Kami Guildner believes women’s voices matter. She is a connector. A storyteller.
A business coach for women. Kami guides leading changemaker women to give voice to their most important messages and create a ripple effect of worldly impact.

Kami weaves soulful-inspiration into mindful business strategies, helping her clients up-level their business.

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3 Key Points:

  • You will be more productive if you stop and pause for 10 minutes a day not doing anything or doing something that inspires you.
  • The 4 Factors that can be the most important thing for growing your business:
    – the mind
    – the body
    – the spirit
    – the community
  • You have to take care and raise yourself first if you want to take care of your family, your client, and everyone else.

Show Notes:

[4:30] I think that women’s wisdom is the medicine on earth’s needs right now.

[5:40] If women are empowered, if women can make decisions because they have the money, they have the choices, they do not depend on someone, then they can act in a different way they can have or live their full potential.

[9:17] Women have to show up differently, and we have to be different, we have to really show up and do things differently.

[9:54] The magic in our business takes place in getting into this heart-centered space and being able to hear that wisdom that’s within us, letting that wisdom guide us finding the flow and that universal purpose that we’re each put on this earth to do.

[13:57] When I do journal in the morning, I do have that clarity, I have that certainty that things are going the right way because I just journal them how I want them and it also gives me this peace of focus.

[14:30] I know that I’m more productive. I know I get more creative ideas. I know that the work that I do is stronger and better when I make that space in the morning.

[16:56] If you’d feel like you don’t have 10 minutes to stop and pause, then you need to stop and pause for an hour.

[19:20] If you’re not taking care of how you resonate, your business won’t grow and expand like you want it to.

[22:02] When we can step into the flow? It’s lighter. I mean, we just feel so much better versus if we’re in this drive, the push, and the nap. There’s tension in that. And when we let go and step into the flow and trust in that flow, there’s such beauty with that.

[24:34] It’s an ability to all of my events that I do is about creating and even my extraordinary women connect. It is about connecting great women to great women and the communities that take place or that create and form and the partnerships and the relationships that happen at these at my events are really powerful.


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Kami Guildner [0:02]
Hey Gorgeous. This is episode number 279 with a wonderful Kami Guildner.

Kami Guildner [0:07]
This is Kami Guildner you are listening to Heart Sells! Podcast with Christine Schlonski. Enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:14]
I’m so excited about this conversation, I just love Kami’s work. Kami weaves soulful inspiration into mindful business strategies, helping her clients uplevel their business. Today we will be talking about “How Taking Care Of You Helps Grow Your Business”. Kami believes that women’s voices matter. And she is a connector, a storyteller, and a business coach for women. Kami also guides leading changemaker women to give voice to their most important message and create a ripple effect of worldly impact? This is just so amazing. And I just can’t wait to dive in. So let’s get started. While I am so excited to have you on the show today Kami welcome.

Kami Guildner [1:01]
Oh, thank you for having me. It’s awesome to be here with you.

Christine Schlonski [1:04]
Yeah, I just know, we had a conversation before and it’s so amazing what you do, I just love the whole topic of what you set out to do, especially for women, like the extraordinary women and empowering women. So that’s, I guess, something that we both share a passion for? How do we help or support women to really step into the spotlight? So tell us a little bit like why did you decide to really kind of niche down on women?

Kami Guildner [1:38]
Well, it’s funny, it really came very organically, right? I think it was when I first started coaching. And I think, you know, I’ve been coaching for close to 11 years at this point. And when you first start coaching, I think the natural inclination is just you want to help everybody, right?

