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Gary Keller, and more — on his mission to inspire others to create their best life, on their terms. After decades of learning from the greatest minds on the planet, working with and coaching thousands of people in his workshops and webinars, Rock has impacted over 100 million lives with his teaching.

His Goalcast video alone was viewed by over 100 million people. Now, he spends his time teaching people how to be financially free and truly happy on their terms whether they work for themselves or others. Founder of the #IAmMovement, he is known as the man who redefines lives.

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Your Epic Life Blueprint: Quit the Rat Race and Create a Happier Life! by Rock Thomas
The Power of Your Identity: The Secret to Creating Lasting Change by Rock Thomas

The #IAmMovement Podcast

3 Key Points:

  • 2 things you need to be successful
    -A great work ethic
    -To be passionately curious
  • Surrounding yourself with great people is probably one of the most important and then learning to take massive action and get feedback would be up there on the top of the list.
  • What can you do today to get started and get the momentum?
    -Have a good morning routine
    -Surround yourself with great people
    -Take affirmative action
    -Be willing to do what’s difficult first thing in the morning

Show Notes:

[5:35] Your mentors should see the best in you and be willing to give you and pour into you.

[8:15] Get yourself to be somebody that loves feedback, like seek feedback with an absolute hunger

[8:59] If you’re passionate, really curious. You’re constantly open to feedback.

[10:04] Cultivating those relationships and just being there and coming from the place of service will enable you to make or be more successful than the average person who takes the NO

[11:16] So create your data bank, and then drip on it, or use technology to automate it, then pop in there personally from time to time.

[12:11] Have a really great morning routine, get your morning, right, get 2 quality appointments before nine o’clock in the morning, do the difficult part first

[13:02] You need an ecosystem of accountability.

[19:15] When you allow people to identify what their behavior is based on their personality or the conclusions that came to them in the past, and you give them an empowering alternative, they start to get excited about being more and more resourceful.

[23:50] Personal development is about reshuffling the deck and bringing those positive experiences through gratitude practices, through what we call the moment flood’s saying I’m gifted, guided, grateful, powerful, passionate, playful, sexy, Central, sensitive and blessed. At my best.

[29:53] When you clarify their agenda and what serves them at the highest level, then you can now work together. To find that product or service and if it doesn’t happen to be, then refer them somewhere else.


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Christine Schlonski [0:02]
Hi, Gorgeous. This is episode number 277. And we have the amazing Rock Thomas back on the show today.

Christine Schlonski [0:11]
Hi, this is Rock Thomas and you are listening to Heart Sells! Podcast with Christine Schlonski. Enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:19]
Well, I am so looking forward to this conversation after the first conversation, I could not wait to get Rock back on the show. And today will be about fast growth through seeking feedback. And that might be something that could be pretty scary for one or the other. I for sure know that sometimes I am not always open to feedback. And that also depends on the way the feedback is delivered. So if that feels familiar, this episode is definitely for you. Tune in, Rock Thomas is The World’s #1 Whole-Life-Success Expert. He is a best selling author and the host of the #IAmMovement Podcast. From farm boy to real estate and business guru, mentor and self-made millionaire, Rock has studied one on one with the world’s best teachers like Tony Robbins, Stephen Covey, Gary Keller and many more and on his mission to inspire others to create the best life on their terms. After decades of learning from the greatest minds on the planet, working with and coaching thousands of people in his workshops and webinars, rock has impacted over 100 million lives with his teachings. His Goldcast video alone was used by over 100 million people. Now, he spends his time teaching people how to be financially free and truly happy on their terms, whether they work for themselves or others. Rock is also the founder of the #IAmMovement and he is known as a man who redefines lives. So let’s go deeper on today’s topic. Well, I am so super excited to have you back on the show Rock welcome.

Rock Thomas [2:08]
It feels like forever.

Rock Thomas [2:10]
It does, doesn’t it? I loved our first episode because you know, you have changed so much from that little boy growing up with so many sisters and mostly brothers. Right being chased, being teased to one of the most successful people on this planet. And you are confident you show up you make a huge impact on other people’s lives because you have walked the path. And from what I also learned is you obviously didn’t figure that out all by yourself. So I would love to talk about confidence about shifting into the person you want to become with the help of mentors or coaches or like, like a support system. Where did you get started and what can you teach our listeners where they can get started in case they feel they are stuck in their mindset and their money blueprint? And they just seem not to make any momentum?

