For over a decade Holly Chantal has been helping visionary service professionals bring their message, offers, and marketing into alignment with their next stage of growth. Her specialty is working with established coaches and private practitioners who have reached a revenue ceiling and want to create higher ticket offers and more scalable business models. If you’re looking for someone that can quickly grasp your vision and what you do in all of its complexity then help you decide the best path forward then Holly is the woman to call.

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3 Key Points:

  • When making a decision start thinking from an outcome-based perspective not from desperation and that neediness to be able to get your goal to be sustainable and long term.
  • How to come up with a good foundation:
    – What is your vision?
    – What does the business model look like?
    – What kind of work are you doing that you are having fun doing?
  • When you really step into that authenticity, when you allow yourself to shine in the way you are, and not how you think you need to be perceived as a successful person that makes such a difference.

Show Notes:

[4:35] The sales part just came naturally because that’s not really what it was about. It was really about making a living, doing something that I really really loved

[5:35] It was really about getting very, very clear on what the work was that I was really good at and wanted to do. And from there, I think that the passion that I had for the work, and the results that I was able to get people kind of spoke for itself. So my service essentially sold itself.

[11:40] You make different decisions when you are in that place of needing and meaning to survive.

[14:08] If you’re struggling right now, and obviously you need to kind of meet your needs and meet to pay your bills, have still the long or mid-term vision in mind because the decision making will be different.

[15:14] Instead of facing the same problem over and over again, you’re continually succeeding beyond that problem and kind of taking the step right to making the steps up the ladder versus staying in the same place.

[22:03] You really can just show up as who you are, and people are gonna like it, and some are not going to like it. And that’s okay.


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Christine Schlonski [0:02]
Hi Gorgeous. This is episode number 330 with a wonderful Holly Chantal.

Holly Chantal [0:08]
Hi, this is Holly Chantal and you’re listening to the Heart Sells! Podcast with Christine Schlonski. Enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:14]
I’m really looking forward to having this wonderful conversation with Holly Chantal. And she’s going to share her amazing success story and you’re going to be surprised when she shares it because it’s not in a way that you thought it would be. For over a decade Holly Chantal has been helping visionary service professionals bring their message offers and marketing into alignment with the next stage of growth. Her specialty is working with established coaches, and private practitioners who have reached a revenue ceiling and want to create higher ticket offers and more scalable business models. If you are looking for someone that can quickly grasp your vision, and what you do, and all of its complexity, and helps you to move forward, then Holly is the woman you should call. I’m really looking forward to having this conversation with her now.

Christine Schlonski [1:11]
And in case we have not met yet. I am Christine Schlonski, the host of Heart Sells! Podcast, where I talk with inspirational successful heart-centered entrepreneurs and business leaders about how they have built a wildly successful business. And in many cases, they had to overcome their own challenges in selling their products and services. Some of my amazing past guests include the wonderful Bob Burg, coauthor of the Go-Giver Series, I highly recommend you check that out. That book changed my life. And he’s also the author of more books, one of them being the “Endless Referrals”, which I highly recommend as well. Ian Altman is one of The Top 30 Sales Gurus in the whole wide world. And Andrea Waltz, who was a wonderful guest has helped thousands and thousands of people with her “Go For No Approach”, even to the extent where we had a listener calling in telling us how he used the book and had a summer of 1000 No’s. So if you want to check that out, just google it for the podcast and get your ears to listen to its very inspirational stories.

Christine Schlonski [2:27]
This episode is brought to you by Heart Sells! Academy, where we support heart-centered ambitious entrepreneurs to redefine sales. So they can exponentially grow their business and impact by creating the lifestyle and freedom they are looking for. We help them to attract their soulmate clients to get really clear on their offers. So they are in alignment, and to sell with ease, grace, and confidence while being authentic. So if you feel the same scheme as in your way of just delivering your beautiful products and services, we should have a call, hop on over to book your Sales Assessment. And let’s just have a chat on how we could support you so that you can go for more impact, more revenue, more freedom in your life and business. So let’s dive into this beautiful conversation with Holly Chantal. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. I’m so excited that you are here. Holly, welcome.

Holly Chantal [3:26]
Thank you for having me. I’m excited to be here.

Christine Schlonski [3:28]
Yeah, you have such an amazing success story, a dream probably for lots and lots of coaches, you went basically from zero to six-figures in only 18 months. And I know for so many coaches like the six-figure business is such a big number. And so many coaches never ever get there. So I just want you to know, applaud you for the amazing success. And have you always been a confident salesperson?

