Gabe Arnold is the founder and Chief Pencil Sharpener at, a subscription-based article writing service.
In his early 20s, Gabe saw his construction business hit by the downturn in the real estate market to the tune of a $1 million bankruptcy.

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Resources Mentioned in this Episode:

Free Gift:
Free Sample Article

Heart-Centered Lead Generation Summit – The Experience

3 Key Points:

  • Show up authentically and show up consistently
  • 2 Major Categories of Content Writing

          – (2/3) conversational relationship-building content 

          – (1/3) direct sales content

  • The Component of Sales Content Writing– the headline

           – the lead

           – the body

           – the call to action

Show Notes:

[3:29] It’s important to start with that there’s different types of content and there are different strategies that you want to use as you put out content.

[4:58] Focus the majority of it on building a relationship and having a conversation so that people would know about you

[9:39] You should have downtime and separation, and you should not be constantly working on your business because if you constantly are quote, unquote, working on your business, you’re actually putting it in the ground.

[11:24] You and your business are special because all the experiences you have come together in you as a person. But then if you don’t share that and you just share the business, then again, you appeal-like commodity like gets exchangeable

[12:36] When you really allow yourself to be who you are and show up in a way you want to show up, especially it’s your business, you create the thing to feel great, and to support people

[14:14] Putting out content does not have to be so frequent but you need to put something out that’s authentic, and that’s valuable to your audience and you just need to be consistent.

[17:45] Have a conversation with the other people that are subscribed to you, write for them, like write for actual people on your list and you’ll get better results as well.

[24:34] Straightforward sales approach, conversational and make it specific in your call to action, don’t make it feel overwhelming.


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Christine Schlonski [0:02]
Hey Gorgeous. This is episode number 286 and the wonderful Chief Pencil Sharpener. Gabe Arnold is back on the show today.

Gabe Arnold [0:11]
Hi, this is Gabe Arnold, you’re listening to the Heart Sells Podcast with Christine Schlonski. Enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:15]
Well, I’m so super pumped to dive into the next conversation with Gabe. I just loved our first conversation about his story, the very first thing he ever sold, and also having that goodwill bank account. So if you have not listened to the episode yet, make sure you do this. It’s episode number 285. “How To Invest Into Your Audience For Massive Results” and this will give you amazing, amazing advice. So I am looking forward to talking to Gabe the Chief Pencil Sharpener of Copywritertoday a subscription-based article writing service and gape has been in business for quite a while he started out in his 20s with a construction business, but that was hit by a downturn in the real estate market, and basically left him with a bankruptcy of $1 million. But he has gotten back on his feet, shook that off, and now has created this wonderful company where he helps entrepreneurs with the right content with the right copywriting. And today we’re going to talk about “Creating Authentic Content Consistently”. And Gabe is going to give a ton of value and advice and tips on how you can take your game to the next level. So let’s dive right in. Well, I am so super pumped to have back on the show Gabe, welcome.

Gabe Arnold [1:46]
Yeah, thank you so much for having me. Yeah, I

Christine Schlonski [1:48]
just loved our first conversation about all the amazing things you’ve done, how you created your first 20 or 40 bucks like your first payment, how exciting that was, and all the idea of that bank account where you have what was it called again?

Gabe Arnold [2:06]
A goodwill bank account.

Christine Schlonski [2:07]
Goodwill bank account, not gratitude. It wasn’t gratitude. No, it wasn’t gratitude, goodwill bank account. So, that you invest in relationships that you really make sure that, you know, you treat your clients in a way like you would treat your big sister or in my case, my little brother. Well, I think sometimes I do treat my clients better. In the situation like we’re very close now. But when we were younger, we had a lot of stuff to

Gabe Arnold [2:35]
Let’s just say it’s not the younger version.

Christine Schlonski [2:37]
Yeah, no, no, no, we’re good. We’re good. Now. He’s, he’s very, he’s wonderful. And I’m very grateful. But when I was way younger, that wasn’t always this way. But it is now. So yeah, what I really would love for you to share if you could give some practical advice. So when people think about, oh, I should write an article. I should write a blog, maybe I should have a blog or what can I post on Instagram? Or like, how can I show up? What are the components that kind of make a really great article or post so that people have the opportunity to attract their perfect clients or soulmate clients?

