Susie Carder is not your average business coach.
Having worked with thousands of businesses achieve exponential growth, create radical business strategies, and blast from ordinary to explosive!

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    Love this podcast! The lifeblood of any business is sales and Christine does an amazing job of making sales something you'll fall in love with instead of dread. These podcasts are short and get staright to the point, filling you with both the knowledge and motivation to go out and bring in lots more money to your business by selling from your heart. If you want to bury the notion that sales is sleazy or avoid "gurus" who make sales sleazy and instead learn to how to sell in a way that is heart-centered, easy, win-win, and non-pushy, then look no further... you have found the right podcast!

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    I'm an entrepreneur and I sell every day of my life. It's easy to neglect the heart side of things, but I think it's important to balance that since we're all humans on the same team. Christine does a great job providing really valuable insights!

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Business Planning Assessment: Where to Focus FIRST to Generate Greater Revenue, Profits, and Growth in Your Business

Power Your Profits: How to Take Your Business from $10,000 to $10,000,000 by Susie Carder

3 Key Points:

  • When you know this system of sales when you understand there’s a process when you understand things a script, you don’t have to get yourself all warmed up
  • Wealth is your birthright, there are money and opportunity all around you.
  • Find the people that you resonate with, that have the same value system as you.

Show Notes:

[8:06] Transforming my life by filling my mind with positive information and skill set.

[10:33] 15% of your financial success is based on your vocation, the other 85% is our sales strategy, is our marketing strategy or operations right in our financial plan.

[11:11] You can’t really outsource when you’re first starting up because you’ve got to really put all that in place to be able to build a multimillion-dollar company.

[13:33] You need to look at what is the skillset that you need to learn. Until you understand sales, you can’t outsource sales.

[22:17] Without you knowing the foundation of what your business means we can get so busy with your business.

[23:33] Business is supposed to be fun. Entrepreneurship should be a blast.

[24:32] Concepts don’t pay the bill, strategy pays the bills.


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Christine Schlonski [0:02]
Hi Gorgeous, this is episode number 282 with the amazing Susie Carder.

Susie Carder [0:08]
Hi, this is Susie Carder and you are listening to Heart Sells! Podcast with my good friend Christine Schlonski enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:15]
Well I can’t wait to have this conversation with Susie today she has been a guest at “The Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass” and it was pure gold. So I’m so excited I have another conversation for you today at the Heart Sells! Podcast, we will be talking about “How To Grow A Seven Figure Plus Mindset”. So you have everything you need to thrive in your business, in your life. Susie is not just your average coach. She has worked with thousands of businesses to achieve exponential growth, create radical business strategies, and blast from ordinary to explosive. Her book “Power Your Profits” is out where she teaches how to take your business from 10,000 to 10 million, so make sure you check that out as well. And let’s dive right into Susie’s story. So you can be inspired and get all the golden nuggets. I am so super excited to have you on the show today. Susie, welcome.

Susie Carder [1:18]
Thank you, I appreciate, first I appreciate what you do for us. I, we need more powerful women holding the flag bringing people together, sharing the good news, right? Because that’s where you find your next coach that finds your next business advisor. You know, your next mentor, right? It’s my past like this, that we come together and celebrate each other. It’s so refreshing. We’re in a new era of women supporting women that I love, love, love. So thank you.

Christine Schlonski [1:43]
Well, thank you so much. And I just love that you took the time you did an amazing, amazing, amazing interview on “The Sales Mentality Makeover Masterclass Number 4″, and I was just blown away by your content. And so I asked you like can you share some more on the podcast? And you said yes. So thank you so much for that in advance. And I, you know, the podcast is to empower people and to inspire people to understand that sales are necessary to have a thriving business. And when you do it in an authentic way from your heart, it can be actually a ton of fun. And you had such, you know, an amazing path from, you know, growing up to achieving this massive, massive success. So I really wanted to start with inspiring people a little bit about your story to start with so they can get like this perspective of where they are in comparison to where you started out because oftentimes, people just see the end result and they think like, wow, I can never go there. I could never do this. And they don’t seem like the path that people have taken. So give us a little bit of background and yeah, to inspire people.