Christine Schlonski [1:54]

Kami Guildner [1:57]
And it’s merry it comes, becomes very clear very quickly that you, that it doesn’t serve you to try to coach everybody. And so every time you niche down you tend to grow your business, things expand. But I can tell you, it was just, I think my message and like yours, it’s also that heart centered message, right? It’s connecting into this deep soul of who we are, I think it just really resonates with women. And so very early on my business was, that’s who was being attracted to my business. And at some point, I said, okay, I’m just going to own this because 95% of my clients are women, doesn’t mean that I don’t have some men clients, because I do. And I love when I get my smart men clients joining me and really helping them, you know, get deeper into their, how they want to show up in the world from a very heart centered space and having an impact with their message that makes me really excited. But very organically, my business was just mostly 95% women from the very get-go.

Christine Schlonski [3:02]
Yeah, yeah, I love that. And somehow I feel like a woman, you understand a woman better than a man. And it’s really, you know, with my background of high ticket sales over the phone, most of the people I talked to were men. I was really learning how to tap into the energy, the thinking, the decision making process, and how I could actually, and not just understand it, but kind of use it for my sales process. That I was not a guy calling was really, really valuable. And I think a lot of women might be afraid when they start their businesses to also offer their services to men. And, as you just mentioned, I do have clients who are men, but they have a different view on the world I feel, it’s like they want to understand this heart centered way, they want to understand how to nurture more and kind of go away from the conquering so it’s really interesting energy and process to watch how they evolve and transform and how when they sell to women make that huge difference because now they have the tools to talk and act in a way that women really get.

Kami Guildner [4:27]
I so agree and I think women’s voices. I think that women’s wisdom is the medicine the earth needs right now. And there’s this energy that is really rising up. And I’m excited about what’s happening in the world when it comes to women putting their voices out in a bigger way and the community that comes together as women I think we joined together and community. We joined together and community in such powerful ways in supporting one another and uplifting one another there’s something different about women and community than the men in the community frankly, and and and it’s not, you know, wrong or right one way or another. It’s just an energy that I think our world needs right now.

Christine Schlonski [5:15]
Yeah, totally. And I’m, you know, I just had a conversation with my husband the other day talking about, you know, the mission and the passion I have and trying to explain why I think it’s so important that I do address women. And I was like, boy, you know, at the end of the day, even though we do not have children, but women are raising a man. And if women are empowered, if women can make decisions because they have the money, they have the choices, they do not depend on someone, then they can act in a different way they can have or live their full potential. And they can also raise the little boys in a way that is more aligned with what the world needs right now. Right.

Kami Guildner [6:08]
I so agree. And I have, I do have a son, and he’s grown. And I was a very young mom, and I was a single mom, I was only married for a very short period of time in my 20s. And so we were, you know, I was a single mom, most of my, my most of his growing up years. And he has the most beautiful outlook on life. And he treats women with respect, and he stands for things that he has good value. I mean, he just has a different sense of value being raised by a single mom. And I think that you know, yes, we raise our boys, and we can help them see the world in different ways. And frankly, you know, I think, you know, I’m sure you do this with your husband, you help your husband see the world through a different lens. I know, my husband sees the world through a different lens than he did you know before he met me 15 years ago. So there’s, there’s this expansion happening. There’s this evolution happening.

Christine Schlonski [7:11]

Kami Guildner [7:12]
And I think it’s, you know, like the work you’re doing, it’s helping people step into, to seeing the world in different ways.

Christine Schlonski [7:19]
Yeah, totally. And that, that’s why I appreciate what you’re doing so much, because it’s really that change-making process, right. It’s not saying something is bad. I do think it’s really important for children to have both their mother and their father.

Kami Guildner [7:35]
Yes. Oh, absolutely.

Christine Schlonski [7:37]
Unfortunately, so many relationships don’t work out. But again, like when we look behind the scenes, it kind of breaks down to somebody not being able to have their full potential to live into their full potential. And the communication we have, which is at the end of the day, sales compensation,

Kami Guildner [7:59]
That’s the truth.