Gabe Arnold [3:22]
Yeah, absolutely, I can definitely address that and give everybody kind of the structure and the format there. And I think it’s important to start with that there are different types of content. And there are different strategies that you want to use as you put out content. And so, if you think about, if you think about this, like if you think about you get you’re listening to podcasts, maybe on your way home, you’re working out or you’re taking a walk and you get home and your partner, you walk in the door and your partner goes, Oh my gosh, I got to tell you this amazing thing, and I want you know, and you can tell they’re super excited about something and you can tell it They are going to try to convince you of something, they’re going to try to persuade you, they’re gonna try to sell you. If every day you got home, and that was how you were greeted, you would be worn out, he’d be like.

Gabe Arnold [4:13]
Alright, enough’s enough, I don’t want to go on this vacation or I don’t want to do this new thing or like, I know you really wanted to watch this movie or whatever they were trying to persuade you of. And so I say that to start, because sometimes people think, oh, every piece of content I put out has to be selling. And if you do that, you’re going to burn out your audience. And you’re not going to be an authentic human showing up in the world, which is, the first thing you need to do with your content is, be authentically you. So there are two major categories. There are multiple content categories that you can look at, obviously, but there’s the conversational relationship-building content, and then there’s your direct sales content. And so I like to look at the content that I’m going to put out over the course of the month and focus the majority of it on building relationships and having a conversation so that people know. Oh, like this is what Gabe stands for is what he’s about, or this is what we offer our company or some of the things that we’ve been working on just very soft, warm, friendly conversation type content.

Gabe Arnold [5:15]
With those types of, you know, blog posts, written content, emails, you can really just talk about the facts and like, what’s going on, like, here’s what we completed, you can talk about services, or these are best practices and you know, your industry. It doesn’t have to be as structured in my opinion, and experience because that’s how your audience just gets to know you. Like, oh, this is what Christine’s about and this is what she believes, and here’s what she’s been up to or working on. People are interested in what you have going on. So that typically is about two-thirds of the content that we write for folks. And that I would encourage people to write is just stay In front of your audience, talking about what you offer, talking about, you know, different, you know, different aspects of your business, and things in the industry and this valuable information.

Gabe Arnold [6:09]
The other third that you kind of sprinkled through is those more direct calls to action, those more sales type posts. And with those, you definitely want to cover, okay, like carry a pretty, pretty specific structure, so that they get noticed and they work. And the first thing that’s the most important is your headline. Because if you just think about when you’re scrolling through Facebook, or you’re reading through a forum, or you’re, you’re engaging with content, there’s millions of millions or billions of this point of pieces of content that people can choose from, right. And so it’s just this busy, busy stream of content around them. And if you want to stand out, you really have to stand out with the headlines and they go oh, that applies to me, right? I want to read that. So that’s, that’s such a critical piece.

Gabe Arnold [7:03]
The next component is your lead or is like the opening paragraph below the headline. So if I wrote a headline, you know, and I’m just making this up on the spot, but if I read a headline, like, you’ll never need to sell ever again, with this program, then I would get sales people’s attention, because they’d be like, oh, that can’t be true. Or maybe somebody’s like, Oh, I don’t like selling, which I don’t know why people don’t like selling but that would be kind of a catchy headline. And then, in order for you to continue to read through the whole piece of content with that first paragraph that leads, I have to support the big claim and keep drawing you in. So structurally, I have to go. I have to justify that headline. And then you get into the body of the piece. So the third piece, where you explain what you’re offering, what you know how it works, some success stories, like just kind of spill everything out. there. And then towards the end is where I typically like to put on a couple of testimonials or, you know, proof of what I’m, you know, claiming, and then the call to action is what I want them to do next. And that’s like the structure essentially. And I can dive into that deeper if you’d like, but that’s typically how I look at sales content.

Christine Schlonski [8:22]
Yeah, yeah. I love that. And it’s, you know, it’s rather easy to set it up because people want to be authentic. They want to share pieces of their life. So what would you say to people who still think in those categories like this my life, that’s my like my private life, and this is my business, and these are my business relationships and like to keep it all separate from each other.

Gabe Arnold [8:50]
I would say I don’t think that works in today’s modern world. Like, just being honest because I don’t buy from, generally speaking, I don’t buy from companies that are just like a boring stuffing company, this is what I do. And this is business up to and including, like, there’s a gas station down the road from me that donates, like five cents a gallon or something like that to the local food bank. So I will happily go there to get gas over the other place that doesn’t have that sign-up but doesn’t do anything for the world because they’re just a business to me or is this company is like actually doing something for the local community and like I can tell what they’re about, like what they believe. And while I do think you should have downtime and separation, and you should not be constantly working on your business, because if you constantly are quote, unquote, working on your business, you’re actually putting it in the ground.

