Andy Audate is a published author, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He is widely recognized as an eminent speaker with a delivery that is high energy and human potential stimulating.

Raised in a city of impoverishment and a college dropout with little formal education; Andy took a path of entrepreneur forcing a course of endless self-education that has amounted to his successes.

He helps entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. He lives in Los Angeles.

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Andy’s Book:

NO MORE AVERAGE: How to Take Control of Your Mindset, Overcome Fear, Reach Peak Performance and Achieve Your Goals by Andy Audate

3 Key Points:

  • Create a system that allows you to believe in yourself
  • Know how powerful your mind is and self-affirmation gives you that mindset that will take you to your goals.
  • The secret of success is within you.

Show Notes:

[2:32] You have to make a choice between wanting to give up your dreams or if you want to give up your fear? You have to believe in one of the two.

[3:09] Overcome your fear and have faith in yourself, in your product or services and have faith that you’re going to get that customer buy your products or services.

[5:21] Have that system to remind yourself how powerful your mind is. And have that daily affirmation that there is nothing that can bring YOU down beside yourself.

[6:38] Recognize and acknowledge yourself, that you created your own progression, of course with God’s help, but YOU worked hard for it. Recognize your power. There is nothing in this world that’s bigger than you, in your mind, in your world.

[13:38] You have to have a system and be disciplined to follow that system in order for you to reach your goals.

[18:09] Get up and keep going, eventually, you’ll get it. You told yourself the secret thing.

[21:21] Knowledge is like a waterfall there’s always more coming. There’s always more knowledge. So if you think you’re trying to fit it all into your brain and then take action, you’re gonna die regretting yourself because you never took action. Knowledge, action for knowledge.

[23:24] Follow the principles and start producing results. You are still going to experience challenges but you’re going to overcome them much easier with a mindset like a child.

[24:30] Focus on finance, so you can spend more time and love with your family so you can experience freedom for your life.


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Christine Schlonski [0:02]
Hi Gorgeous. This is episode number 247. And I’m super excited to have Andy Audate back on the show today.

Andy Audate [0:08]
Hey, this is Andy Audate, you are listening to Heart Sells! Podcast with Christine Schlonski. Enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:14]
Well, after a really fun first episode where Andy and I talked about the mindset of growth. He is back on the show today and the really important question arises, why do you want to give up your dream or do you want to give up fear? Well, you decide. So we are going deeper into this topic today. And Andy is a published author, motivational speaker, and serial entrepreneur. He now lives in Los Angeles and shows entrepreneurs how to start and scale their businesses. He is widely recognized as an eminent speaker with a delivery that is high energy and human potential stimulating. Looking back at Andy’s past, he was raised in a city of impoverishment. He is a dropout college student with little formal education, but he has taken the path of an entrepreneur, forcing on himself a course of endless self-education that actually, has helped him to amount to the successes he has today. I’m super excited to have him back and to learn more about his amazing journey, his mindset, how he overcomes fear, and how you can reach peak performance and achieve goals. So let’s dive right in. So I’m so so excited to have you back on the show, Andy. Welcome.

Andy Audate [1:34]
I am excited to be back on the show. How are you?

Christine Schlonski [1:37]
I’m doing wonderful. Thank you. So we talked about your first business endeavors as a child, really making sure because you wanted the Nike sneakers that you had to show up for yourself and to do something to get the money and then you got the money and then you figured that well, maybe so hard-earned, you might not want to spend it on sneakers. But you also understood that there is a system. So you started your first little company together with a friend, helping neighbors, shoveled snow, and really make a difference and support them with their properties. And then, you know, it just went on and on. So do you think that there is such a person like a natural salesperson?

