Paul Higgins is a high-performance business mentor, podcaster, and author
who helps service-based business owners struggling to strike a balance between life and work adopt a hands-off management approach and improve profits to fund their lifestyles.

To aid other service-based business owners like himself who have come to the conclusion that having a business so reliant on them is
just not going to work, Paul developed a mentoring program—Build Live Give—that helps such business owners take control and implement an end-to-end sales and operations system that can easily generate profits.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Free Gift: Profit Machine or Sweat Box Quiz

+ Heart-Centered Lead Generation Summit Experience

3 Key Points:

  • 4 Key Pillars Of The Framework
    – Unpack the foundations (what you’ve got versus what you need)
    – Business Model
    – Look at Sales
    – High Performing Team
  • 11 Key Sales Pillar
    – Marketing Asset
    – Sales Growth Mindset
    – Sales Skills and Systems
    – New Client Prospecting
    – Consistent Sales Pipeline
    – Existing Client Analysis
    – Sales Funnel
    – Sales Discovery Process
    – Channel Partners
    – Sales Collateral
    – Sales Admin
  • How to look for a potential client and how to send a connection request in personalized video using LinkedIn:
    – Do research first
    – Look at their profile or their company page, look at their posts, look at their website
    – Open up their profile on LinkedIn
    – Use the message box open by saying “This is how I contacted you. And this is why I contacted you”
    – Include a link to book for a 30-minute chat
    – Include value-added video link that may help

Show Notes:

[4:36] I think there are two key elements that everyone needs to really implement strategy, which is you know, you need to have a team like a virtual assistant and the right technology to tap into that

[6:39] You have to have a killer marketing asset(ebook, podcast, or webinar masterclass). You need a point of difference these days that it is your asset, you own it, and you can leverage it.

[7:46] I think you can come up with those assets (ebook & webinar masterclass) fairly easily before you can go to a book or a podcast, because doing a podcast is a labor of love.

[8:53] The assessment comes with 15 questions to help assess and check if you got the right elements in place at the end of the quiz will give you a score, there are 4 percentage brackets, and then there’s an opportunity to see a masterclass which I take you through the framework in a bit more detail and get the chance to come on my podcast and share their knowledge with our audience.

[10:40] The easiest way to validate your marketing assets is through conversations. Write down the key themes and the keywords you hear from people, if there’s consistency of the topics use it to write an Ebook or use it for your masterclass topics.

[11:22] If you start with really identifying your ideal client, find out their needs, and then just make those and then test things.

[12:12] Role plays, just practice it, it doesn’t matter who you practice with, but you know, practice getting confident in what you do.

[12:42] If you can really help them, and you don’t give them that opportunity, I think it’s a missed opportunity. So that’s the key thing around the sales growth mindset.

[14:18] How will you teach a salesperson what to say, how to say it. So it’s in your voice, it’s true to your values, it reflects your product, and it really gets the customer or the potential client, you have to understand that, then when your company grows, and you can’t do all the sales calls yourself anymore

[14:58] Send a connection request then do a personalized video to people to break that noise because we’re all sick of the spam that comes in our inboxes, you’ve just got to be you and be authentic.

[16:11] For service-based business owners, LinkedIn is the brain and in LinkedIn, there are three key things, your profile, your posts, and then your prospecting, or what I call possibilities.

[18:01] For Video recording
– do the sitting position and be relaxed, just take that into a video set the person you’re imagining the person on the other end
– get your script and test and do it every day, make it a habit, and then just been the bad stuff, keep the good ones
– having a simple platform
– just have a simple setup

[23:38] Help people when I know that it’s at the opportunity cost of others, do a simple table of all the things you could potentially sell, and all your clients, and just fill in those gaps. There’s always low hanging fruit in your existing clients that you haven’t sold them something that’s going to get the value.

[25:09] The sales funnel that seems to be working really well at the moment is, you know, have some form of assessment, take them to a masterclass and help them understand how you help people and do a discovery call, an investment call out.


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Christine Schlonski [0:02]
Hey Gorgeous. This is episode number 310. And we have the amazing Paul Higgins back on the show today.