Gabe Arnold [9:51]
You do need to like I don’t think there’s any benefit of working over 40 or 50 hours at most, I think that most entrepreneurs are highly successful like 35 hours a week. So I think there needs to be a separation of how much you work on it. With that being said, I buy from people that I appreciate, personally, and believe how they are on the personal front, too. And so the more that you show up and say, you know, the reason that I do this business is because I love having, you know, the time I have with my family, or we get to go travel and do things or the reason that I do this business is that in my downtime, I get to volunteer and support this organization or I like I’m a foodie. So I like traveling the world and trying new food like that is your biggest differentiator because I hate to break it to everybody listening, but you’re not special in your service or product.

Gabe Arnold [10:43]
There are millions of people that can do what you do. There’s nothing unique about individual products or service’s name our world of a billion people. So there’s at least another million or so karate to do what you do. And so that’s not a differentiator anymore. And so you, I believe you really do need to bring your full personality into it and say, here’s what I’m about. And here’s what I believe in and stand for. And those are all integrated into the most successful businesses, you know, and with the most successful entrepreneurs that I follow.

Christine Schlonski [11:14]
Yeah, like it gives the business or the brand as a personality. Yeah. And then that’s how we connect right? I always say like, you, you know, you and your business are special because all the experiences you have come together in you as a person. But then if you don’t share that and you just share the business, then again, you appeal like a commodity like gets exchangeable. Like oh, you do sales or well, that thousands of sales coaches, but how are you different well because, and then you show up as who you are, and when I gave myself that permission to be me, to be authentic to grow into that person who shared like you can’t even imagine? But the first years, when I was still in corporate, and I did cold calling, I never ever said something about my private life.

Gabe Arnold [12:08]

Christine Schlonski [12:08]
I never had these conversations with my clients. They didn’t know that she’s married. Does she have kids? Does she have furbabies? Where does she live, like nothing? So that’s why I also asked that question because I remember the big impact it made for me and how lighter it felt to talk to people how much fun it was because they started to open up, they started to share, which was so much fun. And I didn’t, you know, I didn’t see that coming. So I think when you really allow yourself to be who you are and show up in a way you want to show up, especially it’s your business, you create the thing to feel great, and to support people so own that right. And so yeah, it’s important when you show up to like your article or your post in the right way. So what do you think is the most important component than for a brand or an online entrepreneur? How often should they put content out there? How often should they kind of show up to the audience? And I know the answers, you know, might vary depending on what you do and who you are. But like, what’s a good way to still stay on top of mind, but not to, you know, overdo it in the form of, you know, hundred emails a day, and 550 posts on all the platforms? Because I see some people are really stepping up their game. And I’m following one person and me now I think I get like three to four emails a day.

Gabe Arnold [13:41]
So I heard a really good answer yesterday. Brian Kurtz just called I forget if it was him, or Richard Rossi. There were a bunch of brilliant people on the call and one of them said, they said, you know, don’t worry about how often you email your list. They said, imagine if every day you sent your list the winning lottery numbers for the next day. Would they open every single email? They wouldn’t open every single email, right? Yeah. So set putting out content is not, there’s not a frequency rule per se, which I’ll qualify a little bit more in a second. It’s more about putting something out that’s authentic, and that’s valuable to your audience. And so and then, alongside that, you need to be consistent because if you sporadically do things and then you don’t, then people will forget about you or they won’t know what to expect and you will start breaking down trust at a small level, but you don’t want to do that. And I’ve struggled with that even having you know, content business and having you know, all the resources I have even somebody like me struggles with that.

Gabe Arnold [14:51]
So I create systems and accountability to help me do that. But you need to be consistent. So you need to choose something you can consistently do, you can hire a service to help you do it, then you can put things out consistently or you can do it yourself. And just make sure that it’s priority number one because it’s how you speak to your audience. And it’s how you invest in that goodwill bank account. With that being said, I would tell people, if you’re going to send, put something out once a month, then I wouldn’t even bother. It just doesn’t work inside of the ecosystem of content that people interact with.

Gabe Arnold [15:22]
So at minimum once a week is a good starting point because that’s frequent enough that you will get noticed and engaged and people see it. And if they don’t engage us, they’ll see it. Then from there, you know, you step up and like, right now, we’re working on doing something, you know, twice a week, I typically hear me emailing a list at least twice a week. And then sometimes I’ll throw something extra in, but I stick to it twice a week. And that way, I can continue to have a conversation with my audience. And then when I do have something to offer, I can say, hey, you know, here’s this new thing that’s coming out, and I can talk to them about that. So, consistency is key, at least once a week is kind of my rule of thumb. And then you need to make sure you have the time or the resources in place to know, consistently do it so you’re not starting stopping or you know being inconsistent because that’s a waste of everybody’s time. So

Christine Schlonski [16:20]
Yeah, totally well, thank you so much for sharing that. So I can just hear people now saying well, okay, well, twice a week that sounds a lot and what are the best days to email?