Andy Audate [2:27]
I don’t know. I just think that people want, you know, it’s like, well, what do you want the most? And are you willing to give up fear? What do you want to give up? I want to give up a dream or you want to give up fear? So you got to kind of make a choice like, Oh, you know what? I just saw a post on social media recently, and it was like, the post or something like you have to believe in one of the two, your faith or fear. And both of them, both of them. You can’t touch if both of them are absent. So which one are you going to believe in, faith or fear and it’s choice. So, I think with that being said, it’s kind of like, with sales and with especially what you do in your organization with your clients. It’s about overcoming that fear and say I have faith, I have faith in myself, I have faith in my product, I have faith in the customer. And I have, in bridging that gap, like I have the product here. I have the faith to my right, I have the product here have the product to my left, I have the customer tomorrow, right and in between I have faith, which is that the customer will buy so in presencing faith and what I’m going to do is I’m going to do the work to get the customer to buy.

Christine Schlonski [3:42]
What do you think is the biggest challenge for, you know, an entrepreneur just starting?

Andy Audate [3:49]
I think the biggest challenge is self-belief. And you have to create systems to see if you actually break down the word discipline, says discipline is about following a system. I used to think that discipline means that you were meant to be strong. No discipline actually, just means that I follow a system. So at a school, are you disciplined? Do you follow the rules? So you have to create your own rules. And so one of the things that I see that that breaks down entrepreneurs, especially new ones, is that belief. So when I was 19, that I shared in the previous podcast, and I opened up my first business, I didn’t have belief in myself. So I took someone else’s belief. And I use their belief in me to literally, allow me to open my own business. But had not that person not be there? I probably wouldn’t be where I am today if that person that hasn’t believed in me. Now, however, that’s a great, you know, scenario for my life. But sometimes you might not have someone to believe in you. So what you need to do is you need to believe in you, and how do you believe in you, the way you believe in us to create a system that allows you to have belief, so the system that I have because now there’s a lot more people that believe in me. But I’m going past the limits of what people’s belief for me is. So I’ve got to believe myself out a greater amount than everyone else. So everyone might believe me that Oh, Andy that level of five right now, but Andy could definitely, be at level seven. And in my head, I’m like, no, I could be at level 15. But it’s only 10 levels, Andy? I’m going to create another five. You know, and so the system that I use is I remind myself of how powerful I am. And I give myself daily affirmations. Like there is nothing that can bring me down beside myself. So one of the affirmations that I share, do you recognize how sexy I am? Like I’m one of the most sexiest men alive? And I use the affirmation, I embody the affirmation. I walk around, and I’m like, man, did you see that woman? She looked at me, I think she recognized how sexy I am. Am I look at me and say, no, you have a ketchup stain on your shirt? You know, I said, oh, but I’m still sexy though. Regardless, I remind myself of how great I am, how amazing I am, how powerful I am. That’s number one. Number two, I acknowledge my progression. I acknowledge how far I have come from where I once was as a 16-year-old boy living in the hood in an impoverished environment where bloodstains took up the floor and then submit and gunshots were heard and nobody shooked, and nobody was afraid, because that was so normal. That was where I was. But now I’m living in California. My house is, literally, point nine miles from where LeBron James plays at the Staples Center where the Lakers play, and I’m living in a different lifestyle. So I recognize my progression. So I acknowledge myself, I say, Andy, you created that, of course with God’s help, but you created that. So you organized your progression and you recognize your power. No one can stop you. There is nothing in this world that’s bigger than you, in your mind, in your world.

Christine Schlonski [6:58]
Do you have a morning routine? Do you have something you can advise people to do? Because when, maybe they’re just starting out, with they now say, well, you know, I’m, really, great at sales, I enjoy sales. But, you know, the truth is they don’t and they don’t really, know how to get themselves to do that. What could you recommend?