Rock Thomas [3:14]
Yeah, I think that it might be the most important thing. I always feel like that when I talk about a point but who you spend time with, just think about if you’re in a relationship with somebody how much impact that person has on you. You know, my girlfriend’s a vegan, and I’ve become a vegan now, and it’s had a massive impact on me. And I’ve lost a lot of visceral fat, I feel better, my diet has changed. I’m eating in a way that I didn’t think was possible and consume a lot less food than is necessary. my taste buds have changed, like radical change and I consider myself a very curious open person when it comes to that. And there were still changes due to proximity. Proximity is power. Do we want to connect with humans? We love to connect some of the greatest feelings we get when we’re together with other people and feeling like we’re in alignment.

Rock Thomas [4:07]
So if you’re around other people that have low standards or eat poorly, think poorly have not a lot of desire to live a great epic life, you’re going to be affected even if you’re the strongest person in the world. You can you still gonna have to manage that energy. You go out and have a salad and the person beside you is eating a steak and a Pepsi and a Big Mac. And there, they’re telling you, you know, how come you’re eating that stuff, you’re not going to survive, you got to manage all that energy. So I’ve met different mentors along the way. My first was when I was in my early 20s. I was very shy, and he was a very, very gregarious, spoke five languages. And I learned a lot about meeting and greeting people and body language from him. That made me feel much more confident in dealing with people. That’s my very first.

Rock Thomas [4:57]
About seven years later, I met the gentleman who helped me become a very good salesperson. And each time, I became a very willing student kind of blindly having faith and listening to what they said and doing what they said, both times it worked out really well. I went from the worst salesperson to the best salesperson then bought the company and went on to become a multi-millionaire. And after four years of paying him off his balance of sale, I took him out to dinner and celebrated, because I was so grateful and still remain grateful today that he saw in me some potential and was willing to nourish that. Your mentors should see the best in you and be willing to give you and pour into you. Now, that being said, How do you find a mentor? Well, you got to go to places where people are grabbing life big people are thinking big people are speaking or training or they’re in groups of people that want to grow.

Rock Thomas [5:55]
And what I did was I would just go up to people on stage and kind of say, hey, how do I hang out with you? I did that with Tony Robbins. He said, well, you write me a check for $100,000 you can follow me around for a while and I’m like, okay. And I did it. But it really serves me at a great level. You know, I’ve worked out with him in his gym in Fiji, for example, I’ve traveled to Italy with him and gone to see, you know, some of the great, you know, Leaning Tower of Pisa and different things with him and had those magic moments. You can also just get a book from a mentor and embody what they’re saying. You can have mentors that are dead. And imagine, you know, how would Nelson Mandela handle this? Or how would Gandhi handle this? One of the things that I have a new puppy, and so I’ve been following Cesar the dog whisperer, and one of the terms he keeps on saying is that leaders are calm and assertive. And I thought that’s a good thing to add to my identity as a leader, I’m always looking for words to add so that they create the guardrails on my success. So he’s a mentor of mine. They don’t have to

Christine Schlonski [7:09]
A mentor of mine too.

Rock Thomas [7:12]
Right? And he’s so cool. And he’s so calm, so experienced. So, you know, students that learn quickly because they’re paying attention to the details, and I watch him, I watch how we walk. So watch how he holds his body and was interesting is in one of the videos to his coaching, he told the lady, your posture looks nervous and stressed, stand up straight, relax your body. And now the dogs gonna feel that. So one of my leadership, you know, pieces are all around physiology, the physiology of a winner, right? You can tell the difference with somebody who’s confident who lacks confidence in how they carry their body, their how their the tightness in their face, are they relaxed are they do they feel like they even if they don’t know a way, they know they can find a way. So, yeah, you know, I have tons of mentors. I have tons of coaches all the time I have a golf coach, a swimming coach, a piano coach, I have several dog coaches right now, or mentors or guides or helpers. So I guess the biggest thing is, if you can get yourself to be somebody that loves feedback, like seek feedback with absolute hunger, does the child seek feedback? They’re building Lego Mommy, Mommy, this piece doesn’t fit. What do I do? How come it doesn’t fit? You know, we’ll try it this way. We’ll try it this way. Not the other way. That way. Yeah. Oh yehey.

