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    Love this podcast! The lifeblood of any business is sales and Christine does an amazing job of making sales something you'll fall in love with instead of dread. These podcasts are short and get staright to the point, filling you with both the knowledge and motivation to go out and bring in lots more money to your business by selling from your heart. If you want to bury the notion that sales is sleazy or avoid "gurus" who make sales sleazy and instead learn to how to sell in a way that is heart-centered, easy, win-win, and non-pushy, then look no further... you have found the right podcast!

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    I'm an entrepreneur and I sell every day of my life. It's easy to neglect the heart side of things, but I think it's important to balance that since we're all humans on the same team. Christine does a great job providing really valuable insights!

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3 Key Points:

  • Money is an echo of value. Which means the value must come first, you focus on bringing that value.
  • You don’t have to deny yourself interest. Just simply set it aside.
  • Connect first. Connect the head and the heart, and then come from that place of heart. Truly have the connection, because you never know what comes out of it

Show Notes:

[05:02] Those who tend to be the most successful, but you know, in general life and in business, they deal in truth. They make sure they don’t just sort of go with what they’d like to be true. But that what is true and they start there.

[05:35] If we’re not dealing in truth, and we’re always operating from a false premise, and if the premise is false, and even the greatest logic in the world can never result in a correct conclusion.

[09:47] Listening, not to answer an objection, not to hit but just to listen, just to understand what their needs are, what their concerns are, what their desires are.

[16:20] When you are yourself, it’s so much easier, like when you’re caught up in the web of like lying.

[26:01] Understanding that whatever you do, there is change, you evolve.

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Christine Schlonski [0:02]
Hey Gorgeous. This is episode number 122. You are listening to Heart Sells! Podcast. I’m your host, Christine Schlonski. Today is variety Friday. I am so so excited that you are tuning in, that you are listening today because you are up for an amazing month with a wonderful topic of success. And it’s all about your sales success. So variety Fridays, I answer your questions. I share amazing resources with you or I just teach what I have learned in over a decade of high ticket event sales over the phone, were actually talked to general managers to owners of companies, and really asked for a high ticket so that they could attend the events. So the month of August was the month of rejection were in every variety Friday episode, we covered topics that had to do with rejection. And the whole month was inspired by Leo Quinn, who had a summer of 1000 noes. So if you are struggling with rejection, being rejected in sales, not asking, not making offers, you probably want to go in and tune in to all the episodes that were broadcasted in August to get inspiration, motivation, and a little bit more courage to really go for what you want to go.

Christine Schlonski [1:29]
September is the month of success because you know, September, it’s after the summer vacation, everybody is going to go back to their businesses. And yeah, you still have some months to finish off the year successful. So I want to make sure with the month of September that all my teachings on variety, Friday, my sharing are about your success. And we’re going to kick off this an amazing interview I have done with the wonderful Bob Burg, I had the opportunity to visit Bob when I was in Florida. And yeah, we actually spend the whole day co-working together. And you know, I’m a huge Bob Burg fan. I’m a huge fan of the Go Giver that he has co-written with John David Mann. And the two have just created a wonderful, wonderful book series called The Go Giver Series, which always touches my heart, which inspires me. So I thought I’m going to share something that Bob has written on recently. And I’m just going to interview him for you. Because he really is a sales megastar, coming from his heart and being authentic, delivering amazing, amazing value, and helping so many entrepreneurs to be more successful in their businesses by understanding success on a different level. So I’m super excited that you are tuning in to this, basically Facebook Live conversation that I’m going to share here with you. So make sure you hop on over to https://christineschlonski.com/. For the transcript, the show notes, the key points and all the links to Bob. And here is Bob’s bio in a nutshell. So Bob Burg is the co-author of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver, and a much sought-after speaker at sales and leadership conferences. In addition to co-authoring the best selling Go Giver books with John David Mann, Bob has authored a number of popular books himself. Endless Referrals is one of them that I also highly recommend for you to check out. Adversaries into Allies is another amazing book. His total book sales are well over 1 million copies. And I’m so so excited to have the conversation with Bob today. So let’s dive right in. Hi, Facebook, what’s up? So excited that you are tuning into this live stream with my amazing friend, Bob Burg, who made it a big difference in my life and my sales career, together with John David Mann and the Go Giver.