Susie Carder [3:01]
Yeah, so I am a serial entrepreneur. And I came that way because I grew up in a really large family. There were nine of us so there are 11 people in my family and then we only have cousins over and you know that there was always a full house right so we had nine kids Bobby, Ronnie, Stevie, Terry, Johnny, Choices, Kelly, Debbie. Right. My dad was in the military. My mom was a seamstress so statistically, I shouldn’t be where am at. I should be poor. I should be in the trailer park still. And I made a decision early on but I can’t, I cannot, I can’t live this way. Right, there was always, we were the kind of poor Christine that you know where you hear people’s story and they’re like, we were poor. But we didn’t know we were poor. We had everything we needed. No girl. I’m talking government cheese poor.

Susie Carder [3:47]
I’m talking about you knew our school shopping was at yard sales. Our school shopping was at Goodwill, that GAP, right? Those are secondhand stores. Like that was our reality. Right? We would literally have to go to a friend’s yard sale, right? You’re just mortified like I’m buying Jenny’s pants to wear to school for my new school clothes. You know, so got teased and bullied because we were poor. And I just decided that I didn’t want to be this way. I didn’t know how to do it. Right. We grew up in a large family, education wasn’t talked about. It wasn’t like, oh, you’re going to college, college? I never really realized college would be an option until I was like 35. Like, oh, somebody should have told me about college. Because we had no money for college, no money for school.

Susie Carder [4:33]
The gift that my dad did give me like he’s a hard worker. He gave me an amazing work ethic. All of us have an amazing work ethic and he said, Sue you can have whatever you want, just go get a job. And so 10, 11, 12 cleaning windows, doing yard work, babysitting anything that I could earn $1 right and learning how to leverage it and I’m a saver right saver, so I would save my money to get what I wanted, which at that time, I’m the big transparent Christine. Six girls and three boys, my priority was underwear. I just wanted my own underwear because when I say everything was hand me down, everything was hand me down. I’m like, I did not want to wear some yucky nasty panties. I realized I had this fixation with wandering. I’m like, my deal with underwear. I don’t need any more underwear. I’m like, Oh, that makes so much.

Christine Schlonski [5:23]
Totally. Yes, tell me like when did you have that realization that this lifestyle is not for you?

Susie Carder [5:31]
Early on, right with 11 people in the house with 1200 square feet. We have three bedrooms with one bathroom. In eighth grade I went to my girlfriend Joanie Ring’s house and Joanie Ring, you know lived in the good side of the neighborhood and she had this beautiful what felt like a palatial house right was probably 3000 square feet but you walk in and everything was white. Now my house everything’s brown. Did you get that many kids so car garage brown, the couch was brown, right tiles brown? And I’m looking around and everything is white and pristine and clean and immaculate with 11 people house. Nothing’s clean. Nothing’s immaculate. Right? I’m like, this is what I want. I would love this. Right? And so I’ve always been like, if I can see it, I can believe it. Right if I could touch it if I could experience it.

Susie Carder [6:21]
If Joanie Ring can have it, I can have it. I didn’t know, I didn’t know what that would take to do that. But that’s where my drive came from, and just wanting something more. And God has given me this gift of, you know, generating money creating money. I have I’ve had to learn how to build it, save it. I had to learn sales and I didn’t like sales, right, I liked it when you came to me or that I didn’t like to have to go get it right or I didn’t like No nobody likes No. And so this journey I built you know started nine companies, 2 were this small, failure going to be transparent, going, to be honest, honest. Have grown partnerships.

Susie Carder [6:36]
I mean, I had a partnership. I don’t ever recommend that unless you know that person like you know them know them know them, right? Because that’s like going on a date and going, let’s get married. Nobody would ever do that.

Christine Schlonski [7:11]

Susie Carder [7:11]
Well, you might when you’re really young, but you wouldn’t do that. Yes, you’re more seasoned. So I’ve had nine companies, seven multi-million dollar companies, and because of my work ethic, because of my tenacity, because of my unstoppability, and just going, Oh, I have an amazing education. Right. I do have my Ph.D. So I did really study and get that and that was my come up high school diploma. I see the same.