Paul Higgins [0:08]
Hello, this is Paul Higgins and you’re listening to Heart Sells! Podcast with Christine Schlonski. Please enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:17]
And I’m Christine Schlonski, the host of Heart Sells! Podcast, where I talk with inspirational heart-centered entrepreneurs and business leaders about how they have built a wildly successful business and in many cases had to overcome their challenges in selling their products and services. Past guests include Bob Burg, John Lee Dumas, Natalie Ledwell, Kate Erickson, Susie Carter, Andrea Waltz, Ian Altman, just to name a few. I’m so super pumped that I have Paul Higgins back on the show today, I loved our conversation about High-Performance Sales By Building Relationships. And today, we are going to go deep into The 4 Pillars To Build A Thriving Business. And Paul is going to reveal his system to us so that you can build a business that is wildly successful, where you actually can build, live and give, and this episode is brought to you by Heart Sells! Academy, where we support heart-centered ambitious entrepreneurs who love what they do but don’t really like and love the selling part to redefine sales so they can exponentially grow their business and impact by creating the lifestyle and freedom they are looking for.

Christine Schlonski [1:39]
So if selling just does not feel good to you, and therefore it holds you back from creating a wildly successful business and lifestyle of your dreams. Then contact us at and let’s have a chat about how we can support you, your impact, and business growth. Hop on over to to learn more. I’m so looking forward to dive into this episode now with a wonderful Paul Higgins. Paul is a high-performance business mentor podcaster and author who helps service-based business owners struggling to strike a balance between life and work, adopt a hands-off management approach, and improve profits to fund their lifestyles. To aid others service-based business owners like himself, who have come to the conclusion that having a business so reliant on them is just not going to work. Paul developed a mentoring program Built Live Give that helps such business owners take control and implement an end to end sales and operation system that can easily generate profits. I’m so super excited to dive in with Paul. So let’s get started. Well, I’m so excited to have you back on the show. Paul. Welcome.

Paul Higgins [3:03]
Thanks, Christine.

Christine Schlonski [3:04]
Yeah, I loved our first episode, and you already, you know, delivered some golden nuggets. And I know there are more that I need to get from you today. So you mentioned in the last episode, you mentioned the 4 pillars of your framework, can we just go into the framework and you let us know how you work and why it’s so effective? So people can get an idea of how they can use it for their business.

Paul Higgins [3:31]
Yeah, so the context is a lift, in the last episode, if you’ve listened to that, I left Coke in 2011. So 9 years in business, and the first 5 years, I’ve found it really difficult running my business. So I gotta say, I talked about how natural I was in sales, I’ve always been selling myself, I’ve had a lot harder than selling any other product I’ve done. And if I’m sure some of you listening out would feel the same way. So I actually, when I was on dialysis, in between my kidney removal and my transplant, I decided to write a book. And the book really was just a reflection for me on all the things I wish I had, have done, that I’ve learned through my journey. And that’s now 5 now it’s 4 key pillars that I’ve come up with. And I’ll just quickly talk about the top line. So the first is to unpack the foundations. And that’s really about looking at what you’ve got versus what you need.

Paul Higgins [4:32]
So I spoke about that with the assessment that it’s really taking that and then I also think there are two key elements that everyone needs to really implement strategy, which is you know, you need to have a team like a virtual assistant I think is incredible, incredibly important, and the other is the right technology to tap into that. So once you’ve got that and you know what to do then we go through the business model, then we look at, you know, sales because I still believe You know, you have to do sales if you’re a seven-figure, service-based business owner, but you don’t have to do all sales. And then the last one is a high performing team. And that’s when you bring in, you know, in today’s world, you can bring in experts all over the world. I’ve got 471 experts that if someone says, Paul, I need an expert in this particular thing, I’m like, well, here it is.

Paul Higgins [5:22]
And I do think now, you know, there are ways that you can work with remote people, whether experts or your direct team, because let’s face it post COVID. You know, I think someone said the other day that the amount of property that’s up for lease in Los Angeles and San Francisco is astronomical, because of COVID. People just aren’t going to go back if Google’s not going to go back to sometime next year. You know, there’s a lot of businesses that won’t, so that’s, that’s the four pillars in essence, which is really back-engineering home, my learnings from, from running my own businesses and having a successful exit of one of them.

