’t know what you don’t know. And I can’t stress enough how much it is important to have professionals. Stop asking your family and friends for advice. They don’t know they don’t have their own. They have their own agenda, not your best interest. You think they have your best interest in mind, but they don’t. A lot of times they’re trying to protect you from hurting yourself if you will. But when you go with a professional when you hire a professional coach to help you through everything, and Christine, you were wonderful, you fit exactly what I needed. And I do recommend that people work with you because of that. But when you do that, and you hire a professional, you’re professional and you expect people to hire you, you’re investing in yourself and the return on your investment. I can’t even tell you how much it is. Because I’ve done the work that we’ve done. I’ve repeated it over and over wasn’t a one and done. I use it and I grow and I continue to blossom because of it.

So so awesome. Yeah, that kind of triggers a question. So what made it special to work with me from you know, all the other experts out there?

You know, and it’s funny that you asked that question, because hiring the right coach is very, very personal. And that to me, was really what it was all about was the connection that we had. I have had other coaches that they didn’t work for me whether it was their program, whether it was their presentation, whether it was them trying to get me to fit their style. See, I think that’s it, you weren’t trying to get me to fit your style, you are trying and have successfully done, got me to bring out my style. And what is it about me that is unique, because, at the end of the day, I can’t be you? I have to be me. And I’ve had bad coaches that I’ve fired and said, Okay, this isn’t working, where you have been phenomenal, because you brought out the best of me, and helped me in that respect. So that’s what the difference was, is that it’s the connection?

Yeah, yeah. Yeah, I love that. For me, it’s so important. And especially, you know, because Laser Coaching, it is one on one. So obviously, it’s a very high level of working together. But it was so beautiful because I would say I do care about my clients. And I don’t want to create mini-me, I want to have them blossom, because they’re already perfect, right? There’s just a little thing they don’t see or they didn’t recognize, or they don’t know the how-tos. And then bringing that to the table so they can become a better version of what they are. Like my coaches helped me to become the better version. It’s just it’s for me, it’s very important. So I always want to treat my clients like I want to be treated. And so it’s great to hear that, you know, obviously I did a pretty good job.

Yes, you do. And you’re right because you can have, you know, you can buy a course, and do self-study. And group coaching has its place as well. But Laser Individual Coaching is what will catapult your business, at least that’s worked for me is we could get down to the nitty-gritty of what it is that I need personally, we’re in a group you can to a point. But again, it’s almost like the cookie cutter. And the same thing with buying a course and start with it. I mean, I’ve had all three, but each one has brought something different to the table. And the laser coaching is what really catapulted it to the next level. I’m very confident now in the conversations that I have. I stumbled through that one as we were working through and we were having conversations and back and forth. But then I’ve had that same opportunity over and over again. And it’s just gotten better every time.

So I’m so excited for you. Thank you. Just one more thing I want to mention, because at the time when people might watch this, this might be officially launched. So you’re also part of the Heart Sells! Members Community, which is a membership where we get together every month, where there are different masterclasses. Absolutely. You get new content to build your business in a heart-centered way. And you know, I have amazing, amazing people teaching on different levels and different levels. I mean, people who have worked together with Tony Robbins, for example, or people who have, you know, Dean Graziosi as clients and it’s it’s just really mind-blowing. So through the connections and the podcast, I get those people on board, and they do a masterclass. And then we have a q&a session and little hot seats, and then also their school setting and accountability partners. So can you just speak a little bit like maybe a couple sentences to that membership because I think it’s beautiful when someone is kind of finished with private coaching, that they also have a place to connect with other heart-centered ambitious entrepreneurs and kind of stay in that space and get ongoing support