Andy Audate [7:20]
Man, what could I recommend? Because I mean, everyone is different. And, and I think I don’t have like the only thing I do in the morning. It’s like every morning, I thank, God, what, like when I go to bed, I just lay down and I’m just like, thank you for the day, Lord, like this, and wake up like thank you for the day because, you know, there’s people in my circle that have passed away. And then, there are people in my circle that are in prison right now for the rest of their life. And then it probably won’t come out in this in the next four generations. The next five generations, you won’t come out of prison, so they’ll be behind walls, and I laid my head down and I recognize the freedom that I have and the opportunity. Um, every time I walk into my apartment, I say, you know, I’ve such an opportunity right now, I do recognize the opportunity that you have, just by being alive, that you have on this podcast is by you listening to this, you have an opportunity of a lifetime, and it’s life. So take the opportunity of life and take advantage of it. So it’s not really, a system or routine for that aspect. But it’s definitely, a mindset that nothing can stop me. Like, I’m not even a fucking human being. And when I work out in the morning, I work out at four o’clock in the morning, every morning, and the people that I work out with because I’m a leader in that environment, I made it a custom to share. I’m not a human being. Like when I lift weights, I’m not a human being that takes me out of the human spirits, which the human experience wants to feel comfortable. The human experience feels fear and acknowledges fear and thus, as fear says, which is a submission to fear. That’s like as human beings to I’m not a human being. So I recognize that and I share that with myself. So these affirmations that are continually what I essentially do is I give myself the affirmations that are opposite of what I feel. So I feel if I feel comfortable, hey, bro, you’re not a human being like do something to get uncomfortable right now and go to the next level you’re like,

Christine Schlonski [9:28]
Yeah, so you’re cheering your own, all the time? Are you or do you think it’s good to have like this harmony and balance in your life? Or are you just pushing all the time? What do you think?

Andy Audate [9:41]
So there’s people in my circle that say fuck balance. All right, say there’s no balance. But I think what happened is not actually, shared what they’re talking about, because what balance means to me, might be different to you, and might be different to your listener. So, harmony, I think would be the best way to make it work. You know, yesterday this is some real stuff. Yesterday I had a question like, even if I should, like post-it, put it out there. But you did ask me to go a little deeper. So yesterday, there’s a woman in my life that gave me so much love and affection that actually, repelled it, I actually, pushed it away, and I focused on my business more than I did on her. And that was like one of my, one of my mistakes and, and I’m sure that many businesses, successful businessman, end up having that where they push away, they kid, they push away their wife, and I just happened to have that experience at a young age. She wasn’t my wife. She wasn’t a child. So, so but I pushed her away and I realized what I was doing. And I looked at the past, I laid on my bed thinking about the past of our relationship. And I said, Yo, what took us downhill and what was it to the downhill? And it’s like as if it was like a black and white movie that played in my head all those times that she came to me like, hey, I gotta, you know, let’s hang out and I’m like, I gotta work. Oh, hey, let’s, let’s, you know, let’s talk about this, or this one I’m going through and I’m like, yeah, I got to work. And, and then what I will want to get away from work, that’s when I would go to her and be like, hey, what do you want to do? Let’s go do something. And she would like, oh, I thought you have to work, you know, like so. So that really broke our relationship. So I, I still am madly in love with the woman. However, I haven’t been out, we haven’t been together in a year we’ve been separated for maybe like a year and a half now. And for the first time in a year, I got to see her yesterday. And I said to her, I said, I know where I went wrong. I was trying to have a balance, where I have a percentage given to you and a percentage given to this at a certain like certain times that I realized that’s not life. So, what that could look like so I think we’re a lot of the Guru’s or whatever you want to call them when they talk about balance, they don’t really, share effectively. So I’m going to share with you effectively here for your audience for the first time ever, probably, on social media on the internet forever. But essentially, what it looks like is that I get to do both ends, this is a mindset, I get to do both ends, so when I’m talking to my woman, how do I make my business operate effectively and efficiently? And still, talk to her? How do I work out and my business still runs or my wife be happy? There’s a process and a system that you have to use. So here’s something that but you got to be cognizant you got to have to recognize that it’s going to happen. So in my company, I have about 23 employees in my organization. It’s very imperative that the team knows where Andy’s at, at all times, right? So my vice president just walked by over here, so he knows I hey, Andy’s currently doing the interview, right before I got on this call with you, Christine, my assistant, and my sales and marketing manager are recognizing that, hey, they see my calendar, they say, hey, he’s on a podcast, do not contact him at this time, but hold your questions off. So this allows them, this allows them to know what to expect. Because what could happen if it’s not harmonious, what could happen is that they try to hit me up and I’m like, hey, no, I’m busy right now. And as they’re trying to enter into a conversation or communication, I pushed them away. So how do I get through podcasts and get their questions answered and have them feel a certain way I create systems. So you have to have a system and be disciplined. And the system that you have in your whole, entire organization, in your organization could be your life, or just you as one person, which is an organism, you are one organism or your whole organization, which is your house, or your organization as your company. You have to have systems.