Christine Schlonski [6:04]
Yeah, awesome. I love the foundation. And I personally would love more to know about teams. But this is not my show, so to speak. It’s for my audience. And I feel they still have this sales struggle, right? Sometimes it might work. They talk to their soulmate client, and it’s easy. And then sometimes it’s not. So can we go into your sales pillar? I feel we would get the most out of this.

Paul Higgins [6:33]
Yeah, great. Well, look, I’ve got 11 key things. But the first is marketing assets. And, you know, to me, I think you’ve got to have a killer marketing asset. And as an example, that’s like my book, which is “Build Live Give” the same as the company name, I’ve got my podcast, which is “Build Live Give” But I think you need a point of difference these days that it is your asset, you know, you own it, and you can leverage it. And I think a lot of people find it hard because they’re doing all the hard work themselves. Whereas a book, a podcast can be selling for you when you’re asleep, as they say. So I think that’s the first one I think absolutely critical.

Christine Schlonski [7:16]
So what would you say for someone? Let’s say someone is starting out or their first or second year, would you recommend writing a book or creating a podcast?

Paul Higgins [7:26]
Look, if in the first or second year I’d get on other people’s podcast is like, I’m very lucky to be on yours today. So I think that’s probably the first place I’d start. But you know, you can come up with an Ebook or you can come up with a masterclass or a webinar masterclass, I call them a masterclass. But I think you can come up with those assets fairly easily before you can go to a book or a podcast, because as you know, Christine doing a podcast, it is a labor of love.

Christine Schlonski [7:55]
Yes, yeah. You said that very beautifully. I 100%, agree it is a labor of love. Because you know, when you’re listening right now you hear the end result. But you don’t see and hear what you know what it has taken to get from A to B? And yes, it’s a labor of love. And when we both love it, right, you have an amazing podcast. And I love that. And I just want to come back because you mentioned the assessment. So in the last episode, you gave us the free gift of your assessment, and it’s all about “Will You Have A Low Or High 7-Figure Service Business in 2021. Can you let us know a bit more about this? Because I feel it’s so relevant to sales. And before we go to other pillars or other points in the sales pillar? What are people getting when they go to take your assessment?

Paul Higgins [8:54]
Yes. So, you know, I’ve got the four pillars that I went through, and under that, there are 29 components, so 11 in sales, and then there are different numbers other underrated and what I’ve done is taken the most essential questions out of those 29. So I’ve made 15 questions. And it’s really just helping you assess, have you got the right elements in place, given my 18 years history of Coca Cola, given my 9 years of business, including selling a business and may mentoring about 270 people, it’s taking all of that and saying, Look, I know a pattern that works. It’s fairly simple. Have you got those key elements in place, and it will, at the end of the quiz will give you a score, there are 4 percentage brackets, and then there’s an opportunity to see a masterclass in which I take you through the framework in a bit more detail. And for those people that have absolutely nailed it, they get the chance to come on my podcast and share their knowledge with our audience?

Christine Schlonski [10:00]
Oh, that’s a pretty nice incentive. Cool. Thank you. So you said, get your marketing asset. So when, you know when I started out, I didn’t even see my marketing asset. Because I was looking out of my eyes. Everything that was simple and easy for me, was very difficult for other people, but I didn’t realize it. Do you have some advice on how I can really get clear on what my marketing assets truly are? Because it might be something else than what I’m thinking?

Paul Higgins [10:38]
Yeah, look, I think the easiest way to validate is just through conversations. So you know, every time I’ve cited some people just keep it as simple as every time you have a sales conversation, just write down the key themes and the keywords you hear from people. And that if there’s the consistency of the topics, that’s what you could do a masterclass to that’s what you could write an Ebook to, you know, it really comes from your clients. And to be honest, in the first 5 years, I spent too long because I am an ideas guy. I have always got a million ideas, I kept coming up with my ideas, hoping that someone would buy it. And everyone knows that classic tale. But you know, I just did that. Whereas I think if you start with really identifying your ideal client, because that’s part of the process, identify your ideal client, find out their needs, and then just make those and the other thing is just to test things, right? You have one or two years in, you know, you’ve got all the right in the world to be testing things, you know, because it is going to take you 10 years to become an overnight success. I can’t wait for my overnight success next year.