Holly Chantal [4:03]
Well, that’s funny because I don’t really consider myself a salesperson. And I want to kind of qualify the six-figures in 18 months. That was not my goal. I thought it would take me about 10 years to get to six figures that seemed reasonable. And if I was making $30,000 a year, I was happy. I just graduated college and like that, you know, 50,000 would have been incredible. And so for me, I think the sales part just came naturally because that’s not really what it was about. It was really about making a living, doing something that I really really loved. And my that for me what’s most important is like how can I be happy with the work I’m doing because my parents you know for my dad, mostly for him his job was a kind of necessary evil in order for us to have make a living, essentially. And I didn’t really want that for myself.

Christine Schlonski [5:09]
Yeah, I love that. So how did it happen? I did it happen by accident? Or what did you do? Because I know that’s a pretty big goal to have and you had given yourself 10 years, but then you somehow overachieved?

Holly Chantal [5:25]
Yeah, well, what I found was that it wasn’t, there weren’t as many moving parts as I thought there was going to be. For me, it was really about getting very, very clear on what the work was that I was really good at and wanted to do. And from there, I think that the passion that I had for the work, and the results that I was able to get people kind of spoke for itself. So my service essentially sold itself. And at the time, I think the hardest part was really nailing down those foundational pieces of who did I want to work with? And what did I really want to help them with? And like I said, I was starting right out of college. So it’s not like I had a ton of life experience, to leverage. And so I started off with a website strategy.

Holly Chantal [6:19]
I’ve done a couple of businesses before, when I was, I started my first business when I was 19. So I was pretty young. And how I really grew those businesses was, with building an online presence. And so I took that forward into my coaching business. And, I mean, that’s something every coach needs. So it actually just ended up being a really perfect fit. And I developed my way of doing things. And that I think was what really captured people and made them really want to work with me because it was different. It was more straightforward. It was not a lot of I wasn’t using a lot of sales tactics, it was more that I was selling, love of what I do, and, and allowing my clients to bring their passion forward in a way that was really attractive to their prospects.

Christine Schlonski [7:17]
I just love that you seem to be like a natural entrepreneur, what was the very first thing you ever sold in your life?

Holly Chantal [7:26]
I think I sold like beads and knickknacks on the side of the road back when I was maybe six or seven. I’ve always been an entrepreneur at heart.

Christine Schlonski [7:37]
Yes. And do you do remember that then the first time you receive money for your art?

Holly Chantal [7:46]
Good question. I don’t think I actually sold anything back then. Because I lived in the woods. I had everything set up but no traffic.

Christine Schlonski [7:55]
Oh, okay. So you learned an important lesson. Really, really?

Holly Chantal [8:00]
You need traffic, if no one knows what you’re selling, that you’re selling anything, they’re never gonna buy it. But yeah, I can think of my let’s say my first business. When I was 19. I raised parrots and raised exotic birds. We had a partnership with a dealer. With a breeder, I deal with a breeder brother, where she would give us the babies once they’re hatched, and then me and my mom would raise them and sell them. And for me that first time that we found a home for one of our birds. It was amazing. Because it was that kind of what I was saying before, like getting paid to do something that we would have loved to do anyway, we got into it because it was fun. I have a whole background in raising animals. And for us, it was an opportunity to kind of turn that passion into a stream of revenue. And what’s really funny about that is I was the one funding the project and my mom was the one feeding the birds we actually had like a little staff.

Christine Schlonski [9:04]
This is so cool.

Holly Chantal [9:06]
And I was the one you know marketing and bringing in finding the right homes and making sure that we were matching our babies essentially with really great homes because that’s very important to us, obviously. And, and yeah, and my mom was working for me.

Christine Schlonski [9:23]
That’s That’s great. What a great start to your entrepreneur journey. Did you ever have a job or did you skip that part at that experience?

Holly Chantal [9:32]
I kind of have a job out of when I graduated from college, I worked at a ballet school when I was starting to get my coaching business going. And again, it was one of those jobs where I really enjoyed it. I had a very hard time leaving actually. And it allowed me to really get a foothold in my coaching business so that I didn’t have the, you know, worrying about finances and that kind of thing. So I was able to take a few bigger risks than maybe I would have been able to. And it was a really good compliment because the job that I had was, I was a residence director. So basically, I was living with like 20, teenage ballerinas. And when they were in classes, I could be writing blog posts and webinars and that kind of thing, working with clients in between, you know, in between the active part of that job, so it worked out really well.

