September 18



You know this very moment… it dawns on you that you have a very unique gift that people really, really need because it will change their world. And by changing their world it will change yours?

YES! It’s that moment. The AHA moment.

The moment you’ve practiced your gift, when you start giving your gift and another person has a huge revelation, a huge aha-moment and sees something that they have not seen before? And you might sit there yourself in total amazement because it was so easy and simple for you that you thought it is easy and simple for EVERYBODY.

What I really needed to understand is that we ALL have such a gift. Each of you has it.


Since it comes so easy and effortlessly to you, you might not even see it, you might not even have the slightest idea about it.

Go within, check out what it might be and DON’T come telling me: Well Christine, but there are already so many other people doing this……

They are NOT you. 

They don’t have your personality and your flavor you add to things.

When I work with new people in my sales team, I always let them know that a big part of bringing them into the team in the first place was their personality. I tell them that they will book clients no one was able to book before. I let them know that they even might talk to someone who I have talked to for several years with over 11 years of experience and my knowledge about the product, with all the great success stories of my personal clients and I still get a NO but they might get a yes.

I teach my coaching clients the same lesson.
That they have that special something that their clients needed and never gotten before even though they have had the same lesson before….and now you show up and they get it- for the very first time.

>> You know if people just don’t resonate with you, then they don’t and that is fine. There is nothing wrong with YOU.
>> You might remind them of their Ex, or of some they really, really don’t care for.
>>You don’t know and you will probably not find out.
So never take any NO in sales personally. It has nothing to do with YOU.

My top 3 tips are:
1/ Stay relaxed and open – don’t get upset with people saying no to your services. Talk to them, find out what they need and if you can offer what the need, make a new offer to them.

2/ Know your Gifts – to be able to do that you really need to get clear on your gifts. The gifts that only you have. The gifts that comes so effortless that you don’t even see it as a gift.

3/ Ask from the heart – find out what your heart wants and what you need to do in order to be fulfilled and happy, in order to use your gifts.


Look within. Ask yourself the right questions.
And then have the guts to go for what you want.

Stop JUST dreaming, act NOW!

Christine Schlonski

PS: Sales Journaling Prompts is now available to download! I’m so excited to be sharing these with you. You WILL love them, they will help you change your mindset around sales and how FUN selling actually is. I LOVE sharing with you so you CAN make the MONEY YOU WANT and live the lifestyle you want!


PSS: Stay tuned, I have an amazing “thing” coming up with 2 wonderful coaches and it will be free for you. Watch out for Clarity-Confidence-Conversion Challenge Series.


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