Christine Schlonski [11:47]
I wish I’d be celebrating with you. That’s so fun. So what other steps or points in that sales pillar? You mentioned 11.

Paul Higgins [11:59]
Yeah, so marketing assets, one that the next is the sales growth mindset. And I think we covered some of that in the first episode. But it really is about letting go of those fees. And I think a lot of it is role-playing, I think role plays used to work really well. Within corporate Coca Cola, we did them all the time, but just practice it, it doesn’t matter who you practice with, but you know, practice getting confident in what you do. And a lot of people are saying oh look, you know, I don’t want to sell like such a bit. So, but if you know that you can genuinely help someone, you know, don’t let them down, you know, you’re letting yourself down. But most importantly, don’t let them down. Because if you can really help them, and you don’t give them that opportunity. I think it’s a missed opportunity. So that’s the key thing around the sales growth mindset.

Christine Schlonski [12:51]
So do you recommend for a business owner to know sales? Because you also teach how to grow teams could I not just outsource it?

Paul Higgins [13:05]
Look, it depends on what sort of business you’ve got. Okay, so for who I target, so I started with more coaches and consultants were sort of under a million dollars. Now I’m sort of in that next 7-figure, which is, you know, your one to 10 million, I think, you know, if people are buying you and you’re somehow involved in the service, I think you’ve got to be selling it. I don’t think you can bring some money in. And they just don’t have the passion. They don’t have the experience. And to be honest, you’re not gonna learn enough to actually put back on your marketing radar. So I think it has to be used, to begin with, you can I’ll talk you know that the last one that I’ll talk through on these sales focus steps actually talks about how you can reduce a lot of what you do in sales. But I think the calls and the zoom call now, which zooms become a new word “let have a zoom” like it used to be, I’ve got an iPhone, even if you got to say, Samsung. But yeah, I think you know, it’s critical that you do that.

Christine Schlonski [14:03]
Yeah, I totally agree with you. I just wanted to have your perspective on that. Because I know so many people who just love what they do. And if they could get rid of the sales piece, they will do it in a heartbeat. But they’re also missing all these points, like how will you teach a salesperson what to say, how to say it. So it’s in your voice, it’s true to your values, it reflects your product, and it really gets the customer or the potential client, I feel you have to understand that then when your company grows, and you can’t do all the sales calls yourself anymore. That makes sense because then you can train other people in a way you like to have it done.

Paul Higgins [14:45]
Yeah, and I think and I think people lose, though, are looking and rewarding more authenticity, right. We’re sick of the automation and the bombardment, right. I do a lot of work on LinkedIn, get very, very successful results. But now I’ll send a connection request but then I’ll do a personalized video to people to break that noise because we’re all sick of the spam that comes in our inboxes. So I think you’ve just got to be you and be authentic. And the other thing, which we’ll talk about is you do need some skills as well, because I think, ultimately sales is mindset skills and systems. And I think your mindset improves once you’ve got the skills and systems. You know, if it’s all mindset, I don’t think that’s the best approach.

Christine Schlonski [15:25]
Yeah, but yeah, obviously, you need to have some strategies. But you also need to be capable of executing that your mindset is not in any way.

Paul Higgins [15:35]

Christine Schlonski [15:36]
So what other points that we got?

Paul Higgins [15:39]
Yeah, so the third is a new client prospecting. And really, the key there is to have you know, most people rely on referrals. And that’s the brilliant word of mouth referrals. And certainly, if you’re new in business, that’s going to be the best approach. I think you’ve you incorporate, or you’re looking to leave, I think, you know, really make sure you’ve got those people that will look after you I had some friends at the start that were incorporate that helped me, that made a massive difference, but then you’ve got to get your own consistent sales pipeline. And I think at the moment for service-based business owners, I think LinkedIn is the brain as I said before, and I think in LinkedIn, there’s really, three key things is your profile, your posts, and then your prospecting, or what I call possibilities. And, you know, most of us now when my, I certainly know, for me, I’d love it to be the other way around. But my profile, LinkedIn ranks above my website, in Google. And I’ve got 15,000 followers, you know, I get several 10s of thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands of views to my posts. But you need your profile to be very, very clear about what you do. And stand, I always say, it’s not filling a stadium, it’s filling one row in the stadium. So you know, you’re inviting specific people to work with you, not everyone, then do posting, so you can give value. And it’s a great way now, I’ve had 2 million views in the last 12 months. You know, I definitely have not had that exposure anywhere else, and giving guests like you, you’ll give me the opportunity to spread the word. And then finally, the outreach. And I think the biggest one is I said that reach at the moment is using video, I think, it’s what you’ve got to do. If you’re still sending scripted messages, are you really peddling the proverbial?