Christine Schlonski [8:03]
That we, you know, we feel like, well, it’s a relationship. And we have this idea of, you know, it’s all a fairytale, right? I dreamed so long of you know, somebody like that. How do you say in English, like, you know, the pretty woman movie like,

Kami Guildner [8:18]
Oh, right, right, right,

Christine Schlonski [8:20]
On the white horse,

Kami Guildner [8:21]
Riding in on the white horse and saving the princess, right?

Christine Schlonski [8:24]
Yeah, like something like this, we are so romantic, which is nothing against being romantic, but it’s kind of coupled it with a really good sense of also communicating what you need, right? That you don’t expect that somebody is reading in your eyes. Or that, you know, obviously, maybe your wine glass is empty, and you kind of hope and wish that you know, he would be the gentleman filling it up again. And instead of just saying, hey, could you please refill my glass?

Kami Guildner [8:56]
Right, right?

Christine Schlonski [8:58]
Like these tiny, tiny things. And I feel because women are conditioned more on this way through being raised in a certain way, to live in certain cultures, through the media, through the fairytale movies, that we also expect that in our businesses.

Kami Guildner [9:16]
Right. And this is, I think, where we have to show up differently, and we have to be different, we have to really show up and do things differently. So I think you’re spot on is it you know, there are some patterns that we may have been born into. But that’s where we’re going in the future, especially as entrepreneurs, is we have to show up in a different way. And it’s not the driving hard force of the masculine ways that we’ve been taught. I mean, I came out of the corporate world, and certainly had many, you know, know how to do the strategy. I know how to do linear thinking, I know how to do those components. But that’s not where the magic takes place in our businesses where the magic takes places is really getting into this you know, this heart centered space and being able to hear that wisdom that’s within us, letting that wisdom guide us finding the flow and that universal purpose that we’re each put on this earth to do. And that’s, that’s a whole different way of being and doing business than what was traditional, you know, linear thinking and strategic thinking. It’s not that we don’t do those things, we have to do the linear and strategic, but it’s doing them in a different way.

Christine Schlonski [10:33]
Yeah, totally. And at the end of the day, I feel and that might just be my perspective. That might just be my way of viewing it. But I feel that a lot of men are really successful men, at the end of the day when they get to where they want to go, they do not feel fulfilled, because they missed so much on the way. I had a conversation just a couple of days ago with someone who wants to interview me at the summit. And they told me the story and why they created the summit. And the pure reason was like it was a super high achiever achieving achieving achieving burning out on the way, not noticing that he didn’t spend quality time with his sweet children, that you didn’t spend quality time with his wife. So the relationship suffered, his health suffered. And then he didn’t even know why he was doing what he was doing. But he was so on that hamster wheel of achievement that he forgot about all the rest of his life and wasn’t living.

Kami Guildner [11:32]
Yeah, and I think it is when I think about when I made this transition to being an entrepreneur. I was in that very broken space, I was getting sick. I was, you know, I was getting all the signposts that told me things were supposed to shift. And I wasn’t really listening. Thankfully, the universe kind of guided me in a different direction and gave me some new gifts. And I, you know, and I’ll be honest, I have to be very mindful of my own journey of making sure that because I’m passionate about the work that I do, right, I love the work that I get to do. And I have to be very mindful of not falling into that drive, drive, doo doo. And really, you know, making the space in the morning for myself and gifting myself the space in the morning to slow down like this morning, I took time as we’re doing this in an early morning interview for me. And I got up enough, early enough so that I could do my journaling and sitting outside owls was calling to each other. And it was in this beautiful space, just being this morning. And, you know, I think making that and get gifting myself and keep saying making it’s really it’s gifting myself that space helps me slow down and actually be much better at what I do.

Christine Schlonski [12:51]
Yeah, let’s talk about this morning ritual for a little bit. Because I think it’s so so important. For example, in my morning today, I totally screwed up.

Kami Guildner [13:00]
And I do that. I totally do it.

Christine Schlonski [13:03]
I didn’t do anything. I was like, Ah, no, I don’t feel like having a walk-in nature barefoot. No, not today. I don’t feel like connecting with the universe today. I don’t feel like journaling today.