Bob Burg [4:13]
Thank you.

Christine Schlonski [4:14]
I’m so excited. We’re streaming live from his office. I mean, can you believe it? So I was just at podcast movement, learning about podcasting, how I can bring more value to the table. And now I’m on my way in Florida to Key West to catch up with other amazing friends. And it just happens that Bob lives right between the Orlando

Bob Burg [4:36]
And the keys.

Christine Schlonski [4:37]
Yes, awesome. So I got the opportunity to be here with him. I thought, “Well, what can we do to deliver value for you?” And Bob has just talked about a really, really wonderful topic, dealing with successful people, dealing in truth. What do you understand? Like, what what is that?

Bob Burg [4:59]
It really comes down to that. Those who tend to be the most successful, but you know, in general life and in business, they deal in truth. They make sure they don’t just sort of go with what they’d like to be true. But that what is true and they start there. They make sure to understand, to study, to embrace the laws of human nature, the laws of physical nature, the laws of spiritual nature, the lot, right? Because if we’re not dealing in truth, and we’re always operating from a false premise, and if the premise is false, and even the greatest logic in the world can never result in a correct conclusion. So you know, you take something like the physical laws of, let’s say, the law of gravity, right? And we know that in our earthly existence, gravity exists, it’s a thing. Now, by the way, is this good or bad? The past? Yeah, it just depends. I mean, it’s good when it keeps those it manifest is good. When keeps us from floating aimlessly up into space. We could say it manifests into something bad when we fall off a seven-story building, okay. And if you’re dealing intrudes, you don’t say, “Well, you know, this gravity thing. I’m gonna just be positive and make believe it doesn’t exist. So I’m going to just try to fly off a seven-story building.” Well, no, you’re gonna fall to the ground. Because it’s a thing. And so, you know, you look at the people who invented flight. Well, yeah. And, you know, it, I think was, and they’re credited with it. You know, there’s a great book out by Walter Isaacson, I say great book because I’ve heard it’s great. And everything I’ve ever read by Walter Isaacson is great, but I haven’t, and it’s about the Wright brothers. And I haven’t actually read that yet. And I can’t wait to do so. They’re credited with being Of course, first and flight. And they were, but you know, typically, whenever there’s a great breakthrough, there are always two or three or four other people. And I understand that they were a bunch of them kind of going for that same? So there could have been someone in Europe, there could have been somewhere in Australia, you know, who knows, but, but when they were looking at inventing the machine that would fly, they didn’t say, “Well, you know, this gravity thing might get in the way. So let’s ignore it.” No, instead, what did they do they learn the truth. They learned the laws of physics, the laws of aerodynamics, the laws of gravity, the law, and they built a machine that could basically work against the resistance of all that and fly. So when we say deal in truth, it’s not like you’re saying, “Okay, well, this is just how it is, it’s as good as it’s going to get”, no, you deal in truth so that you understand it, in order to advance the process in a way that benefits everyone. So, you know, you let’s take the sales process. And of course, that’s your expertise. And you say, “Okay, what about sales? What’s the truth about sales?”, and one truth about sales is, no one’s going to buy from you because you have a quota to meet. They’re not going to buy from you because you need the money, and they’re not going to buy from you just because you’re a really nice person.

Christine Schlonski [8:14]
That’s, that’s so true. Okay. Being a nice person probably helps.

Bob Burg [8:18]
It helps in the conversation, but it’s, they’re not going to buy from you for that reason. Okay. That’s the truth. “Oh, darn, I really need the money. They should buy from me for that reason”, well, unless they are your mom or dad, they’re not going to do so. Okay, they’re going to buy from you only because they believe they will be better off by doing so. Then by not doing so, that’s true, that’s human nature.

Christine Schlonski [8:41]
What they focus on what’s in it for them?