Christine Schlonski [17:32]
Yeah, so I just can hear some people in my audience. Video, huh? Like me? Camera? It’s not going well. What do I say in the video? How do I make an impact? I mean, do you have a software that you use? Like, what advice would you give people who are a bit fearful, but still would love to give this a try?

Paul Higgins [17:57]
Yeah, great. Look, I think, you know, the thing that a simple tip that’s worked for me, is to do it sitting rather than standing. I know that made sense, it may sound too obvious. But to me, if you’re relaxed and talking to people on zoom all the time, all you’ve got to do is that you know, just take that into a video set the person you’re imagining the person on the other end, but you’re doing it every day anyway, right. So it’s not a big step now, so don’t, you know, stand up in front of your iPhone and get your script and you get all nervous so it may just be natural as you are having a call and like I’m having this podcast. So I think that’s the first thing. The second thing is the test. Just keep burning stuff. So do it every day, make it a habit, and then just been the bad stuff, keep the good ones. And then the third one is you having a simple platform. So we use dub “DUBB” and that’s a great platform, you can insert your little videos in LinkedIn or in your email. I think having a platform like that helps. And the last point is just having a simple setup. So for me, I’ve got a Logitech just got a new webcam because the one on my old Mac is terrible. And I’ve just got a light that I just bought a newer 660 l light. And that just makes you feel better when you’re the camera. And the last point is very personal. If you’ve got a big red nose like me, just make sure you put a bit of powder on.

Christine Schlonski [19:25]
Thanks for sharing that one. So now I have an idea so I can you know I can send these little videos in the bits easily. But what do I say? Especially when you know when the outreach is cold like

Paul Higgins [19:40]
Yeah, yeah, sorry, sorry if I sorry to cut you off.

Christine Schlonski [19:45]
I’m just wondering if I look at my potential client. I see what this person could be a match. Yeah, it just says you know, I’m looking for a coach that I want to support to get to 6-figures and beyond. How do I do this? And then for everybody else fill in whatever you’re blank.

Paul Higgins [20:04]
Yeah, yeah, look, great question. So the simple way I do it is I do research first. So you know, look at their profile or their company page, I look at their posts, I look at their website, so do some research first, then what I do is open up their profile on LinkedIn. And I show the I had the message box open as well saying, This is how I contacted you. And this is why I contacted you. And you know, you say hi, you know, I’m putting a face to the name, I’m not a bot, this is me, I’d love to build a relationship with you. This is why I reached out to you, then I will, depending upon the situation, but I’ll, you know, I won’t give a lot of value in that first video. But what I will say is, I just love to know what your key focuses at the moment. Now reading your profile, I think it might be this, but I’m guessing, I just love for you to tell me what your key focus is. So, you know, I can help. And then the other thing is, I’ll bring up their contact information, and they’ll have their email there. So what I always do is send it on that email. And most times it’s there, Gmail, etc. I don’t know why people don’t have the right contact details on. But anyway, that’s just a little pet peeve of mine. So I bring it up. And so I’m sending you this video. On your personal, I’d love for you to reply back on your business email. And that’s it. That’s all I do.