Christine Schlonski [7:39]

Susie Carder [7:40]
But my education is all been stuff like this right? Back in the day. It wasn’t, education wasn’t and business education wasn’t as accessible as it is today. Right? I’m aging myself, but you would have to, you know, go to the bookstore and get a book and learn that way. Right. If you were lucky enough to go to an event or hear about an event because there was no internet There was no it was really a friend of a friend of a friend invited you to this thing, right? And really transforming my life by filling my mind with positive information, skill set. You know, I was I got married young because my dad said, Sue you know, when you’re 18 moves out, you get a husband, get a job, do whatever you do, but you move out. So I’m like, okay, I can do that. So I didn’t wait till I was 18.

Christine Schlonski [8:25]
That’s a deadline.

Susie Carder [8:26]
That’s a deadline. You know, I’m so spicy. I didn’t wait till I was 18 I was 17 I’m like, I’m almost 18 I’ll just move out now. Moved out, I literally this is horrible. I could not imagine my children doing this left my parents a note. I’m moving out. It’ll help out. Do we know you want one less mouth to feed? You know, I’ll be fine. But no phone number. No like, where are you going, like peace out?

Christine Schlonski [8:53]

Susie Carder [8:54]
My goodness! Can you imagine if your kid does that? I would hunt them down. They didn’t hunt down, they didn’t track me down. So I got married young, right and just beautiful. I didn’t know anything about picking a husband at 17. What do you know? Right? So, he walks in, he’s got the muscles. He’s got a checkbook, he’s got a car. He’s beautiful. Isn’t that a good husband? I thought that was a totally good husband.

Christine Schlonski [9:20]
Well, you know for the first impression? That’s good.

Susie Carder [9:22]
Yes, for the first impression, not a good husband, like our values weren’t aligned. But I do have two beautiful, amazing children from him right. That’s the blessing. That was the lesson. That was the journey. That was the purpose. These two beautiful women that you know, are now just my purpose. And when I got divorced, my babies were 18 months and six months old, and there was no child support, no alimony. It was a horrific divorce. And so I had to put my big girl panties and go, I got to take care of the babies. That became my first why. Right before it was an inspiration. It was you know, like, someday, I’m going to be a minute with reality like, there are no somedays now, right you need to take care of these children. This other person’s not going to support a co-parent. You’re at it girl, you’re on your own. And that really had me develop my hustle muscle. Right my vocation at that time is I was a hairdresser. And as a hairdresser, I made a quarter of a million dollars a year being a hairdresser. The average hairdresser even today makes less than $50,000 a year. And so my passion was I need to teach other people how to do this.

Susie Carder [10:33]
15% of your financial success is based on your vocation. 15%, the other 85% is our sales strategy, is our marketing strategy or operations right in our financial plan. So I looked at if I could teach people like you got to be great at your 15%. I have to be a great speaker. You have to be a great interviewer. You have to be great, you know, a sales trainer like your vocation has to be amazing. But more importantly, we’ve got to work on the infrastructure. We’ve got to work on getting people in, we’ve got to work on the detail, which most entrepreneurs don’t like. They like the vocation part, which is great, but you can’t really outsource when you’re first starting up because we’ve got that hustle muscle, where the butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker, so you’ve got to really put all that in place to be able to build a multimillion-dollar company.

Susie Carder [11:22]
88% of small businesses are failing. 1 out of every other business right now in the pandemic. So 50% of small businesses are going out of business right now. So I want you to look at the way you’re going to stay in business is working about 85% work on your sales strategy. Right. But if you can’t sell, you got no money, that’s the foundation. I didn’t realize how to talk to strangers or add to pick up the phone and call people. Low grind to be so scared of sales like Paul Sharnsky, I have to call Paul Sharnsky. He was the scariest client because he was a New Yorker. Kind of that tough guy felt like he was mean, I didn’t know but he’s just a New Yorker wasn’t mean he was just a New Yorker. Now I know and I can laugh at it but girl I would have to go to bed after I talked to Paul. I got myself so round up because I didn’t have a system. I didn’t know how to sell, I was just like I knew I had to so I would, all warmed up and then hang up the phone I gotta lay down.