Christine Schlonski [13:57]
Yeah, and you have to create them and you have to stick with them to make them work.

Andy Audate [14:03]
And you have to stick with them to make them work. So it’s not about balance. Balance is gonna, it’s gonna throw you off, balance when I say between 10 to five, I love you, between, you know, five, you know, nine, nine to five, between nine to five, yeah, nine to find my work between five to nine. I love you between 10 and six o’clock in the morning, I’m sleeping, don’t talk to me, you know, that’s the balance. Harmonious is that my girl could come. My girl can come, walk-in, right? So if I had a girlfriend, right, or if I had a woman during this time of my life, she could walk in, and it takes confidence to do this. She could walk in and say, hey, instead of me saying no, I’m on a podcast can’t talk to you right now. I say hey, come on. Come meet, Christine, and I’ll say hey, Christine, this is my girlfriend so and so, and what do you think about this? And I can ask her a question. And that will still add value to the audience. That’s harmony versus balance.

Christine Schlonski [14:58]
Well, that’s the end. It’s Inclusive

Andy Audate [15:01]
It’s included. I like the way you put it. It’s inclusive

Christine Schlonski [15:03]
Yeah. So I mean, do you have a bad day once in a while?

Andy Audate [15:09]
Of course, every day is a bad day.

Christine Schlonski [15:11]
Every day is a bad day? If you don’t make it good?

Andy Audate [15:16]
No, I mean, every day is bad, if you think about it every day like there’s always something wrong. But there’s also every day is a good day too, you know, so like I came into office, I came through the office at [7:30]. And I’m dealing with problems on my, fucking bad day. And then I’m on a podcast with Christine, oh, it’s a good day, you know? So it’s you recognizing that there’s ups and there’s downs, so there’s no bad day or good day? It just is what it is. It’s a day.

Christine Schlonski [15:40]
Yeah. So when it’s like not going so well. What do you do to make you feel better?

Andy Audate [15:47]
How challenging it is. So, what I typically do is like, yo, this is gonna be a great story. You know, like, this is like, whatever your challenge is? This is gonna be great. We’re actually on a podcast. This is gonna be great. Like the challenge, I’m going through right now. Like it was really, it was really, challenging. This is gonna be really, I can’t wait to get on Christine’s podcast in 2021 and share this story that I’m going through today. Yeah, I can’t wait for that. That’s when we go. Like how I’m going to tell the podcasters like, how I overcame this, you know, how I overcame this challenge? Depends on how bad it was, it was as bad as like, hey, if a client decided to not work with you then that’s how it feels.

Christine Schlonski [16:27]
Yeah, I love that mindset. So what would you do? Like if somebody is not really, strong in sales yet and they kind of get over the fear? They start calling or knocking on doors or going out there to have conversations? And then after that, let’s say like the fifth, No, they kind of get a little bit discouraged. What would you tell them?

Andy Audate [16:51]
So do we have, who am I talking to, the actual person on the leader?

Christine Schlonski [16:56]
What, you’re talking to the person that wants to be better in sales and wants to be a leader.