Paul Higgins [21:29]
Now. In the software we have, there are some call outs on the bottom side. For some people, I say, look, if you want to have a call a 30-minute chat to tell me what your focus is, you can press the bookings below. Or if you want to learn more, so I might give them a tip on LinkedIn or something I’ll say just click there to get another value-added video. But that’s it. The one other thing I’ll say is when you send a connection request, you put at the bottom of the PS is you know, I normally say I’m looking to connect with high performing business owners, would you be open to connect, right, so it’s a bit intriguing nearly added my profile to see what I’ve got, my profile tells them everything they need to know I don’t need to double handle that. And then at the bottom, he goes PS I’ll send you a personalized video on acceptance rates, they’re already expecting the video, then they get the video. And so far, I think that’s working exceptionally well, I’ve actually had, you know, normally big text messages, you don’t get any replies. I’ve actually had people going out of their way thanking me for the fantastic video that they’ve received this week. So it does work. And it does make a big difference we’ve found so far.

Christine Schlonski [22:37]
Yeah, beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing that I know that’s gold, right, people can implement it. And LinkedIn obviously is a very good platform to go to. And you know, I, so far, I’ve been on Facebook a lot. But LinkedIn is more and more interesting. And yeah,

Paul Higgins [22:56]
And we’ve got 70 people globally, where we’re learning all these things from so I run a really big community called The Sales Machine on that, and we just all learn together, and then we apply those learnings. I’m sort of normally the Scout, so I’m the one that’s testing the most forward stuff, but then we’ve got other people in the group. And that’s how we, you know, get really good at that. And, you know, that’s, that’s an existing client. And then sorry, that’s the new but also the existing, just a quick one on that, which is the next step is just, you know, look at your ideal 20. So I use spending your time on the highest value clients, the clients that are going to get the best results and give you the best testimonials. And I know for me by nature, I’m an over-servicer, so help people when I know that it’s at the opportunity cost of others. So really look at that. And also, in cope, we did a simple table of all the things you could potentially sell, and all your clients, and just fill in those gaps. There’s always low hanging fruit in your existing clients that you haven’t sold them something that’s going to get the value. So there are probably two key things in existing client analysis.

Christine Schlonski [24:04]
Yeah, yeah, that’s, that’s so true. If you’re clear about the customer journey, where you want to take them, and what they will need because you will not just come and dump your biggest package on them. Right, they probably need to have like more, a few smaller things where they see they’re getting results and it’s really working. And then you want to map out that journey. Like if you already got them to this point. What’s the next point? Right, a 6-figure business owner has different challenges and a 7-figure business owner or 8-figure right? Every time we level up that new challenge, some might look familiar, but they have a different quality. And then they are brand new challenges. So how do you deal with them?

Paul Higgins [24:51]
Yes, yeah, exactly. So no, quick recap with our marketing asset sales growth mindset. new client prospecting existing. I’m just kidding. go through a couple of days in a bundle, to coordinate cognitive time. So sales funnel, so everyone’s got a different version of a sales funnel. But for me, the funnel that seems to be working really well at the moment is, you know, have some form of assessment, as I talked about before at the front end, then that typically takes them to a masterclass, so they can end the masterclass isn’t selling, it’s just helping them understand how you help people. And then from there that will go into discovery, call away split, a discovery call an investment call out. So that’s the typical sales funnel when you’re selling high ticket items, service-based. And you know, the front of that is using LinkedIn to get them into those funnels offers table, it’s really simple.

Paul Higgins [25:46]
Most people have too many offers. And they either have too many free or too many paid. So what we do is just do free and paid, and then have your attributes down and just be really clear on what’s your 80-20. Again, in your, your offers. And I know you said you know not everyone’s going to buy a high ticket straight away from your letter up. But I actually believe that it’s really hard to upsell people. I think, you know, if people are ready to buy, sell them your highest ticket item and focus on that I used to spend all my time on my sales machine, which is, you know, circa three and a half thousand a year versus my one on one mentoring, which is 20,000 US for 12 weeks, and I was just short changing myself and clients. So there’s that one. The last one I’ll quickly mention to get some questions is the sales discovery process, which I’ve covered. But we have a very prescriptive way of doing sales discovery. But I think the most important thing you spoke about before, understand what their personal win is out of this. You know, yes, they’re going to go from 1 million to 3 million, but what will that do in changing their personal circumstances, I think you’ve really got to get to that. And the other thing in the sales discoveries, let them make the choice. So what we do is go through those 29 points, they get a score out of 100, let’s say they’re at 50, then they know that they’ve got all of these things that they still need to do to get to that $2 million. And then it’s up to them, they can either do it themselves to do it with you. So you’re just giving them the information for them to make the decision.