Gabe Arnold [16:33]
The days that you do it consistently? I don’t know how many people I follow and subscribe to because I’ll read them for a while and then I’ll, I’ll archive them and not read all of them all the time. But I’m, like, you know, going I follow emails on Sundays, other people I, you know, email, or I follow Dude, you know, seven days a week. First thing in the morning. I know Tuesdays and Thursdays consistently right now, but I’ll throw in extra stuff. If something else comes up. I wouldn’t worry about that. I would just choose a consistent time and then test and see what works. So early on, you can tell like I would email first thing in the morning and see if that works.

Gabe Arnold [17:14]
I have a client who emails at eight o’clock at night, which I’ve never seen, but he swears that I get some great results. I’m like, Okay. So you just need to test and see what are you getting your opens and engagements or you’re getting replies? Are you really sending something that resonates with your audience, and also just test and see like, oh, when I talk about this topic, everybody opens or engages or applies. And I talk about this topic is cricket so nobody cares. So don’t talk about that anymore. Because it’s not relevant to them, right? So just actually realize that you’re having a conversation with the other people that are subscribed to you. They’re not just a number or name on a list. They’re a person. And so write for them, like write for actual people on your list and you’ll get to know you, you’ll get better results as well.

Christine Schlonski [18:01]
Awesome. Thank you so much for sharing that. So what does Heart Sells mean to you?

Gabe Arnold [18:10]
To me, like I think we talked about a little bit in the last episode, but it’s really about, like showing up for the prospect, for the client, whoever you’re working with, and serving them like their loved ones who care about like a, like a sibling, or a parent or you know your partner. And thinking like what’s going to be best for this prospect or person in the long run? Because if I serve them all today, then they can be successful. And that’s what matters. And some of that will come back. Some of it won’t. And that’s, that’s fine, too. So not me thinking, oh, how much can I take Christine for today? Look at what can I, you know, squeeze out of her? What can I upsell her into? How much can I max out today? But more saying, what do you actually need and how can I help you get there and what would I recommend to my best friend, you know, or as I said, my brother or my sister or some guy super care about or my, you know, when my son’s older? How do I want my son to be treated by the salespeople that he interacts with? And so, to me, that’s having a heart of service and showing up to really serve and help people. And if you show up that way, you’ll never run out of prospects. You’ll never run out of money, and you’ll have an incredibly wealthy life.

Christine Schlonski [19:24]
Yeah, well, thank you so much. And you know, you did share such a great presentation on The Heart Centered Lead Generation Summit. And people do have the opportunity to go to obviously, find the podcast tab and tune in to the episodes and get all the resources we talked about. And also there’s the opportunity to get The Experience so where they can actually experience the summit like it was live for them, and they can dive into your great presentation, so I just wanted to point that out. If you’re interested, hop on over to look for The Experience and sign up for the summit. It’s you know, free to take. And Gabe shared such a brilliant presentation. I’m still at awe that has been a while, the value you’re getting out of this is going to be incredible. So, you know, you mentioned Brian Kurtz who is, by the way, also The Heart Centered Lead Generation Summit, but you know, you surround yourself with people who are on a journey, who are on a mission, who are maybe further along than you are, who can inspire you who can kind of pull you or empower you or share ideas. So what was maybe a book or resource that really changed your life and that you could recommend to people? I know that might be tons just before you pull up your list was your hundred favorites. Just you know what comes to mind?

Gabe Arnold [21:00]
What comes to mind is probably one of the best books I’ve read recently is “Over Deliver” by Brian Kurtz.

Christine Schlonski [21:06]
Yeah. I agree.

Gabe Arnold [21:07]
Yeah. I understand how to last and play this game the right way for the long term. That is the number one book I would recommend. I have a list. I have a reading list on People like to see what I’m reading. I have a long list there. But yeah, I think that’s just an incredible resource that doesn’t matter what business you’re in. But if you’re in sales or entrepreneurship, I think just the principles and the story there is probably one of the best books I’ve ever read.