Rock Thomas [8:36]
The child is constantly seeking feedback and doesn’t take it personally right? Now we’ve become these growing bitter adults. And we’re figuring like we’re supposed to know the path. No. I say I say there are two things you need to be successful. A great work ethic and to be passionately curious. And if you’re passionate really curious. You’re constantly open to feedback. And that’s how I run all my businesses, always asking my clients, how are we doing? What else can we do? How can we grow? How can we make it better for you? What the experience is excellent? What one do we need to cut out? And I’ve learned not to take it personally how? Read the “Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz. And then reread it and reread it and reread it because it’s not the book you read. It’s the book you reread so many beautiful principles that will allow you to succeed, but surrounding yourself with great people is probably one of the most important, and then learning to take massive action and get feedback would be up there on the top of my list as well.

Christine Schlonski [9:41]
Yeah. And that also touches the piece of making offers, inviting people to buy your amazing services and products and not giving up with the first no but get some feedback. Why is it a no for me? No means not now, right? That doesn’t mean when I come back in a month or a year or three years or five or whatever, that it’s still a no, right? Cultivating those relationships and just being there and coming from the place of service will enable you to make or be more successful than the average person who takes the NO. And then, you know, sits on the couch and cries.

Rock Thomas [10:21]
Yeah, sitting on the couch and crying is not going to do a lot. But I have another phrase for your people that may have heard before is “The fortunes in the follow up”.

Christine Schlonski [10:30]

Rock Thomas [10:32]
And what happens is that, you know, if you’re in sales, you’re trying to get a lead, you get a lead, and now you need to qualify that lead. And you qualify that lead by offering or asking questions and to determine whether your service is something they need. Now, they may not need it today, but they may need it in two or three months or two or three years, depending on the lifecycle of your sales process. You now take that lead, and you put them into your database and you have a prospect. And then you drip on that person. And the fortune is in the follow-up because the more people you have in your data bank, not your database because it is your bank. Right? Yeah, if you don’t have a database, you don’t have a data bank, you’ve got nothing, you have no business.

Rock Thomas [11:16]
So create your data bank, and then drip on it, or use technology to automate it, then pop in there personally from time to time. And then that person may not need your business today, but you build up trust over time by being consistent. And that person will buy from you in three to six to nine months. If you have a vision for what you’re doing and if you’re motivated and if you know you’re hungry to succeed. But a lot of people what they do is they go oh, they don’t want to buy now. And then they have no data bank and they have to start every day from nothing is very scary if you’re an entrepreneur with no data bank?

Christine Schlonski [11:51]
Yeah. So what advice could you give people to get started no matter if they are in multi-level marketing or if they are a coach, a healer a creative like what can they do today to get started and get the momentum?

Rock Thomas [12:09]
Well, I say they should have a really great morning routine. Of course, we know that the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod or Tony Robbins Power Hour, do some priming do something, you’ve got to get you to know, the morning is the childhood of your day. And if you have a rough childhood, you’re going to have a traumatic life. If you have a rough morning, you’re gonna have a traumatic day. So get your morning right, first of all, and then I would say that you know, Tim Ferriss says, get 2 quality appointments before nine o’clock in the morning, do the difficult part first. Prospect right away, call out, reach out, etc, etc. and plant those seeds. And if you did that every day you before nine o’clock your goal is to get 2 quality appointments, get 10 a week you’d probably have a business worth owning. And then if you’re not willing to do that, listen to the inner narratives why you’re not. And you probably need an ecosystem of accountability.

Rock Thomas [13:05]
Years ago after being a trainer for Tony Robbins for 15 years, I realized people came to those events left, two years a year later they came back and they weren’t that much better. And I started to ask myself why. And the simple reason is that they didn’t have an ecosystem when they came home that held them accountable. And let’s face it, if you’ve ever been to a really cool event like Tony or anything like that, you walk on fire you come home, you think that the world is going to change with you. But the reality is, you put on a pair of lenses when you were at that event that said everything’s possible and all these people believe it’s possible in the energy change and you all hugged each other and had a great time. Now you go home and people are still in their world. It’s like taking a fish out of a dirty fish tank and putting it in a clean fish tank going to an event and you feel great and you just walk around in the dirt comes off of you because people are smiling and high fiving you but then you go home. And you take the fish and you go back into the dirty fish tank, and now you’re trying to stay clean. There are all these negative people around you.