Christine Schlonski [12:21]

Susie Carder [12:21]
When you know this system of sales when you understand there’s a process when you understand things a script, you don’t have to get yourself all warmed up. But you don’t have to be afraid of the NO, you don’t have to be afraid of them not liking it doesn’t mean they don’t like you’re just not now. They’re not ready right now. Or you haven’t really tapped into what their needs were, you know that finding the need filling the need. So all that, that was a really long story to tell you who I am my back story. I’m just saying.

Christine Schlonski [12:47]
I just love it. I mean, there are already so many golden nuggets just in the story. Right. And I think what I want for people to realize no matter where they are on the journey, they can turn it around. We don’t need to stay stuck. I mean, that’s a decision. Just, you know, realizing that well maybe you lack sales skills, and that’s something you can fill and you can feel amazing selling because you learn a system, you learn how to make it easy. And you align your head and your heart and you can just have a really fun conversation that converts, then you are in a much better place, right? And then when you make money, you can, you have more choices. Obviously, you’re better off. So let me ask.

Susie Carder [13:33]
You need to look at what is the skill set that I need to learn when people want to outsource sales? Well until you understand sales, you can’t outsource sales. I’m the best salesperson at my company. I have a sales team. But I still have to be the best salesperson right to lead my team so it never goes away. I’ve been doing this for 30 years it never goes away as you want it, you think oh I can have someone else do that. No not really not ever it’s it starts with you like the speed of leader speed of the game.

Christine Schlonski [13:58]
Yeah. Such a great point. Yeah, I’m also a big believer that you need to know what you outsource.

Susie Carder [14:04]

Christine Schlonski [14:04]
You cannot just hand it over and trust and pray that the other person knows what to do. Right? Choosing the wrong partner, like when you outsource, it’s also somebody on your team, somebody your thinking, so you only want to go for the best and to know if they are the best. You need to know how the job is done.

Susie Carder [14:23]

Christine Schlonski [14:24]
Right. Yeah. So let me ask you, what was the very, very first thing you ever sold? Do you remember that? I

Susie Carder [14:32]
Sold everything. So the first thing we sold, well, first it was me first, right? Because I sold babysitting services. I sold

Christine Schlonski [14:40]
What what’s the earliest memory of you know, money, money exchange into your hand for something you did?

Susie Carder [14:48]
It was cleaning, right? So my dad said, this, go earn some money. So I went and knocked on doors and said, hey, you know, I’m starting this cleaning business. You have any chores that you need to be done. There was no such sophistication around it. And then they told me how much they would pay? I didn’t, I never pricing strategy. They’re like, yeah, so they would give me their little to-do list and then I got my little money my first $10. I went down to the drugstore, and about 10 pairs of underwear, because they were $1 apiece. Right? So I was like, Oh my God, this is the best thing ever. Like, and then I hit them. So my sisters when I put them under my pillow all 10 so my sisters wouldn’t get them. Right. Because they were a commodity.

Christine Schlonski [15:30]
Yeah, yeah,

Susie Carder [15:31]
That was the first thing. The second thing I learned early on was the power of barter. The power of really leveraging what somebody else wants, or something that you have. So a big family we never had sweets, right so every, I don’t know, once a quarter we might make chocolate chip cookies. And for some reason, I don’t like chocolate. I know it’s weird and people think I’m weird but I don’t care for sweets or candy or chocolate or and maybe because we never had it I don’t know.

Christine Schlonski [16:00]
Good for you though.

Susie Carder [16:02]
I just don’t like it. I do have another story about that. But we’ll save that for next time. Yeah, next time you interviewed me asked me about the chocolate story because I’ve already divulged the underwear thing. So I’ll tell you the chocolate, chocolate thing on the next in the next interview. Also, I learned we would get you to know because there were so many kids who would get our little baggies of cookie. So you might get six cookies a piece and you get your little baggie, and I would watch my brothers and sisters eat the cookies. Now everybody knows, Thanksgiving, you know, Thanksgiving. Yes.

Christine Schlonski [16:31]

Susie Carder [16:32]
So everybody knows Thanksgiving dinner. There’s a ton of dishes. Yes. Right. Because you have more people. Well, imagine that every night because that was our house, right? We had loving people every night eating and then there was usually a cousin or friend or somebody over so there were only like 15 people every night for dinner.