Christine Schlonski [10:33]
Yeah, I can see that this would have been hard to leave. Sounds like a really perfect fit. Great. So yeah, I mean, receiving money for something you love is such an incredible experience. You said also that because of the job you kind of had not that? Well, you didn’t really need to get money into the door, you could just follow your passion. What would you say to a coach who is struggling right now? Because they burned the bridges. It’s just the coaching they have, and they try to get clients on board. And I talk a lot about neediness, like that energy of neediness. How do you see that? And what advice would you give them so they get to that stage where everything is fun because that’s what I heard you say, the birds were fun, the ballerina stuff was fun, everything was fun. And it probably made it a lot easier to be successful, because you enjoyed it so much.

Holly Chantal [11:35]
Absolutely, as well as something I tell my clients’ law is, is that you make different decisions when you are in that place of needing meaning to survive. So when you are kind of trading off, you know, building this business that I really want, but I also need to pay my bills right now, you make completely different decisions. And if you had a solid foundation, knowing that your needs were met, and then getting a being able to exceed for us succeed from that, essentially. So if you’re in that place right now, and I’ve been there a couple of years ago, after I started having kids and kind of my entire life and business shifted, I was in that place for a while where, for me, survival was you know, more of a physical thing, if my body was shutting down, and I was burning out. And I was making decisions very much based on that desperation and that neediness of you know, I need to be able to do things this way. Now, I want to do things this way, if that makes sense.

Holly Chantal [12:53]
And so what, how is able to shift that was to start thinking from an outcome-based perspective. So when I’m making decisions in the here, and now, instead of attaching those two outcomes that I need here, and now like I need to make this much money this month, or I need to be able to only work this many hours this week. That kind of thing. Instead, I was looking ahead like what, what do they want the outcome to look like a year from now, two years from now, like what kind of business do I want to build? Because what would happen is, if I would create this kind of perpetuating perpetual problem, where you’re making decisions on the here and now. But what you’re creating is not sustainable for the long term. And it’s not it’s, you’re kind of working yourself into the same situation over and over again, instead of being able to lay the foundation and grow something to, to the goals that you really want. I’m not sure if I’m explaining that very well.

Christine Schlonski [14:03]
Yeah, I totally, totally, I totally get it. Okay. So basically, if you’re struggling right now, and obviously you need to kind of meet your needs and meet to pay your bills, have still the long or mid-term vision in mind, because the decision making will be different.

Holly Chantal [14:24]
Yeah, so if you if your idea to, you know, meet your financial needs for the next month is I’m going to create this group program and I’m going to fill it with this many people at this price point. But then you’ve created a situation for yourself, where now you are so focused on delivering this program, that you can’t create something for the next month. Because you don’t have the time, the energy, the headspace to be able to do that. You’re basically recreating that problem again, where if instead you look that, okay, you know, six to 12 months from now I want my business model to look like this. This is where I’m gonna start. Once this is full, this is the next step and the next step and the next step, your steps will be very different. And instead of facing the same problem over and over again, you’re continually succeeding beyond that problem and kind of taking the step right to making the steps up the ladder versus staying in the same place.

Christine Schlonski [15:31]
Yeah, yeah, I can see that. Otherwise, you’re going to spin in circles, because you’re just repeating the same challenge over and over and over again. And a few,

Holly Chantal [15:40]
Right, you’re not taking the whole picture into account when you’re making decisions. It’s kind of like, you know, what do I need right now? versus? Okay, once this works, then what happens?

Christine Schlonski [15:50]
Yeah. So what would you say is a good foundation, what people need to have in place, so they can kind of get out of that vicious cycle?

Holly Chantal [16:02]
So I do a lot of foundational work, with my clients, and we begin with what is that vision? What does the business model look like? What kind of work are they doing? Oftentimes, I find coaches and service professionals are really only looking at that low hanging fruit, the place where they feel that they are the most confident that they could sell, or that people already know them for a certain thing. And it keeps them, kind of keeps them under that ceiling, essentially. And always having that desire to do something more, something different, something that they feel deeply called to, but they don’t quite feel it’s possible. So that’s where we start is like, what is that vision and, and all of the aspects of it. So it’s not just about you know, I want to do business where I’m working with groups and I have this much time off. And it’s not just numbers based. It’s not just like a quantifiable business model. It’s really also looking at, you know, what are the things that you feel deeply called to be sharing with the world? And what are the talents and interests and special things about you, that may be your best friend, or maybe your best clients sometimes know about you, because they’ve gotten to know you, and they’ve had a kind of a peek behind the scenes of who you really are?