Bob Burg [8:43]
Course they do. And they and they should because they’re buying from you. If they’re going to exchange their money or their time or their what have you, they should be getting more in value than what they’re paying in economic law. And economic truth says, “If people will exchange their money for that, which they feel is a greater value than the money that we’re exchanging it for.”

Christine Schlonski [9:02]
That’s what you say that so beautifully in the Go Giver, right? Money is an echo of value,

Bob Burg [9:07]
Right. Which means the value must come first, you focus on bringing that value. So that’s the truth, okay. So because of this, we know that if we want another person to buy our product or service, we have got to be able to discover why they would feel it’s in their best interest to buy it.

Christine Schlonski [9:27]

Bob Burg [9:27]
So we asked them questions and we listened. And you were just on my podcast, we just while you were here visiting, we recorded an interview with you on my podcasts, which will air next month. And like you were saying, it’s it was it’s really about, you know, taking the focus off of yourself and asking them the questions. And then as you said, listening, not to answer an objection, not to hit but just to listen, just to understand what their needs are, what their concerns are, what their desires are. So when we do that, now we’re advancing the process, because it’s about them. It’s not about us. And so, if we acknowledge that truth, that Dale Carnegie said it in his classic, How to Win Friends and Influence People, he wrote, “Ultimately, people do things for their reasons, not our.” That’s the truth. Okay, if we understand this, now, we know the best way to help them own our product or service, make sure we communicate why it’s in their best interest. And again, we do that by asking the right questions, listening, and then connecting the benefit of our product or service with what they need want or desire.

Christine Schlonski [10:43]
So how do you see that? Like, how do successful people do that? I mean, everybody can probably learn how to listen. There are many successful people, what does the crème de la crème do? Like what do people do that are like in the 1%? of super, super successful?

Bob Burg [11:03]
Well, you know, I remember that in Adam Grant’s excellent book, Give and Take, he cited an Australian study of financial advisors, okay, stockbrokers, who were basically selling their company’s management of a person’s growth, product, financial growth products. And so they looked at what made a given the creme de la creme so success. What were some of their characteristics or talents? Well, you know, they obviously understood finance, but sort of a lot of people that wasn’t the determining factor that was just, you had to understand that. They worked very hard but of course, so did a lot of people. But what separated the absolute top producers from everyone else, is they were absolutely laser for, they put the interest of their prospective clients ahead of themselves, and even ahead of their time companies.

Christine Schlonski [12:01]
And I think that’s key, especially when you work in a company and you can’t, you know, be your own boss by making up your own products. That’s really important because you get those deeper connections.

Bob Burg [12:13]
Sure. Now, you take something further, we say, “Okay, well, people are going to do what’s in their best interest, right?” So someone might say, “Okay, but what about the truth that as salespeople, we, as human beings are self-interested? Or is I don’t we have to deal with that truth? Or were you saying, just deny that we’re self-interested, so we can focus on them?” No, don’t deny that your self interested, you are self-interest, it’s all mine. We both know we all are because we’re human beings, that self-interest has helped us create generations of human beings and keep the world going. Right. So now, you don’t have to deny yourself interest. Just simply set it aside. Set it aside, because and here’s why. Because you know, that if you lead with yourself, and why you want them to buy, because I need the money, they’re not likely to buy. So actually, if you want to do what’s in your best self-interest, set yourself interest aside temporarily, and focus on that. And to the degree that they understand that your focus is on pleasing them, serving them making their life better. That’s what agree they’re going to feel good about you. They’re going to like you, but they’re really going to trust you and have confidence in you. And the chances are much better that they are going to become your customer.

Christine Schlonski [13:28]
Yeah. How do you view like, I told you a story earlier about the person who made up another person that did not exist to get the sale. How do you deal with people who are thinking they really need to please the other person? And they need to be like, they are like, you know, getting the rapport, all of this, which is taught in sales and which feels so manipulating. How do you deal with that mind?