Kami Guildner [13:15]
Doesn’t that just sound ridiculous when you say it out loud?

Christine Schlonski [13:17]
Totally, I laugh at myself, like what’s going on, but we do sabotage ourselves. And we are in this doing doing doing. And I really got stressed a little bit with my to-do list. But then I was looking forward to it. I had so cool appointments today that I was really looking forward to those conversations with those sessions. But still not doing my journaling kind of sets me off on a much great path. And it kind of catches up during the day when I need to remind myself all right, are you in alignment right now? Like, what’s going on here? When I do journal in the morning, I do have that clarity, I have that certainty that things are going the right way because I just journal them how I want them. Right, I desire that. And it also gives me this peace of focus.

Kami Guildner [14:15]
So agree. I mean, it’s I know, I’m actually much more productive on the days that I make that space. And I learned that a long time ago. And I think that’s why it’s so ironic when we miss those mornings and we don’t you know, that sabotage that happens. I know that I’m more productive. I know I get more creative ideas. I know that the work that I do is stronger and better when I make that space in the morning. And it’s even just something and it’s really interesting. I mean, just coming you know, we’re in the middle of this pandemic, right and this early on in the pandemic. I really was good about making space for myself in the morning every day. And then as I used insight timer a lot and I had been I think I was on 70 days of, you know, continual day after day doing, doing a meditation in the morning.

Kami Guildner [15:08]
And then somewhere like about June ish, I totally don’t know what happened. But I just, I kind of let that it fell to the wayside, right. And I know that I was feeling not the same connection, I wasn’t feeling the same flow. And when I was able to recommit to that, then it starts to be just, the great ideas start coming to me, it’s like the visions of a man, for example, I’ve been working on this body of work that I’m super excited about. And a few days ago, I just had this visual of how I could how Like a tool and it was like an actual artistic visual of what could be in this, this what I call R factor, I can tell you about what R factor is later. But it’s, it’s a tool to really track how people are tuning into their R factor, how they resonate in the world, and how they’re doing it on a daily basis. And I literally sat down, I drew it, and I sent it to a woman who does some artwork for me, and she’s like, oh, my gosh, I can totally draw this for you. And it was like, within 30 minutes, I had that I’d send it off to her. And I know it’s a really important piece. And it’s because I’ve made that space for myself that day.

Christine Schlonski [16:29]
Yeah, yeah. So what advice would you give someone who is maybe struggling in their business right now, and they feel like they don’t even have the time to journal or to meditate because they have so much on their to-do list and they feel like if they don’t do it, they don’t get the revenue in and then you know, life gets even more stressful? What could you say to someone?

Kami Guildner [16:51]
Well, it’s funny, I just read something a few nights ago that said, if you’d feel like you don’t have 10 minutes to stop and pause, then you need to stop and pause for an hour. And you know, and I think that’s really, it’s a really good point. Because it is where you will be more productive. If you spend 10 minutes a day, just stopping and pausing. And, you know, reading something that inspires you, listening to whatever universal message, messages want to drop into you. You know, play with inspiration cards, or runes, or journals or like you said, go barefoot in nature, I love that you sit on your deck in the quiet in the morning. And that’s one of my most favorite things in the world to do is to sit down on my deck and just sit and don’t do anything, right?

Kami Guildner [17:42]
Doesn’t matter what that looks like, it’s just, it’s a matter of tuning out the noise of the world. And you will be more inspired and you will find more inspiration, you will be more productive. And you know, if you’re feeling like you’re not really fully stepping into, this is a tool that I, this vision of this tool that I’m going to do really taps into making space each day for your mind, making space each day for your, your body. So how are we making space to take care of your body in some way, making space for your spirit, however they view spirit and making space each day for the community. And the tool that I’m having developed is developed that is literally a tracker for the month. So it’s a spiral because I love spirals. And each day is on that spiral. So 1 through 31. And it’s just checking, I did something for my mind, my body, my spirit, my community.