Christine Schlonski [27:22]
Yeah. Something you said a little bit earlier, what sales calls really caught my attention. You said discovery call and investment call. What do you mean by that?

Paul Higgins [27:33]
Yeah, so the discovery call is what I just talked about, is getting their personal information really understanding. You know, where they are, what, where they want to go? But most importantly, you know, what, whether what they have tried? And what, what do they think is missing? So that’s the discovery call. And then if you go through that gap, let’s say they’re at 50%, they realize that, yes, they could do by themselves, but they could more likely Fast Track up with a mentor like yourself, or myself, then you go to the investment goal, and the investment call is really just taking them through exactly how it’s gonna work. So they’re 100% clear. On that choice between will, I do with myself, by myself? Or will I do it with you?

Christine Schlonski [28:22]
Okay, so basically, in your discovery call when you’re going through their pain and where they want to go and their big dreams and vision, you’re not making an offer at the end?

Paul Higgins [28:33]
No, no, especially, you know, for someone to invest $20,000 I want them to go talk to the key stakeholders, you know, and normally, like, for me, that’s my wife, right? You know, I’m not gonna make a 20,000 decision on the spot. I’m gonna go why think about it. Have some more information. And in the other world is like, you know, you had to close them on the call these days. I don’t think that. That’s right. If people really understand that you’re a great option to help them. Yeah. They’ll sign up on the next call.

Christine Schlonski [29:05]
Yeah. Interesting. Yeah. I love how you split that up. And it really depends on where people come in if they are already working with you, right. So for example, I do online summits, so they might have experienced me like for let’s say, 40 hours, interviewing people, and then they also feel like they already know me. Yes. So I think that’s a difference. So if it’s like somebody who’s totally fresh to your world, then this makes so much sense to split those calls. So they get clear in choosing you as a person. And then the next call is just on okay, how do we do it? And what’s involved?

Paul Higgins [29:51]
Yeah, and look, some people have said, Look, Paul, I have been listening to you for two years and your podcasts are reading all your material. I’m ready to go and I’m like okay, but I don’t know if I’m ready to work with you. Right? So it actually works on both sides, because I want to make sure I can get everyone a result. And I don’t know that until I actually go through this process. Yeah,

Christine Schlonski [30:10]
Yeah, totally agree that that’s why I love doing the sales calls myself because I can also feel that person. And, you know, as coaches, we do spend a lot of our time or invest the better word, a lot of our time into our clients. So I want to make sure these are my soulmate clients where know they take action, they get the results. And you know, they don’t discuss. Yeah, they just, they’re just the perfect match. And that’s a very good point to mention. It’s not a one-way road, it’s 2.

Paul Higgins [30:45]
Correct and that’s why we’re on the Heart Sells! Podcast, I’ll just if I just quickly go through the others, because they’re not as I think they’re important, but we’ve covered off the key points. The next one is channel partners, I think, you know, one too many, I think it’s absolutely critical. So you can use LinkedIn. And what I found very easy is that if you say to someone, this is my ideal client. So they may be your ideal client. But if you say this is my ideal client, this is what I’m looking for. Have you got anyone in your network? By default? Yes, you’re selling to them. But you’re also seeing them refer to people, which takes the pressure if you do have a fear with sales. So I think that’s a really good tip there. Sales collateral, I think these days, you just got to have a professional, dedicated sales pages and proposal software, sales systems, I could spend a whole podcast on this, my business that I sold last year, that’s what we did, we actually implemented sales systems in agencies and service-based businesses. And you know, ultimately, just don’t Excel app or Google Sheet is not a sales CRM.

Paul Higgins [31:56]
For $49 these days, you can get incredible software, just please go and do that. It’s, yeah, it’s you just making it so hard for yourself, if you’re not busy, you will just miss follow up. So you will just have money walk past your door if you try to do it manually. And the last one is that sales admin that I spoke to earlier, which is, you know, for me, you know, you can get VA’s at all different prices around the world, you know, because of the current clients that I mentor to, I’ve got lots of referrals, but you know, 50% of sales is admin. So now I get an assistant to do that. 50%. So I don’t even go on my LinkedIn message box anymore. You know, I don’t there are so many things that I don’t do, because I’m best when I’m on zoom calls with people not doing everything else.