Bob Burg [14:02]
Sure. Okay, so creating a rapport, great. I mean, that’s very important. But as you said, not doing it in a way that’s not authentic.

Christine Schlonski [14:09]

Bob Burg [14:10]
And so what happened was, and in the story, you told a person was talking with a potential customer. And the person mentioned having, I think, a 16-year-old daughter or something like that. And he actually says something like, “Oh, yeah, I have a 16-year-old daughter.” Yeah, that’s called lying. Don’t do that. But there are other ways of genuinely and authentically finding similarities. Is the two of you take your nice, yeah, well, yeah. It may not be about children and maybe about the same area or enjoying the same type of recreation or different things or experiences, what have you. I mean, yeah, by all means, find, find commonalities. That’s, that’s great. But of course, always do it. Honestly and authentically,

Christine Schlonski [14:58]
I know. That was something that really shocked me.

Bob Burg [15:02]
Well, yeah.

Christine Schlonski [15:03]
I’m sure you too. I don’t know if you put such a star before.

Bob Burg [15:09]
Of course, we’ve all seen people who do that. And you know, here’s the thing. It’s, it’s not even in your best interest to do that. Because the person and — find out eventually, maybe, maybe not, but they’re probably are gonna

Christine Schlonski [15:23]

Bob Burg [15:24]
This person becomes a customer.

Christine Schlonski [15:26]

Bob Burg [15:26]
And all of a sudden, you know, there’s a, I mean, you know, I think it was Mark Twain discredited. And, of course, Mark Twain’s credited, Mark Twain and Benjamin Franklin here in the states are pretty much credited for everything that’s wise and a lot of times, they didn’t really say it, but it sounds like them. Yeah. Just like Gandhi, you know, was that more wise people? Right? Yeah. Well, yeah. But what what what he’s credited as saying is, now I’m trying to think what he was saying. There’s probably some more. But, oh, gosh, I can’t. Yeah. But I mean, it just comes back to that. Yeah, we can’t do that.

Christine Schlonski [16:19]
I also feel like when you are yourself, it’s so much easier, like when you’re caught up in the web of like, lying.

Bob Burg [16:26]
Now, remember. He said, “Tell the truth, and you won’t have to have as good memory.”

Christine Schlonski [16:30]
Exactly. Totally, totally. And, you know, it’s so much easier when you understand that if you don’t have a rapport with a person if you can’t relate, it’s okay, right?

Bob Burg [16:42]
Yeah, that’s okay too.

Christine Schlonski [16:43]
You might not get the sale but it’s totally fine. They will follow up with somebody else. That’s totally good.

Bob Burg [16:50]
And, you know, and you might not quite understand, but you understand they’re feeling something. And you know, and that’s why I tell you with empathy, you know, you don’t have to know exactly how they feel. And we’ve been taught to say, “Well, I under how you feel”, but you might not. And so, you know, the best thing to say, “I really don’t understand how you feel, because I haven’t experienced that before. But I do understand it’s a concern. And if you’re concerned, it’s valid. And now we talked about how to go past and in the deal with it.” But again, you’re dealing in truth.

Christine Schlonski [17:25]
Can we talk about dealing and truth with, you know, how to build relationships, like relationships that are true, that are meaningful, that are not just on the surface? Like, how can people take or create these relationships? So like, for example, we met like, about a year ago, a little bit more than that, I think so and be kept in contact. So this enables so many things like interviewing you for my master class, interview you for my podcast. Now, I had the opportunity to be on your podcast. Now we’re sitting here. I mean, hello. Like, what can people do to, because I think everybody’s craving deeper relationships, but sometimes, they just don’t know how to go about that?

Bob Burg [18:08]
Hmm. Well, I think a lot of it goes back to authenticity and not trying to be someone you’re not.