Christine Schlonski [21:34]
Yeah, thank you. Thank you so much. Great, great choice. I agree. I actually like last year when it came out. He sent me a copy when I was in Florida and we got something we did like an unboxing on Facebook Live that was so much fun. And really, really great. I highly recommend it. I will put that in the resource section for this episode as well in the show notes, and then obviously all the links to you and I just I’m so in love with your free gift because it really delivers so much value and it’s a free sample article. So tell us again, what is it? What are people getting, if they’re interested, and I highly recommend you to check that out? This is priceless, and you get a really great idea of what Gabe and his team can do for you. But this is something you’ll give away for free. So what are they getting?

Gabe Arnold [22:25]
Yeah, so if you go to, you’ll see the button that says you can get your free sample article. And what we’ll do is write a 400-word article for you on any topic that you want, you know, around sales, entrepreneurship, or your business or anything that you want to share with your audience. And that’s just our way of just showing you how things work and providing some value upfront because what we do for entrepreneurs and coaches and consultants and business owners around the world is we handle creating that conversational ongoing content so that you can consistently talk to your audience and so we’d love to give you a sample article. You can just go to and you can request one right there.

Christine Schlonski [23:04]
Awesome. Well, thank you so much. This was fun, time just flies. Thank you so much for sharing the structure so everybody can you know, maybe up their game by applying what you taught and I also love that you said like two-thirds of you know not just nurturing basically and then one-third sales because you always have to tell people that you are in business so many people forget that they give, give, give they wonder why is nobody asking me? Well, you have to, you have to let people know they can, I ask you, that’s what you do. So I highly encourage you to come up with some great calls to action. Like the last question, maybe what a great call to action be that doesn’t feel salesy. Like what’s a really short, great couple sentences people could say.

Gabe Arnold [23:55]
I think the best way to not feel slimy is to just be yourself. And so, if you sat down and were having coffee with one of your prospects, and you explained, you know how it works, and you kind of share your story and talk things through what would be the next natural thing you would say, for me, it would be, hey, Christine, let’s schedule a call and talk about what you need. And like, uh, you know, just, I often offer a discovery call or a free sample, or just give somebody a very easy next step that I would naturally do if I was sitting, you know, face to face with somebody and so I just try to apply the same too, you know, same straightforward sales approaches of just make the offer, you know, can I help, you know, can we discuss that I can give you some advice and talk about what I would do and then I can also explain how our services work. And so make it conversational. And also just make it specific, like, if you want to, you know, learn more about this, here’s a link to book a call with me or here’s the link to you know, get the free sample article, like we say, you know, on or shoot me a message direct message me and we can chat about what you need. Just tell them exactly what you want them to do next.

Gabe Arnold [25:06]
And obviously, in your call to action, don’t make it like, feel overwhelming because everybody else has a ton of going on in life anyway, you don’t want to make this solution seem overwhelming at the outset. You know, you’re the expert, and you can guide them through that. So, you know, let’s have a discovery call or shoot me a message or grab a sample here. Or I just like to ask people to take more of a micro-step, you know, in those calls to action so that we’re not overwhelming them.

Christine Schlonski [25:34]
Yeah, I love that, that’s such great advice. don’t overwhelm people, like make it easy for them to say yes to start interacting. And then obviously, if you guys are fit, then you can move forward.

Gabe Arnold [25:45]

Christine Schlonski [25:46]
Awesome. Well, thank you so so much. I really enjoyed this episode, and obviously, the last one and I can’t wait to talk to you next.

Gabe Arnold [25:55]
Thank you so much for having me, it’s a blast.

Christine Schlonski [25:57]
Thank you. Well, so many gold nuggets. I don’t even know where to start. I’m so grateful that Gabe shared all these little tips and tricks. And yeah, I do want to stretch about showing up authentically showing up consistently, right? You get the Heart Sells! Podcast three times a week. Is that a ton of work? Yes. Do I believe that I deliver a ton of value to my soulmate client? Yes. Have people’s lives changed because they are implementing what they are hearing, what they are learning? Yes. So it’s totally worth it. It’s my goodwill bank account that grows and grows and grows. And you can do the same for yours too.

Christine Schlonski [26:41]
Gabe described it in such a beautiful way in this episode and the last one, how you can create these relationships, how you can serve, how you can come from the place of love to really make a difference in your soulmate clients lives and I’m just inviting you to hop on over to find the podcast tab. Check out this amazing episode with Gabe. Also, make sure you are connecting with them all the links to Gabe by just one click away check out his free gift. And also he taught at The Heart Centered Lead Generation Summit. You can get that for free when you click The Experience and sign up for The Heart Centered Lead Generation Summit. And with Gabe, you have 39 more amazing guest teachers who are sharing their knowledge for all the different aspects of lead generation. Thank you so much for having been here. Have a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world. And I’m saying bye for now.


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