Holly Chantal [17:31]
How can we take some of those things, which are often the best parts of you, and bring them to the forefront of your business so that more people know about them? And to kind of give you an example, what I mean by that is, a couple of years ago, I was looking at working with a business coach who specialized in crowdfunding. And she was a, like a very strategic, she was perceived as being a very strategic thinker, and very dollars and cents, like, as far as ROI concerned. But she had this very deep spiritual side. And only her closest clients, the clients that have been working with her for multiple years, really knew that about her and that a lot of the strategies she created were actually like divine downloads. And no one knew that until she decided that she really wanted to bring that to the forefront of her business. But she was so afraid that if she did that, 1) they weren’t going to take her seriously anymore. 2) she was going to lose some of the clients that she had now, because they didn’t believe that way or, or again, weren’t going to take her seriously. She didn’t think that anyone wanted that.

Holly Chantal [18:46]
However, surprise, when we brought that to the forefront. For one, her community was like, Hello. You may think you’ve been hiding this that we’ve known because it would sneak into her language here and there. And either, there are people again, that was her inner circle in her business. It was the best thing about her. It was why they worked with her and they were so supportive of her making this shift. And I think we’d have had like maybe two calls at this point we were working on, we’re going to redo her entire website, redo all her copy, like everything. But it started when I told her to just send some of these things out in emails, you know, act as if this is just the way things are and see what happens. So she did and she ended up selling $25,000 in a new service just that month. So it was $25,000 on top of her regular revenue. And it was she said it was her biggest month she’s ever had outside of doing like a whole concerted launch.

Holly Chantal [19:57]
This came from just a few emails and it was So cool because it really came from her stepping into what she really wanted to be doing. And that was the catalyst for her to completely shift the work that she’s doing and how she’s seen in the marketplace. And we eventually, you know, launched that new brand. And now, just the other day, I’m still on her list just the other day she was sending out print, like a forecast for, you know, the way businesses and how we’re going to be operating going forward as we enter the Aquarian Age. And I just thought that was so cool because just a couple of years ago, she never would have shared any of that, and we would not have been able to benefit from it.

Christine Schlonski [20:38]
Yeah, totally. Like when you really step into that authenticity, when you allow yourself to shine in the way you are, and not how you think you need to be perceived as a successful person. That makes such a difference. I don’t know about your personal experience. But when I learned that, it’s totally okay, who I am when cold calling on the phone. And either they like it, or they don’t, I make a sale or I don’t, that took so much weight off my shoulders. And it was that moment where I had so many more conversations that were pure fun. And I did not allow myself to go there before. But that was such a big learning curve. So when you share that beautiful success story of your client, it really reminded me how important it is even the small things we might not see as important because I thought I had to be in a certain way to be perceived as a successful salesperson.

Holly Chantal [21:41]

Christine Schlonski [21:42]
Do you have those experiences? Or was it where you like inflow from the beginning? Because you had all these positive experiences lining up?

Holly Chantal [21:54]
Oh, yes, my life, I’m just perfect. I was kidding. As you were saying that, you know, learning that lesson of realizing that you really can just show up as who you are, and people are gonna like it, and some are not going to like it. And that’s okay. As you’re saying that I was thinking like, I feel like, that’s a lesson that we have to learn over and over and over again, it’s, it’s one of those things that it’s a part of your personal growth and it’s almost like you you break through that shell and then it regrows over time, because you’ve basically reached a new level of who you are. And as you begin to grow in that new version of yourself, you start coming up against new limits, and you have to break through them again. So right now, you know, this is who I am, I get comfortable showing up this way. And then as I grow, I start to realize that maybe I need to be showing up in a different way. And then that’s the new challenge. Like that’s the piece that I need to become okay with putting out there. So it’s, it’s something that I personally have definitely come up against multiple times.

Holly Chantal [23:02]
And it’s to the point where at this point, I have learned to recognize when it’s happening, and just kind of let it be and just examine, like, when those thoughts are coming up, like, okay, like, what’s really going on here? Is this, like, where’s this fear coming from? And is it a fear that I can ignore? Or is it a fear that is actually going to be a detriment to me, and most of the time, if you really break down that thing that you’re actually afraid of? It’s, it’s not as scary. So to take your example of, you know, making cold calls, or right now I’m doing direct outreach to people that I don’t know, and, you know, trying to build partnerships over for over the next year. And he, when you think about reaching out to those people like what am I actually afraid of? They’re gonna say no, is that catastrophic? Does that mean that they’re going to go out into the marketplace and tell everyone else What an idiot I am? No,

Holly Chantal [24:11]
That’s not how this works. It might be a) okay, you know, our messages don’t have a fit, or our audiences and a fit or it could just be the timings not right now. Not good right now, I have partners already booked for this amount of time and I don’t look out that far, you know, contact me in six months. I have never had a bad experience doing direct outreach yet. It continually comes up as a fear every time I go to uplevel and meet new people. And I think it’s just natural. It’s just a natural part of our personalities. And it’s something that you get used to overcome to the point where it’s, it’s less of a fear, but it always is going to be there.