Andy Audate [17:04]
So, because I’m a leader and I deal with that on a daily basis, I have to give them analogies based on stuff so that they can understand. So one of my new sales reps, right? She has kids, she has like a toddler and a baby. So I don’t know, maybe one is just walk in other ones like, you know, a crying baby. So she, I’m gonna give her an analogy, saying that, hey, let me ask you a question. If Blue, which is the son’s name, that’s walking, when Blue, started walking and he fell down, like, he got on his feet, which is like you getting on the phone? And he fell down and he started to cry. Would you tell Blue, you say, you know what, Blue. You don’t need to walk anymore. That’s fine. Let’s quit. Just quit, just quit, just quit. You know. Time is not gonna stop for you to just quit. And he’ll be 60 years old and won’t walk, is that how you want to raise your son? No, what would you tell Blue? Get up and keep going, eventually, you’ll get it. You told yourself the secret thing. I’ll tell you and I get to share with them the stories that I’ve experienced, like, hey, I don’t close, I don’t close, like, right before this call. I was doing a team meeting. And this is a, I’m gonna give him this is, a great example of harmony, right? So we have a team meeting with my friend, my leadership team every day at [9:30]. And so I’m getting ready for the call. And that we use a chat serve chat company for the whole organization to chat. So I get on a group chat with them. I say, hey, you guys can hop on the zoom call. I’ll be in five minutes. So I’m, I’m anticipating I’m going to close this deal in five minutes. And what happens is that I don’t close the deal in five minutes, like I’m still you know, conversing and presenting the solution and trying to close the deal. And then, so, what I did was I told them, I’m going to be on the computer in five minutes, on the zoom call five minutes. So I got onto the zoom call, and I muted my laptop. And I was presenting the solution. And they like, heard me, they’re hearing me. And this is like, the first time that they hearing me like, what this intense negotiation I’m talking about. We’re going back and forth, like on my loop stuff, but it’s intense. And they hear me and I’m like, hey, guys, when you schedule an appointment with a prospect, this is what I go through in the negotiation, just so you guys know. And so to them, it’s valuable, but also to me, it was the opportunity for harmony to teach what I’m doing but also to do them both end.

Christine Schlonski [19:39]
Yeah, and to you know, I think as a leader, they have to see how you do things. So they know that you are doing what you’re asking for as well?

Andy Audate [19:50]
Right. But to answer your question is definitely to give them those that they understand that you got to keep going. Sales is a numbers game, you know right now like after I get off the call, I got a call in nine minutes with a client to present a solution to them. So it’s a numbers game, it’s about hit as many people. There’s another salesperson in my organization that they’ve been holding on to one lead for a week, in three days, I’m talking about the opportunity to present the solution or the opportunity to present the offer was on the day, that same day, but instead, they want to drag it on for a week and three days. And I and I said, hey, there’s consequences with that, like he dragged on this opportunity for a week and three days, this solution, is there’s consequences. And that’s because there’s a lot of knowledge gathering before action is taken. In my organization. I say, one of the terms that we have is actually for knowledge. It’s like a principle that we live by. Why? The reason why is because I didn’t. If I was supposed to be knowledgeable, then I would still be in college right now? Trying to figure out business and saying hey one day I might own a business. I’ll be a millionaire, millions of dollars short that I am experienced the short of what I am living on the East Coast because I wouldn’t have been able to afford the California living when below my potential because I was trying to get knowledge before I took action. And guess what? Knowledge is like a waterfall there’s always more coming. There’s always more knowledge. So if you think you’re trying to fit it all into your brain and then take action, you’re gonna die regretting yourself because you never took action. Knowledge, action for knowledge.

Christine Schlonski [21:37]
Yeah, I love the action taking, piece. I always say, stop just dreaming, act now because, you know, nobody’s gonna deliver your dreams while you sit on your couch. So is there any book that has influenced you that you would like to recommend for people to read?