Rock Thomas [14:06]
So you need to find an ecosystem. So I couldn’t find one so I created one. And now my mastermind group has these thousands of people around the world and people that support, encourage, and challenge you to success. We’re not allowed to be critical or negative or pessimistic or blame or who your plan, we ask quality questions. Oh, so your goal is to start a podcast Tell me what your strategy is who’s coaching you? How are you doing that? Are you gonna write a book? Tell me more. Do you know John, who wrote three books recently? Right? So we help each other succeed? I’d say that, you know, have a good morning routine. Surround yourself with great people and take affirmative action and be willing to do what’s difficult first thing in the morning, and if you’re not, then you need to get some coaching you need to get a checkup from the neck up.

Christine Schlonski [14:55]
Yeah. Awesome. So what does Heart Sells! mean for you?

Rock Thomas [15:02]
This means you’re unprepared. There’s no hard sales there is asking quality questions. I don’t even consider myself a salesperson, I consider myself more of a consultant of something. So if I was going to sell you something, Christine, I would ask you questions. So tell me what you want? What’s important to you? You know, are you looking to get into better shape? Are you looking to make more money? Do you want more time off? Hey, I have this amazing Sunday system for success time management system that helps people save five to 10 hours a week by being focused and emerged Tony Robbins. Gary Keller’s and Stephen Covey systems together I think kicks ass when it comes to that. Would saving five to 10 hours a week make a difference in your life Christine?

Christine Schlonski [15:46]
For sure.

Rock Thomas [15:47]
Awesome. So would you like to try it I’ll let you try it for free? And if it doesn’t save you five to 10 hours a week. Then you can just throw it back and you won’t have to pay the 297 but I promise you, I think I have so many testimonials of people who have transformed their life. And it’s not that it’s complicated is that we identify the things that people think are limiting, like a lot of people won’t set a schedule, because they think it takes freedom away.

Rock Thomas [16:13]
Yeah, let’s, let’s talk about that. Because I learned that structure gives freedom and that was very against what I thought at the beginning. So it really changed and shifted my mindset. Let’s talk about this because people set off to become entrepreneurs, so they have freedom. And then it’s really difficult for them to put themselves in the structure. So what is that to do?

Rock Thomas [16:40]
There are so many beautiful things in that and they would learn it all in that product like Parkinson’s Law, give somebody three hours to do something. They’ll take three hours, give them an hour, we’ll take an hour. So people work nine to five but their productivity is three hours of productivity studies show is because they stand around to drink coffee, surf social media. Blah, blah, blah, the day before you go on holidays, you’re much more productive, because there are consequences. So we know that we can all do better. But until you are really committed to living an outstanding excellent life, you’re going to fall to the cesspool of mediocrity around you. So we look at why do people not get better at time management, and every time I look at changing someone’s behavior, I don’t just give them the principle because managing and time blocking is not a new concept, right?

Rock Thomas [17:31]
Saying for the first two hours, you’re going to do your sales calls. After that you’ll do an hour of answering emails, and doing some follow up and you’ll have lunch and then you’ll exercise, whatever. That’s nothing new. But people don’t do it because there’s a belief, a conclusion they came up to works against the principle. So when I work with people, I go beneath the surface, and I find what’s the print, what’s the belief and there are several beliefs that we talked about in the time management system, otherwise, people don’t change Right. So one of them is that people that are high eyes if you know disk model, you know a personality because it’s really good to understand people’s behavior is that these people tend to like freedom, they value being butterflies, they value being well, not in the mood, not going to put three classes of yoga at four o’clock in the afternoon. I might not feel like doing yoga on Wednesday, but I’m going to feel guilty that I didn’t do it beat myself up. I’m gonna feel yucky. So I’m not doing that because they tried it, right. So what we do is we, with people like that, we say, okay, what’s your outcome for the week be healthy and vital? Great. What would you like to do? Three times yoga would be perfect, great. You have three yoga blocks, put them in a temporary position. And if you don’t feel like it, move it around. You get to do that. And that gives them a sense of freedom.