Christine Schlonski [16:49]

Susie Carder [16:50]
And so and we were the dishwasher we didn’t have it wasn’t like it is now everybody has a machine dishwasher. No, no, we were the dishwashers. So I watch my brothers and sisters eat their cookies. It was really my brothers that would fall for this not my sisters. They’re like, no, no, I’m not doing your dishes. So I would say, hey, I got cookies left. If you do my dishes, I’ll give you two cookies. And they’re like, yes. You know, because they love sweets. They love candies. And so I’m like, this is genius. Right? So then that became my strategy like, what chores? Laundry and dishes like oh, vacuum, I’ll do whatever but laundry and dishes. Whoo, no mess too many with all those kids. Right? Imagine 12 towels a day. 12 towels a day, a day. A day, right? That’s crazy. So then I realized, Halloween again I don’t like sweets so I’d go trick or treating because that was fun. Oh my Oh, Halloween. This is, this is like cash. So I’d wait for them all to eat their candy. Right, and of course they’re going to eat the chocolate bars first. And then I would, I would literally divvy my chocolate, then my, you know that my chewies and then my sucky candies right and so I have them spaced out, I hit them in my room, so nobody can find them because you know, we’re all stealing each other’s stuff. And so then I’m like, Hey, you want to do my dishes? I’ll give you two candy bars, three candy bars, whatever it is, and always got my chores done by somebody else because I didn’t care for the candy. And then I think that became a muscle right? Like

Christine Schlonski [18:19]
I just think like how brilliant that is. And you’re right it’s interesting to hear your strategy. So I don’t know if you took it that step further that you said well, now I can go work for someone else for cash.

Susie Carder [18:34]
Well, we did so then. I don’t know if you remember we had like all these like an Avon and then there was another thing like an Avon where you have these pamphlets and you would go sell things to women. Right your Girl Scout cookies, Girl Scout Cookies, you got prizes you wouldn’t get money, so I didn’t care for grocer cookies like I wanted cold hard cash. But these little, it was called princess something. I don’t even remember what it was. But we’d have these pamphlets and then they would have to pay for it. And then I would get keep 25% of it and I’ve sent, you know, 75% to the company to get their product in. Right? Because they would, they would pay me. You know, a couple times I spent all the money. That was not a good thing. I got excited, right?

Christine Schlonski [19:13]

Susie Carder [19:14]
So that was what I’m like, oh, there’s opportunity all around me. And so one of my mantras Christine is, you know, wealth is your birthright. And there’s money all around you is are you looking at the opportunity that’s coming into your circle into your sphere, right a lot of people are waiting for a drop in your lap. Well, it is in your lap. You just have to look and go oh, candy equals you know someone else does something that, that was a leverage leveraging system. Oh, go do this. You get this, Oh, go babysit, you get this. Right. And then I learned to babysit if I babysat and did your housework. They tipped me. And I like how I liked housework, right? Because we just did it as kids and I can’t stand mess. So I’d go to your house and I wouldn’t be doing it for extra money, but then I learned Oh, if I vacuum, if I do your dishes, you’re like, Oh my god, I love this kid. Give me extra money. Like this is a strategy.

Christine Schlonski [20:09]
Yeah, I just love what you said, opportunity is all around you. This is so, so important. And I just would love for people, like get out a piece of paper and a pen and write it down, put it on your desk, right? And just really inhale this, because it’s so true. When your mindset is in the right place. And you see, or you start seeing opportunity all around, you will be surprised at what’s there that you haven’t seen before. And I just love you brought us a very, very cool gift as well.”The 10 Points Business Plan”, so maybe you can tell us a little bit about it. Because it’s pretty genius. And it will be in the show notes, obviously for people to just click and get it right away. Yep, what’s included?

Susie Carder [21:01]
Well, I love assessments, right? I like I don’t like it when somebody says Susie, you’re this way, or you’re that way, like, they try to put me in a box. I like it when I discover for myself, you know, as I loved, you know, in the magazines, when what kind of a girlfriend are you? What kind of way, what kind of lover what kind of, you know, whatever, you take the assessment, you’re okay, I might be a little emotional, whatever. So I’ve created this business assessment for you to assess where you are in your business. Now I have a video that goes with it. Because a lot of times what we think it is, isn’t necessarily what it is, right? So if you look at let’s just take the domain of sales, if you look at sales to go do you have a sales strategy? Do you have sales scripts? Do you have accountability to yourself into others? Do you don’t follow through? How much time does it take from contact to contract? Do you understand the system?