Andy Audate [21:55]
No More Average.

Christine Schlonski [21:57]
No More Average?

Andy Audate [21:59]
Yeah, you can actually, get that book at It’s a book that I wrote. But this book is one of the books that when I’m in a situation in a funk, I opened up my own, book. Because that mindset that I shared was one of the purest I was in a purist mindset at that time. So there comes a time when you’re constantly getting defeated or constantly getting hit and things get rough, you start questioning, like, should I keep going? Should I get a job? Should I go after my goals and my dreams? Should I still, like, what should I do? I have a mentor of mine. But he shares with me essentially that he gets a lot more value than I do from him. I said how like, what do you do? Well, essentially, my youth of knowledge, my youth of experience, compared to the 40 years that he’s been beat down, and trying to win. I mean, he’s a multi-millionaire but, but to get to that level, you’re experiencing a lot of mindset, challenges and pushes in the economy and so on and so forth, you don’t get easier because you make more money, it’s harder. So he says he hangs with me because I’m so excited about life, I’m so excited about go to the next level. So I read my own, book, and I say, man, the fact that it came from me, number one, it means a lot. But number two, what I share, it comes from a youth childlike mentality of going after your goals. If you follow the principles, you’re going to start producing results that you never experienced before. That doesn’t mean you’re not gonna feel challenges. You’re still gonna feel them, but you’re going to overcome them much easier with a mindset like a child. So I come from a childlike experience and in that book, so

Christine Schlonski [23:53]
Yeah, love it, and I’m going to put it in the Resource section as well. So let’s send people to the progression tickets and just let us know what it is that people can expect? And yeah, why they should go there?

Andy Audate [24:08]
So I wrote, I created a seminar called the progression conference. The progression conference is a one-day business event, focus on three things: sales, marketing, and personal development. And we’ve honed in on that because I reckon we recognize me, as in all the speakers in the organization, we have a belief and understanding that if your finance increases, then you can spend more time with your family. And if you’re spending more time with your family and your loved ones? You’re experiencing freedom. So we focus on finance, so that way you can spend time and love with your family so you can experience freedom for your life.

Christine Schlonski [24:47]
Love it. So it’s

Andy Audate [24:52] You see, the way I say it is like as if it’s word advertising like Welcome to Our complete advertising, right?

Christine Schlonski [25:04]
Awesome. Well, thank you so, so much. I really, appreciate this conversation. And I love the energy you showed up with and what you have already accomplished in your life and I can’t wait to you know, hear more, and see more of your success. So thank you so, so much for having been with us on Heart Sells! Podcast.

Andy Audate [25:25]
Thank you so much for having me on the show. It was such a blessing and an opportunity.

Christine Schlonski [25:29]
Thank you.

Christine Schlonski [25:31]
Well, Gorgeous. I hope you have gotten as much out of these episodes as I have. I have enjoyed Andy’s energy and enthusiasm and how he shared, about his successful path. And I think it’s just an inspiration that everyone can do that too. If you put your mind on the growth path, and you have to decide if you want to give up your dream or if you want to give up fear and I think that is such an amazing question to ask yourself. I hope you learned a lot from Andy and you have practical tools in your toolbox right now. May that be amazing affirmations. May that be boring confidence and belief that others have in you that you might not have at that moment. So you can, really thrive, and go for your dreams. Hop on over to Find the podcast tab and make sure you check out the Show Notes, the Transcript, and I have also put the links to Andy, it’s just one click away to connect with him on social media. You also have a link to his amazing book, No More Average, and to his wonderful gift, Virtual Progression Conference Life. And once you’re over there, also Sign Up for the Empowerment Notes. That’s Empowerment right into your inbox with the updates of Heart Sells! Podcast, but also with amazing content that I usually do not share elsewhere. Thank you so much for listening. Thank you so much for being here. Have a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world and I’m saying bye for now.


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