Rock Thomas [18:46]
And it gives a sense of empowerment, and just taking away the notion of failure for them, relieves them and allows them to execute at a higher level. And then, of course, we audit ourselves at the end of the week by having powerful questions. What did I do well What did I mess up on? How did I succeed? Where do I serve, etc? And they go, God that really worked well, I’d really prefer the yoga first thing in the morning. And the way I feel great, I’m going to shift them down to them in the morning. So you get 1% better a week. And so when you allow people to identify what their behavior is based on their personality or the conclusions that came to in the past, and you give them an empowering alternative, they start to get excited about being a more and more resourceful person. People want to win. kids want boundaries, dogs want boundaries, and so to adults. So give them guidelines within their personality and their behavioral type. And you empower people versus disempower them.

Christine Schlonski [19:42]
Yeah. You just said, well, it’s one, you know if it’s 1% improvement a week, so I can just hear the listener thinking 1% that’s not a lot. But I know there’s much more to it. So why is 1% a week? So

Rock Thomas [19:58]
Yeah, great question so first of all 1% puts you on the path of progress and what is the path of progress. How progress feels good. People like to improve. If you make a little bit more money, you lose a little bit of weight, you improve your tennis stroke a little bit better, you beat that person you could never beat just on one shot down the line, you feel better. So you want to put yourself into a path of progress because it changes the way you feel about yourself. And when you feel better, you tend to take more action. If you don’t exercise, for instance, I say to people walk from your house to the end of the driveway and back. Give me one minute that’s it one minute tomorrow. That’s all I want. That’s it.

Rock Thomas [20:41]
Because to tell them you got to work out for an hour seems like climbing Mount Everest so they won’t do it. They think of all the things that remember the belief that showed up. I’m going to sweat, I don’t know how to work out I got to get my gym bag and got to get a parking spot. They’re out. So just give me one minute and the next day you say you know what? You could do the same thing but if you feel like it, do it twice. And once you get in momentum, they’re like, I could do it twice. It’s not that bad. They do it twice before you know what, 30 days later, they’re doing a 30-minute walk around the block with their loved one or with their dog and they’re like, man, I feel great. 1% better. 1% better is a philosophy of compound. Right? You stack it, you stack it, you stack it, make one call to a new client tomorrow, the next day, make two, then three. It’s not that complicated. The compound stacking effect becomes monumental. If you haven’t heard of doubling A penny for I think it’s 31 days in a row. How much money will you have? It’s over a million dollars by just doubling and penny. People don’t understand that little like the extraordinary person is the ordinary person doing small things consistently. That’s it.

Rock Thomas [21:54]
So so beautiful. So can we talk about stacking positive experiences, like stalking, calling a client or potential client having an amazing call, maybe even the person says yes? And we all of a sudden have a new client on board. And how can we stack these positive feelings so that a negative experience doesn’t, you know, cancel all the positive stuff?

Rock Thomas [22:24]
So that’s a really good insight because I’ve done a lot of studying around that in our mind because it wants us to survive sorts of negative experiences on your desktop. So you open up your mind in the morning, and you open up your phone, and you start to react to the world. Not a good strategy, by the way. But generally, if you let’s say you drink coffee every morning and one day you spill the coffee on yourself. And you’ve had hundreds of times and you didn’t, but you did this one, your brain will sort that behavior to the top where you were trying to carry clothing in your right arm, and then pour the coffee with your left that you don’t normally do. And then it’s built on your leg, your brain goes, don’t ever do that again. Right? And the way it makes sure that you’re not going to kill yourself is by bringing it right up to the desktop and sorting it right there.

Rock Thomas [23:16]
So you wake up in the morning, you head toward the coffee, and what happens your brain goes, don’t ever do that again. Like oh, yeah, okay, thank you, right, serves you. Well, what happens to people that don’t shuffle the deck properly, is that all the negative experiences of their life, that one person that told them that their hair looks yucky, the one person says that, you know, you look like four eyes with those glasses on. They don’t remember the five people that told them you look smart and educated with those glasses on makes you look really dignified. They don’t remember that because they’re shuffled to the bottom of the deck. So personal development, my opinion is about reshuffling the deck and bringing those positive experiences through gratitude practices, through what we call the moment flood’s saying I’m gifted, guided, grateful, powerful, passionate, playful, sexy, central, sensitive and blessed.