Certainly, I love that community. I look forward to participating in that community every month every week, you know, there’s always something. In fact, it’s kind of fun right now I have two accountability partners this month. And all three of us are from different countries. And it’s just, it’s so much fun, how we’re different. But we’re not, we all run into the same problem. And we have the same successes. But I think that’s the most important part. When you bring in your experts, we actually learned that they’re, they’re human, just like we are. And they started at the beginning, like everybody else, they weren’t just placed at the top of the heap. And it’s wonderful to have that human experience that exchanges to have those open conversations. I don’t know of any other platform that does that. And I really do appreciate the group, I love the group, you can bring your problems to the group, you can bring your successes to the group. And I guess it’s not even a problem as much as it is. Can somebody else take a look at this for me, and give me a fresh set of eyes? And it’s been fabulous. It really is. It’s a wonderful, wonderful group with a ton of resources.

Yeah, yeah, I’m super excited about the group. And you know, I want to like make it really, really big. So a lot of heart-centered, ambitious entrepreneurs can benefit from it. Because I know what it does when you have that community when you have kind of a movement where people join with the same mindset or the mindset they want to grow into. Because we do learn, we are not alone in that entrepreneurial journey. And that just super, super exciting. So thank you so so much, Nancy, what are you up to? Now? What are you working on? What are your next exciting projects?

Well, we’ve got a couple of things, we have two apps that we’ve just launched one is called Easy Peasy. And it is for routing and crew. And to manage that on the go, it actually started off as a project with somebody who came to me to put this app together. And now after we’ve set that up for her, we’ve scaled it. So that’s one thing that we’re rolling out. The same thing with, we’re working with another group called EPSG 2. And that is going to be technology support for businesses, where we’re going to help businesses understand and leverage their technology. And then I’m continuing to sell courses for mobile apps and how to market them.

Yeah, awesome. And that’s super important, right? So guys, if you are having a mobile app, if you’re thinking about having a mobile app, Nancy, the App Mama, is the lady to go to. Right. Yeah, I know you’re doing amazing work. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be working together that would fit my soulmate client description. But I’m so excited for what you do, what you bring to the world. And there’s so much value in it a tremendous value. And it helps you grow your business if you actually use a mobile app if you consider a mobile app. But then also, please keep in mind that just creating a mobile app is not enough. You need to find a way to monetize it, to use it to get eyes on it. So people actually use it, because that’s what it’s made for.

Mm hmm, exactly.

Thank you so much for your time today for sharing so openly. I really, really appreciate you. And yeah, thank you so much for having been here.

Yeah. Well, thank you. I appsolutely enjoyed this. And I really truly, truly from my heart. I do enjoy working with you, Christine. You bring such value to my life. And I’m glad our paths have crossed.

Thank you so so much, Nancy. I just appsolutely love this interview with Nancy Schwab. I think she does an amazing job with mobile apps unleashed and I love how thoughtful she approached. One of the biggest challenges people have after creating the app no matter if they created this nicely or with someone else. There is this gap in how do I monetize what I already have paid for. So I highly recommend you check Nancy out, hop on over to christineschlonski.com find the podcast tab, and episode number 332. There you have the resources that we talked about. I will also give you a link to Nancy so you can see what she’s up to you can connect with her and her beautiful work. And once you’re over there I highly recommend you are joining us at the Heart Sells! Magic Workshop.

That workshop is coming up on January 25. It will be turned into a do-it-yourself workshop as we are recording and also will have those recordings available for you. But what we will do in the workshop is take you through the Heart Sells! Power Formula. This is a formula that has helped all of my clients to shift, to shift their mindset from a sales mindset to a sales success mindset, to make sales fun, to really get the old beliefs out of the way, and to start thriving in their business and creating massive, massive impact. So if that’s for you, check out heartsellsmagic.com. And join us live on January 25. And if it happens that these dates have already passed, well go for the Do-It-Yourself version, I highly recommend that. So I hope to see you for the Heart Sells! Magic Workshop and to connect with you live so that I can support your beautiful journey. Thank you so, so much for being here. Thank you so much for all you do in this beautiful world. And I’m going to say bye for now. Have a wonderful day and I’m looking forward to you tuning in next time.


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