Kami Guildner [18:45]
And just starting to track that right and starting to track this visual of how often you are doing something for yourself in those four categories, because those four categories can really help you. And frankly, those four categories can be the most important thing for growing your business, it will really raise how you resonate in the world. And you can have all the marketing in place, you can have all the right vision of what you want your business to be in, the business model on all those pieces, and the right visibility, you’re out doing things. And if you’re not taking care of how you resonate, your business won’t grow and expand like you want it to. And it’s those four factors, what I call the R factor that will make your business grow like crazy because you’re taking care of you first.

Christine Schlonski [19:37]
Yeah, yes. This is such an important point. And I think we forget about that so often, especially women struggle with that.

Kami Guildner [19:47]
Because we want to, we want to take care of everyone else first, right? We want to take care of our clients. First, we want to take care of our family first. And we fall way down on the list and you can’t do any of those really well unless you take care and you raise yourself up to the top of that list.

Christine Schlonski [20:04]
Yeah, totally. It’s like this, you know, overused example, this mask and the airplane, right with your mask on first and then you can support others. And if your cup is empty, or who you’re going to serve, like who you’re going to get from your cup, if it’s empty, so really make sure that you take good care of yourself. And I have experienced that over and over again, you know when I was still in the corporate world, and you know, very male-dominated and driven, lots of pressure, like high pressure, open office space, lots of people calling at the same time, like, you know, anything I can’t even imagine doing right now. But I’ve been there right. And that was my normal, and I guided people that I both teams and that environment. And really, when I had my days where I did my rituals, and you know, because sometimes you just got stuck, right?

Christine Schlonski [21:01]
You call and call, and nobody would say yes to whatever you had to offer. But when you did your rituals, when I was in my space, when I was aligned, the next person said yes. Or at least they were interested, and that like helps elevate the vibe as well, because now somebody like, listens to you. Right? And that nobody slams the phone or, you know, has some big excuse, why it’s not a good time to speak to you. So I really felt that difference. And when I started my business, I was like, Well, I’m starting a business because I want to support people to sell and to sell in a way that feels aligned, and where sales don’t feel like sales anymore, but like giving love, right? And I thought, What can I do to take that flow that I have experienced? To make that my new normal?

Kami Guildner [21:57]
Right, right. And I so agree. And it’s like when we can step into the flow? Is it? It’s lighter. I mean, we just feel so much better, right? versus if we’re in this drive, the push, and the nap. There’s tension in that. And when we let go and step into the flow and trust in that flow. There’s such beauty with that.

Christine Schlonski [22:23]
Hmm, totally. Yeah, and I love the gift you are giving us today. Basically, it’s an invitation to your “Extra Ordinary Woman Connect Facebook group”, I just love that I love the title. Because I do think every woman can be extraordinary if she chooses to. And I’m gonna put the link in the show notes as well. And you have an amazing event coming up. I think we touched on that briefly.

Kami Guildner [22:50]
We did. Sure, it’s November 5 – 7, it’s “Extraordinary Women Ignite” and it’s a virtual conference here. This is the 6th year of this conference. It’s the 1st year it’s virtual. But I’m very excited about it being virtual because people can attend from anywhere. And it’s three days of really raising up your voice, what it is you want to stand for, getting clarity around who you are, and what’s the impact you want to make with your voice. If the whole world could hear one message from you, what would it be so that’s where we’re really building we’re building the vision and business of what you want your business to be, and really starting to focus on how you raise up your visibility in 2021. And I think that right now, this is where our voices are needed in the world, right our voices, so 2021, it’s going to be a really important year for all of us to be stepping in all of our gifts and showing up in our big and our best light. So it is November 5 – 7. And because I know you have amazing listeners, I am going to offer them a discounted ticket or $50 off. And so in the resource section of your page will include the link to the page and where they can get what the code is to get the discount.