Susie Carder [21:50]
Like this is a little sliver of sales, and so when somebody really explains what it is, it’s like, oh, I really don’t have a sales strategy. I really don’t have a financial strategy. Really don’t, we might have a concept of it, we might have awareness of it, but we don’t have the system or the structure around it. So it allows you to assess your own business and then we prioritize what’s the thing I need to work on first? Right? I’m always going to say it’s going to be your financial plan and your business plan. Because without you knowing the foundation of what your business means, we can get so busy, Christine with our business. I’m busy being busy, being busy, busy, being busy, but busy doesn’t make money. Right? That doesn’t make money that gets some done, but it’s not the highest income-producing activity.

Christine Schlonski [22:35]

Susie Carder [22:35]
So I walk you through 10 areas of your business, and then you know, make some recommendations of what you need to do next, but allows you and I do it in my own business every year. Did I improve? Where am I stuck? And I want to say that you never ever, ever get 100%. I don’t get 100% of my business right now. Because if I’m looking at them, I’m putting them my online marketing campaigns together. Or maybe I’m hiring team you’re always distracted by something that’s important that you’re building, right? Especially as a solopreneur. Right? I feel like sometimes on the plate spinner, I don’t know if you feel this way.

Susie Carder [23:08]
Remember old TV show where they would spin the plate to go dot dot dot, and then run back to the other side, right and have a spin the plate again, that’s a small business, that solopreneurship until you have the resources and the money to really outsource and then who do I outsource first and what’s going to make me the biggest bang for my buck so that I have more freedom and time. So it’s really fun, let me just say fun, fun because business is supposed to be fun. And if I’m not having fun in business, I don’t want to do it. Because to me, entrepreneurship is a blast, the people I get to make, the difference I get to make, the money I get to make. I’m an entrepreneur because I don’t know about you, but nobody’s the boss of me. Telling me what to do. If I’m broke, I’m broke because I didn’t do the work, right. If I’m successful, I’m successful because I did the work not because Christine gave me a promotion or Christine. Great. It’s like no, I do, did the work?

Christine Schlonski [24:00]

Susie Carder [24:01]
That’s what I love, I love that about entrepreneurship, but not, in the beginning, was really hard. Because I had to figure out all the systems. And I think that’s my biggest gift is I’ve done the hard work to figure out what do you need to do next to get to the next and don’t reinvent it, don’t try to do it yourself. Right? Find the people that you resonate with, that have the same value system as you, that can that is 10 steps ahead of you. Right, not ideas and concepts. There’s a lot of coaches, there’s a lot of business, mentors, people that are giving concepts. Concepts don’t pay the bill, the strategy pays the bills, right. Implementing that, follow step one, step two, step three, naturally, I’m creative and I’m a butterfly rights purple squirrel. And I love being creative. So I have to have, you know, bumper rails like when you go bowling and they put the bumper rails up, but what is the bumper. What’s the bumper rails I need to put up so that I can get a striker I think, you know, hit the ball, at least.

Christine Schlonski [24:01]

Susie Carder [24:01]
So that’s what I do for businesses. You know, don’t do this, do this. Don’t do this, do this. Don’t do this. Do this. Right, your learning curve, we shave about 10 years off your learning curve.

Christine Schlonski [25:10]
Yeah. And I also want to yeah, I also definitely before we wrap up, I want to like touch on your amazing new book that just came out “Power Your Profits”, right. So I’m so super excited. I already got my copy. I’m gonna dive in as soon as I can. And I just love to know I had a little scroll through but I haven’t really gone into the details yet, but I will. So tell us a little bit about the book because you have brought together so much knowledge I feel like it’s a course and making a profit in your company.