Christine Schlonski [24:55]
Yeah, yeah. So so wonderful that you shared that and I feel So many people can relate. And that’s something like conquering that fear over and over again. Yeah, it’s just part of life, I guess. Yeah, I have so many more questions.

Holly Chantal [25:11]
And if you look at.

Christine Schlonski [25:13]
Yeah, go ahead.

Holly Chantal [25:16]
I was gonna say if you listen to interviews with famous singers and actors and that kind of thing, they always still get nervous getting on stage. That part never goes away. And for us, it’s just kind of a different stage, I guess that we’re looking at, huh?

Christine Schlonski [25:32]
Yeah, that’s a wonderful picture to have in mind. When we think about conquering fear. I have so many more questions. And I’m so happy that we do have a second episode coming up a second interview. So thank you so so much for sharing. And you brought us an amazing gift. We’re going to put the link obviously right under here. It’s a Trailblazing Trifecta Worksheet. Can you explain what that is? What will people get?

Holly Chantal [26:02]
Yeah, so we talked a lot about being able to do the work that you love. And a part of that is obviously being able to sell it. And the trailblazing trifecta is a framework that I use myself and with my clients to make your services and your work easy to explain so that people really get the value. And all it really does is helps you bring context to how, to what you’re saying. So that when you’re explaining what you do, they can see themselves in, they can see themselves in what you’re saying, or they can see a friend or someone else that needs your services, and really seeing how it’s going to help them. And it’s easy, it’s three sentences. And you can use it if you’re speaking at a networking event and telling people what you do. If you’re doing a webinar, or if you’re, you know, just even just having a sales conversation. It’ll really help you put words to words to your work that feel like you’re actually capturing it, which I know is a huge challenge, especially for coaches.

Christine Schlonski [27:04]
Yeah. Awesome. Well, thank you so, so much for sharing that I really appreciate your time today. I just love this conversation. And I can’t wait to dive in deeper, especially on the theme of rejection. That’s such a big one, especially for heart-centered entrepreneurs to get over that hurdle. So I really want to touch on that. Thank you so much for having been here. Well, what an interesting conversation first I loved how aligned we are in our thinking. It’s always so much fun to find someone in the market that so comes from her heart that has had so much success and fun in creating her business or her businesses I should be saying, as she already started out so very early in her life. And I love how you can realize that you have put a goal, you have put a plan into place. But you have given it a huge time frame like, Holly had for her 10 years to six figures. And all of a sudden you realize because you’re bringing so much fun, so much value to your clients, that you achieve your goal in only 18 months I find that pretty astonishing.

Christine Schlonski [28:13]
I would love to know do you have stories like this you would love to share with us? Just email us to info at And then we would love to hear your stories, your aha moments. Also your takeaways from the podcast episodes. Why are you tuning in? What are you getting out of this podcast? And what could we deliver so we can serve you even better? Thank you so much for having been here today. Once you hopped on over to, you will find the podcast tab with the episode links. So 330 with the wonderful Holly Chantal. With the resources we mentioned, all the links to Holly are just one click away. You will also find the transcripts, the keynotes of this episode. And once you’re over there, sign up for the Empowerment Notes that’s empowerment right into your inbox. And if you feel like you really want some amazing, amazing support, it’s not too late yet we are just starting out.

Christine Schlonski [29:18]
But on January 25, I will be giving a live workshop that will be turned into a do it yourself workshop at a later point in time. But in this live workshop, I am going to lead you through my Heart Sells! Power Formula. And this is a 5-day Workshop where I teach you each and every day for about an hour and answer your questions. So it’s about an hour to an hour 30 that we will have together every day during the course of the workshop where I help you to transform your mindset into a sales success mindset where you start to enjoy sales conversations where you might not even love sales conversations. And we’re selling so much more fun. So you can do it with ease and grace and confidence. And you can have so much more impact. You will find that at thank you so much for being here. Thank you so much for all you do in this world with your beautiful gifts. Make sure you tune in for the next episode where Holly and I are going to talk about the best way to handle indecision in a sales call. And to give you some ideas around this topic, and for right now, I’m just saying Have a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world. And I’m saying bye for now.

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