Christine Schlonski [18:15]

Bob Burg [18:15]
Making an authentic connection. And you always talk about heart selling, heart sells, right? That’s really kind of what it is, in a sense. And it could be done in a variety of ways because it can be person to person, it can be on the telephone, it can be online. I’ll never forget the time Donte Spumante, and I think you know, Donnie, right, she’s such a great mentor of mine and a wonderful leader. And yeah, and I met her she is and I met her on Twitter, and probably communicated with her on Twitter for maybe six months, nine months, whatever it was, and I invited her on my podcast. And it was really funny because we this is back when it wasn’t podcast, it was back when I was doing it. So long goes back when I was doing it on my, my blog. And so we did it through the telephone, through a conference call one. Okay, and so we got on the phone, and we just started talking, “Hey, Donnie, how are you? It’s all good, Bob. Wait a second. Have we ever actually spoken before?” And she said, “No, I don’t think we have”, and we laughed because we realized that just even through Twitter, we had actually developed a great relationship, a great friendship. I don’t think it’s so much the medium. But it’s, do you genuinely love to add value to another person’s life?

Christine Schlonski [19:29]
Do you genuinely care?

Bob Burg [19:31]
Yeah, do you genuinely care? Simon Sinek in his in his book, Leaders Eat Last, talks about trust as being a biological reaction. Not a response that’s not out, a reaction. Something that’s just on an emotional level, or a biological reaction to the belief. So again, it may not even be true, but it’s your belief that someone has your best interests at heart. Now, when it is true and you do have that person’s best interest at heart. Wow, that’s a powerful heart connection.

Christine Schlonski [20:05]
Yes. And that’s, that’s what sells.

Bob Burg [20:07]
And that’s what sells Exactly. Because once you connect, there’s an old Talmudic saying that says, “Words that come from the heart, enter the heart.” Okay. And so once you have that heart to heart connection, which of course is exactly what you teach. Now, the sale, it’s much easier for that sale to take place because the foundation for all of it is already built. It’s already there.

Christine Schlonski [20:37]
Yeah. I love talking about having your soul mate clients, and sort of fall in love with clients. I think Tony Grebmeier also common connections we have. And so he interviewed me for his Be Fulfilled podcast, and we talked about, like falling in love with your clients, which sounds a bit weird. But if you take it to the next level. If you really come from that place of service of having their interest in mind, that’s what you have in a relationship. I really love that. And the Go Giver, which I always have to refer to, because it is one of my very favorite books, written in a beautiful way. And there’s a truth in this book, right? And the other books have built upon this idea.

Bob Burg [21:27]
Sure. What the laws that John and I discussed in the book, and we always say, we didn’t make these up. We didn’t make them up. There’s nothing new about them. These have been around since time immemorial. So these are truths we wanted to tap into. Now, we named them a certain way. And of course, John’s beautiful way of writing and telling a story, but there’s nothing new about these. People would just remind me, because when the book first came out, and we were first being interviewed on this, people say, “What is it you guys put in this book that’s anything new?”, and so nothing because truths basically don’t change. I think it was Jim Brown who said, “Beware the person who comes with new fundamentals”, because fundamentals are fundamentals because they’ve been around for a long time.

Christine Schlonski [22:19]
It’s basically it’s universal law,

Bob Burg [22:21]
Universal laws, exactly. And they work across the board, whether we’re talking about success in terms of financial, physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, relational, but probably a dozen other ways. Truths are truths. Universal laws are universal laws.

Christine Schlonski [22:34]
So if you are thinking about being an entrepreneur, or if you are a struggling entrepreneur, would you say that like improving and sales is like the most important thing you can start with?

Bob Burg [22:48]
Oh, you know, you really have to. David Nagel, what’s with memory today, it’s been a little, usually pretty good. But you know, David, David Nagle, the millions with them. He talks about that. When the business you’ve got to be able to sell.

Christine Schlonski [23:03]
And he has an amazing success story.

Bob Burg [23:07]
Truly amazing.

Christine Schlonski [23:07]
I know.

Bob Burg [23:08]
Truly amazing.

Christine Schlonski [23:09]
What really stood out for me is like when he changed his attitude.

Bob Burg [23:12]
Exactly. Exactly. And he just, it was a decision. Like, it was a decision.