Susie Carder [25:48]
So it really is about bootstrapping your business taking your business from 10,000 to 10 million. After 10 million you hire another coach. That’s not fun for me anymore. This is my sweet spot. This is what I love to do. help companies, businesses people get to that level? And what are all the things that you have to do to get there? Again, I put assessments in each chapter. So you’re assessing yourself, you know, we know as entrepreneurs, we may not know what to do first. But I give you all the templates I give you the simple strategies to let’s, I like to uncomplicate this complicated thing called business to go, how do I simplify this? And then how do I make it fun, right? I’ve lots of case studies. I tell you about my own failures and my successes because I believe that you just teach from your mountaintop, you got to see the bloody knees of bloody elbows because that’s business right the hardship and so telling my story, my client’s story, but it’s truly the roadmap to building a seven eight-figure business.

Christine Schlonski [26:45]
Awesome. Well, thank you so much. I will definitely put all the links in the shownotes so people can get it. And the wonderful surprise I got when I got the book, you can get an have a look at because you get amazing bonuses with the book. And I was totally blown away, how generous you were with your bonuses for sharing all of this good stuff, you know, for just getting the book I was like, Oh my goodness, like this is like so many dollars worth of content of really helping people to grow that I really want to invite you guys to check that out, and definitely get your copy, a copy and get the bonuses.

Susie Carder [27:33]
Yeah, so your best $28 in the book and you get about $550 $800 worth of bonuses. And it’s just a great night. The book comes out September 22, you know from the publisher, you know, Simon and Schuster published it. So, um, you know, I wanted to give you something to work on right now. Right wisdom and wealth is one of our courses because you got to work on your mindset to blow open your financial world, right so many times. We haven’t inherited beliefs from our mothers and our grandparents and our community that we’re not even aware of. Right. So juicy. So each one just gives you, you know, powerful access to tapping into your financial future. Right. So I give you a power profits webinar that gives you you know, really the taste. I’m giving you some sizzle, you can come into our Facebook group so that you can ask questions.

Susie Carder [28:23]
What I’m committed to Christine is this can be lonely, right? It’s like, where do I go to be vulnerable enough to take my cape off? Because we’re all Superwoman, Superman? Where can I take my cape off to ask the questions I need without feeling like, you know, I’m going to be judged? It’s a safe place to say when y’all do that, how do you do that? As a strategy, right, and then I give you my favorite spreadsheets, so about $3500 worth of my favorite favorite tools that I created for myself because I felt like such a ding dong. When I would talk to my accountant and my CPA that I’m like, I’ve got it. I gotta take this information and put it in Susie language. Right? So how do I see what I need to produce? Because they give you to p&l? Right? One said you have money, once said you didn’t know my money or not, like all you know, how much cash do I have? What can I do? So I created them for me because I felt like it ding dong. And then my clients would say, Sue, can I have that spreadsheet on my wall? You want my spreadsheet? I thought I was just creating it for me. Like that’s a secret stuff you hide in the background, so people don’t know, you don’t know. And then I realized nobody else knows. Let me share this with you.

Christine Schlonski [29:30]
Yeah. Awesome.

Susie Carder [29:31]
My way of giving back to my community, right, I want people to I want their lives to change in their business to change because they took this for fun.

Christine Schlonski [29:40]
Beautiful. Well, thank you so so much. I’m so excited that we get to have another interview episode together and I can’t wait to dive deeper into what you have to offer. And also, I really want to know your chocolate story. So stay tuned

Susie Carder [29:55]
Come back and I will tell you my chocolate story. It will make you laugh.

Christine Schlonski [30:01]
But thank you so so much Susie, really appreciate it and talk to you soon.

Susie Carder [30:05]
Thank you.

Christine Schlonski [30:07]
What an inspiration. I just loved listening to Susie and understanding from where she came from, from her humble beginnings to where she is now just really, really fires me up, because there’s so much possible opportunity is all around us. We just have to see it and we just have to go for it. So hop on over to find the podcast tab and the shownotes, and also the resources that we have mentioned. And also all the links to Susie are just one click away. And once you over there, sign up for the Empowerment Notes. That’s empowerment right into your inbox with amazing tips, strategies, insights that can help you to really push your business to the next level in a heart-centered way. And also I’m going to put in a link to the Heart Cells Members Community in the shownotes. So when enrollment is open, you can join a community of heart-centered business builders from all around the globe. And this is going to be so much fun. Thank you so much for listening. Have a wonderful day, wherever you are this beautiful world and I’m saying bye for now.


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