Christine Schlonski [24:10]
That’s super cool. That’s exciting. And I think you have your event so in case somebody listens at a later point in time. You have that on a regular basis, right?

Kami Guildner [24:18]
Yes, we have once a year on this. Like I said this is my 6th year of doing this. So I’m planning for 2021 to be back to live but I’m actually really excited about the virtual aspects of it this year and it’s to me it’s an ability to one of the things about my all of my events that I do is about creating and even my extraordinary women connect it is about connecting great women to great women and the communities that take place or that create and form and the partnerships and the relationships that happen at these at my events are really powerful. So that’s something, some people will tell you, that’s my superpower in creating that kind of connection. And so I love that It makes me really excited to see what blossoms from that.

Christine Schlonski [25:03]
Hmm, yeah, wonderful. And I love that you do it virtually. So you know, people from all around the world have the opportunity to join. And you know, like myself, I have traveled so often to the US, but you know, usually, you travel like for the full day.

Kami Guildner [25:18]

Christine Schlonski [25:19]
Can be exhausting.

Kami Guildner [25:20]

Christine Schlonski [25:21]
So if you can join online, I mean, that’s really, really cool. Thank you so much. I really appreciate that also with the opportunity to, you know, for people to get some Heart Sells! discount.

Kami Guildner [25:32]
You bet.

Christine Schlonski [25:33]
Thank you. Wonderful. Um, so we are, we are basically for this episode out of time. But we do have a second one. And I’m so super excited because I do want to talk a little bit more about your sales journey. And the advice you can give people of how they really can step into their business by sharing a little bit of more of your story of your process, or transformation you’ve gone through, coming from the corporate world, and then becoming an entrepreneur. And I’m just really curious to know like, how did this play out? What were the challenges? What were the wins? How did you adjust? And I’m so grateful we have another conversation.

Kami Guildner [26:15]
Oh, me too. I actually have some really fun stories about my sales journey, so I’m excited to share them.

Christine Schlonski [26:22]
Thank you so much, Kami, what makes you talk to you soon?

Kami Guildner [26:26]

Christine Schlonski [26:27]
Well, I could have talked to me for hours, I hope you feel the same way too because she’s going to be back in the next episode. And we will be talking about an amazing sales journey, where she has started and where she has ended up right now. And I hope this is a huge inspiration for you. I also hope that this episode was a huge inspiration and motivation, to take better care of yourself because I have not really met any entrepreneur, who at any given time, is doing the best self-care they can. And while that might just be me, maybe you are in a much different place. But I know for sure that I do struggle sometimes to set time aside, to tune in, to be with myself, to connect spirit to nature, and to really go deeper in all these ways. Because I’m too busy working in my business instead of working on my business.

Christine Schlonski [27:24]
So that was just a beautiful reminder of how aligned things can be, how much flow there can be, how much love and creation when you are starting to take good care of yourself, and your business will grow with you. So thank you so much for having been here, hop on over to christineschlonski.com find the podcast tab. There you’ll find all the show notes to Kami’s episode, including the resources we talked about the wonderful offer she made for her exceptional event, “Extraordinary Woman Ignite Virtual Conference”, where you’re getting a 50% off because you are a listener of Heart Sells! so hop on over and do not miss this. All the links that connect you to Kami and her work are there as well. And once you’re over there at christineschlonski.com I recommend you are signing up for “The Empowerment Notes”, these are my free empowerment notes right into your inbox, where I also share advice, strategy, tools, motivation, inspiration on everything that has to do with growing your business, from your heart with selling more with ease, grace and conviction and also asking your price while you stay authentic. So that you can get with “The Empowerment Notes”. When you hop on over to christineschlonski.com you will find that in the tab. Thank you so so much for having been here. Make sure you join us for the next amazing episode with Kami and you have a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world. And I’m saying bye for now.


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