Rock Thomas [24:05]
Yes, that’s who I am. At my best. I am gifted with an elite athletic body and the ability to serve people at the highest possible level. And I’m guided in such a beautiful way by the resources around me to do the right thing. And learn from everything and be grateful for everything. Right, it’s raining today, I’m going to go play in the rain. So there are ways that you can now shuffle the deck with the files in your mind. So they’re there to serve you. You don’t want to pour coffee, you know, and on yourself every day. So you need them there. But you don’t need them to be guiding you and making you fearful every day.

Rock Thomas [25:37]
Awesome. And I would just encourage people to do that with all the emotions they have around sales, feeling they want to run away. They might stammer on their words. They feel bad stomach-turning. So just put that in the box. What a great tool.

Rock Thomas [25:53]

Christine Schlonski [25:53]
Awesome. Thank you. So I don’t think I was asking it in the right way earlier. So I’m just going to ask it again. And that might be my German accent as well. What means Heart Sells! for you?

Rock Thomas [26:06]
Okay. Got you, got you. Yes. Um, you know, I think that I have a saying is nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.

Christine Schlonski [26:19]

Rock Thomas [26:21]
And for me, it’s back to that passionate curiosity. It’s Stephen Covey seek first to understand before being understood. I had a client of mine that was a client, a friend that I met at a Tony Robbins event. And he just joined my mastermind after seven years. And for seven years, he was selling the product online running a CrossFit organization. And a year ago he went bankrupt. Young man, early 30s married, kids, and in my opinion, he resisted being part of an ecosystem for various reasons you want to do it on his own. He had a better way. He didn’t want people to realize he wasn’t doing it well. And he eventually joined because he realized that he had hit this rock bottom. But Heart Sells to me was for seven years I really liked this young man.

Rock Thomas [27:21]
He was a man of character. I worked out with him he was a hard-charging Filipino man. His voice would be in my head when I did pull-ups because I just am not generally great at pull-ups. And he is like five foot four and a hundred pounds and he did like a million of them. So I’m like, okay, that’s a cool vision for me to have one day. But I felt like I wanted to, like a father almost bring them into my world and help him because I saw that he had these blind spots. So for me, Heart Sells is caring, really caring about the person. And if my product or service is going to serve them, and then relentlessly showing up, I probably touched base and reached out to him as a friend congratulate him on his wedding, the birth of his child, happy birthday, hey, when are you going to come to join our tribe, blah, blah, blah, probably 50 times over, you know, seven years and we’re not like close, close friends, we’re acquaintances. So to me, I never feel fear around selling at all I love to sell. Because to me, it’s a pursuit of seeking to understand whether my product or service makes you better. And if it doesn’t, I may ask you to leave my tribe. I may ask you to give my product back because it doesn’t serve you. Does that make sense?

Rock Thomas [28:49]
Yeah, totally. I always talk about the soulmate client, like if you don’t feel you can serve them, send them somewhere else.

Rock Thomas [28:57]
Yeah, and I do.

Christine Schlonski [28:58]
Don’t take that business like me. Make sure you understand what they truly need. And then you make the decision together if you want to work together, and if it’s a no because you feel like there are red flags showing up, and they are not a perfect match for what you offer, you sent them somewhere else. So give them a resource or the education they need. So they are ready to start working with you.

Rock Thomas [29:21]
I think what happens is that people or have a client in front of them and they are fearful that they’re going to lose that client or there are not enough clients, or that they’re gonna have to start over and talk to somebody else. So they try to convince a client that doesn’t really need their product. And that’s where the discomfort comes in. Selling somebody a house or trying to convince them now’s the time to sell when they don’t really want to sell their wife’s one month pregnant. They could live in that house for another two years. But it would be a stretch. That’s your agenda, not their agenda.

Rock Thomas [29:52]
When you clarify their agenda and what serves them at the highest level, then you can now work together. To find that product or service, and if it doesn’t happen to be like you said, Christine in your arsenal of products, then refer them somewhere else. How many people have said to a Tony Robbins event, a landmark event? A T Harv Eker event referred The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida when it comes to masculine energy, thousands of books. I mean, I love to promote actually, if you’re around me, I will probably recommend something to you all the time about something.