Christine Schlonski [32:47]
Yeah, I totally hear you. And that’s such important advice to give. I really hope people are taking that in. So speaking of Heart Sells, what does Heart Sells! mean for you?

Paul Higgins [33:01]
Are they hard sell is when you know, in your heart that you can’t get someone a result, but you still do it because you want the money. So that’s my definition of a hard sell. You’re, you’re forcing a solution on someone knowing that in your heart, it’s not the right thing for them.

Christine Schlonski [33:22]
Yeah. And then let’s turn it into the Heart Sell. What does that mean for you? Oh, sorry.

Paul Higgins [33:26]
Sorry. Sorry, sorry. So the Heart Sell, I suppose that’s what it is, right? It’s the exact same thing. It is, you know, going with your heart rather than the emotion of I need money. It’s like, can I really help this person? You know, is this absolute in the best interest for them and make the decision based on that you won’t win every deal. But also, you won’t lie in bed, you know, wondering, hey, you know, get out of a situation you should never get yourself in in the first place.

Christine Schlonski [34:00]
Yeah, totally agree. Well, thank you so, so much, Paul. I just want to send people again to your beautiful assessment. So the question that will be answered is will you have a low or high seven-figure service business in 2021, I highly recommend you take it. So you describe that 15 questions you can have done in only three minutes. And you get so much clarity out of it. So thank you so much for this wonderful gift. I’m really excited to share that with people. And yeah, thank you for another amazing episode, where, you know, I was able to get some of your gold nuggets for the audience, and you gave me some really great tips as well. So I’m already thinking about implementation, which is key. Otherwise, we just, we are just dreamers. Um, is there anything you would love to leave us with for this episode?

Paul Higgins [34:55]
Yeah, so heart. So you talk about the heart. It’s a little bit if you go back to the first episode, you’ll hear more. But you know, my best friend gave me a kidney. My mom, who I think she lasted more than 10 years on dialysis just to see me get a better result. So it was my best friend for 30 years that she’d known, had given me that and that has completely transformed my life. So if you’re not an organ donor, I would highly recommend that you put your name down as an organ donor from personal experience, the difference it makes to someone’s life. I just can’t tell you so yeah, if you’re not, I’d love for you just to go and in, put yourself down as an organ donor.

Christine Schlonski [35:39]
Thank you so, so much, Paul. I really enjoyed speaking to you. Thank you for bringing so much wisdom and yeah, golden nuggets. And I really hope people are implementing. I just love this episode was Paul, I love how he structured his Four Pillars To Build A Thriving Business. Hop on over to find this episode, the show notes, a transcript, and also the resources where you can get Paul’s amazing free gift and The Heart-Centered Lead Generation Summit Experience. Also, you can sign up for free over there. All the links to Paul are just one click away. And once you’re over there, I want to invite you to celebrate Heart Sells! 2nd Birthday. So we are having a birthday week, the actual birthday is November 29. And you have an opportunity to be featured on Heart Sells! So if you want to hear your voice on Heart Sells! Podcast, hop on over to find the podcast tab and there you will have the information on what you need to do to sign up so you can be featured on Heart Sells! Podcast. This is so amazing.

Christine Schlonski [36:50]
Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for being here. I really would love to celebrate you on the 2nd Birthday of Heart Sells! because you the listener, you are the one who is motivating me to do this. You are the one who sends in your feedback and your questions. You are the one who keeps Heart Sells! alive. So I want to celebrate with you. hop on over to find the podcast tab and check out the celebration activities. We do a bunch of really really cool stuff in a closed Facebook group, The Heart Sells! Community in case you’re not over there, you will find the link on the page. And then you are just invited to celebrate and we celebrate you at the same time. Check out all the interesting things we came up with to give you some amazing surprises. And all you need to do is hop on over to and find the podcast tab. Have a wonderful day wherever you are in this world and I’m saying bye for now.


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