Christine Schlonski [23:16]
Yeah. Which we talked about. I was like, you know, I had this moment, and I made a decision. And he went, like, wow,

Bob Burg [23:27]
Yeah. And that’s an important point you bring up because it really is a decision that in so much is a decision. And you know, when we go back to dealing in truth, that’s a decision. You know, we might not want to believe something is a certain way because it’s inconvenient, it doesn’t feel good. It would be, Wouldn’t it be better if people weren’t this way? It’s irrelevant. People are that way, you know, I learned the hard way about change. We’re in the mid-90s, as it was really going more toward technology. And I got left behind because, well, I don’t like technology.

Christine Schlonski [24:05]
Isn’t that funny?

Bob Burg [24:06]
Anyway, yeah, sorry about that.

Christine Schlonski [24:09]
No, no, it’s just it’s so funny that and it’s true. Like, you know, getting on to social media, like changing the way you interact. And often people say that it’s, like, super facial on social media, which I think it’s not true.

Bob Burg [24:27]
Only if that’s how it’s approached. I think it’s like anything else. To me, you can build deep relationships on social media. Again, it’s, where’s your focus? When I speak at a live conference now, and a lot of times, they’ll ask me to speak on social media, and I’ll say, I can kind of, in a sense, sum it up in a simple thought. And that is before every tweet, pin post, or whatever it’s called on the whatever medium, it happens to be. Ask yourself is what I’m about to click Send on? Is it going to add value to another person’s life? Start there. Yeah, it doesn’t have to be super fit. A lot of it is, but that’s not because it is, it’s because that’s the way it’s, it’s utilized. When I didn’t adjust in keep up with the times in terms of technology, my business, I lost a lot of the business actually, because some of my clients work, and I kind of, I don’t really need to, I didn’t need to. It wasn’t whether or not I liked change, it was the fact that change was going to happen with or without me. And that was already painful and expensive lesson I learned because I basically had to restart my business. And so you know, so do you like change? Do you not like change? I don’t not, you know, personally, I, I’m not a lover of change. I’d like to get really good at something and then kind of keep it there.

Christine Schlonski [25:57]
Yeah, but I think that’s true. You know, it’s understanding that whatever you do, there is change, you evolve. Can you imagine, like, doing what you’ve done like, 10 years ago?

Bob Burg [26:13]
No, that’s a thing. And if I kept trying to do that, without changing. That was a lesson, I had to learn that it didn’t matter whether I want the truth was changed was going to happen. Now, it was just, you know, kind of fill in the blank, you know, if you want to be successful, then you will change. You know.

Christine Schlonski [26:34]
So just talking about that something comes to mind, especially connecting online, right, I talked about it in my past podcast recently, that you get a friend request you accepted. And then the next day,

Bob Burg [26:50]
I know what you’ll gonna say. I mean, they wait till the next day with you?

Christine Schlonski [26:53]
Sometimes. And then you get these messages, that the person and I always want to accept the friendship because I always leave a message. I always say, “Hey, what’s up? Good to have you here.”

Bob Burg [27:06]
Thank you for connecting.

Christine Schlonski [27:07]
Exactly. “What are you up to? And I’m looking forward to learning more about you” And then that seems to be the door opener oftentimes, that people just drop whatever offer they have.

Bob Burg [27:20]
I think they do it anyway. I think they would do it even if you didn’t because I think they have it on auto, whatever, that once you accept their request, it automatically. That’s why sometimes it happens right after I accept your request. And I know it’s an auto thing, and sometimes it’s the next day or so and then two weeks later, or a week later, and then three, they timed it out, it’s a thing. Again, is there a time and place for those things when used appropriately. But that’s not appropriate what they’re doing.

Christine Schlonski [27:50]
So, because, for me, it feels like they’re so desperate to get the next dollar.

Bob Burg [27:56]
Well, they’re seeing you as a cash register. They’re not seeing you as a person, not seeing me as a person, not seeing whoever they’re doing that is and we know it, we know it. Yeah, I mean, that’s, you know,

Christine Schlonski [28:09]
That’s also the difference between those successful people.