Rock Thomas [30:33]
Yeah, because you believe in me. That’s when we see the potential of someone else, and we know something that helps them to get to their goals or become that better person they dream of. Obviously, we promote. I think that’s the natural process.

Rock Thomas [30:52]
It’s 100%. But I think it’s also developing confidence in yourself in the growth process. Sadly a lot of people have stopped really being in love with growing. They’re hoping that things get easier.

Christine Schlonski [31:07]
Well, it’s uncomfortable growing.

Rock Thomas [31:10]
It is uncomfortable until you get addicted to that 1% until you realize that the juice of life The Rise of Superman, written by Steven Kotler talks about this zone 1 to 4% outside your comfort zone where the learning is at its maximum. If I take somebody and I put a parachute on their back and I throw them out of a plane, they’re not going to learn anything. They’re going to be pure survival more mode, the adrenaline’s go gonna go through the roof, and they will not be able to capture the learnings. So what we do is we put people into that zone that’s just outside of their comfort on a regular basis. And in an environment where they can get feedback, and then they can process it. And that’s how people grow, but they’re also mostly alive.

Rock Thomas [31:59]

Rock Thomas [32:01]
And it’s sad to see people that haven’t yet understood that because they sit on the couch or trying to avoid anything new. They say no to things that could be fun. Hey, do you want to go jump in the pool? No, what’s the temperature of the pool? I don’t have any clothes. I was at a party the other day, you know, we all jumped in our underwear. It’s like, that’s because the was a real group of successful people. probably half the group did. Just because we can.

Christine Schlonski [32:28]

Rock Thomas [32:28]
No other reason.

Christine Schlonski [32:30]
Just because you can.

Rock Thomas [32:30]
Just be silly and young and light and free and capable. And you worry about if there are enough towels to go around later, you drip dry or whatever you put your pants back on until you got to what else who cares? It’s a story you’re alive. But then, like, you know, I want to be around people that say yes to life.

Rock Thomas [32:51]
Yeah, that enjoys life. And you brought us an amazing ebook that people can get at and obviously the links will be in the show notes as well. Tell us about what they will learn.

Rock Thomas [33:05]
So this thing about The Words That Follow “I AM” Follow You it’s so powerful how you describe yourself. I am a procrastinator. I am funny. I am sweet, loving, great, generous, stupid. Most of them are unconscious. So when I learned that and I changed my identity from this little boy with acne pizza face to more like Clint Eastwood, ruggedly handsome. I had this metamorphosis on how I, my confidence grew. And so I tell the story and the steps on how you can take any of your what I call your pizza faces. You’re, I’m a loser. I’m too short. I’m too tall. I’m too stupid. I’m dyslexic. I’m ADD whatever it is, take your unresolvable label, walk it through the book and come out empowered, so that you can be the best version of yourself and I think there’s nothing at the core more important than doing that process.

Rock Thomas [34:00]
Awesome. Well, thank you so, so much for again, an amazing episode. So many golden nuggets that you dropped and I hope people go back and listen more than once and take notes. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, your wisdom, your love with our listeners today and have an amazing date.

Rock Thomas [34:18]
Yeah, cheers!

Christine Schlonski [34:19]
I so love these two episodes with Rock I think they are so inspiring and so important to really shape your life to redefine your life to create a life of your dreams by following along with some of these steps that rock shared. hop on over to and make sure you are downloading your free gift, Rocks eBook The Power of Your Identity, the link for you is right there. Obviously, you can also get it on Amazon and pay for it. Or you can come to and check out Rocks episode number 276 and 277 and get the book in the resource section. And once you’re over there, connect with Rock, all his links are just one click away. And I’m so grateful for the wonderful work he does, how he empowers people, and what people can learn from him by his amazing story by being inspired. So if you are looking forward to collapsing time, by learning from somebody who’s been there who’s done that, who definitely got a couple of tshirts, then you’re right with Rock. So check him out. And thank you so much for tuning in. I hope you are tuning in to the next episode. And till then, I am wishing you a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world and I’m saying bye for now.



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