Bob Burg [28:12]

Christine Schlonski [28:13]
Living their truth. And those who just have it an automated motion or, you know, to copy-paste whatever level they’re at. Any suggestions on what would be, how would you feel good when somebody connects with you? What would make you feel good to even have that conversation?

Bob Burg [28:33]
Well, I in let’s say, this is on, let’s say, that’s on LinkedIn, for example, because that’s a, you know, you can go through this person’s profile, and look at what is probably meaningful to that person, and have a, you know, make a comment. Or if you want to ask a question, you know, what have you about that, but I would always go through the person’s profile and see what is it that they obviously find to be a value and I would focus on that, and, you know, comment about that.

Christine Schlonski [29:05]
Awesome. So connect first, like, it’s connecting the head and the heart, and then come from that place of heart. And I think that’s because heart speaks to heart, as you said so beautifully earlier, so that you really, truly have the connection, because you never know what comes out of it. Right? I wouldn’t go that far that you should be like calculating, just being open and see how you can support another person because what goes around comes around.

Bob Burg [29:33]
So often it does. That’s kind of amazing. I think that’s another universal law that you know, and,

Christine Schlonski [29:41]
I’m understanding that better and better. So when I was an exchange to my host, mom always said that to me, like, you know, when I got upset for something, somebody, you know, didn’t interact the way I, or I didn’t get it, “Don’t worry, it’s their loss. What goes around comes around”, and the older I get, I’m like, Oh, that’s what you meant, actually.” Awesome.

Bob Burg [30:05]
Because it can happen in a good way too.

Christine Schlonski [30:06]
We have a couple of people in life. If you have any questions, now’s the moment to put them into the comments. Julia, I think your ears might burn because I didn’t say hello.

Bob Burg [30:19]
We were just talking about you

Christine Schlonski [30:20]
We were just talking about you and Lee. And yeah. Awesome. So if you want to know something, put it in now. And otherwise, we’re gonna wrap up.

Bob Burg [30:32]
Yeah, yeah, it’s been a while it’s been great having you a guest. I’m just so so grateful and honored that after you attended your conference, where I know you got some great insights regarding podcasting, which is funny, because of course, you know, you have such a wonderful podcast, and you do such a great job, and you’re so well respected and renowned for your podcast. And yet, you’re investing money to fly overseas to attend a conference where you can learn more about policy. So that’s just what people do, who are winners, who are successful people. They’re always looking for in God I know is I met God at that at this very conference, I think was Fort Worth, if I recall, about I think four years ago or so. And here’s God to add another one. So he has a great podcast.

Christine Schlonski [31:19]
Yeah. Yeah. Awesome. Well, thank you so so much. I’m so excited to share. And yeah, whenever you guys have questions, replay, let us know in the comments. And otherwise, we’re just going to say bye from wonderful Florida. What a wonderful interview, I am still beaming from the inside out. And I’m so excited that I had the opportunity to hang out with Bob in person to really dive in deeper on all the wonderful teachings that he provides to the world or the value he gives. And I’m so excited that I had the opportunity to share that with you today. So you want to hop on over to https://christineschlonski.com/. Find the podcast tab, the episode with Bob Burg for the variety Friday, you can find the transcript over there, the show notes, the key points and all the links to connect with Bob himself. It’s just one click away. Make sure you subscribe to Heart Sells! Podcast. And a wonderful, amazing community is awaiting you to join on Facebook. So hop on over to Facebook, if you want to see the live interview. If you want to see how we are actually sitting there this video, really tune in to all the teachings again of Bob and myself, you just want to hop on over to I am Christine Schlonski on Facebook. And there you have the interview. And I’m also inviting you to join the heart cells with Christine Schlonski Facebook group. It’s a free group aware, we are creating a community a movement of heart sellers who want to give their gifts to the world in a very authentic way, in a way that’s fun in a way that’s building their businesses building their dreams and making their dreams come true. So hop on over. And yeah, sign in. And I can’t wait for the next variety Friday, where we will keep talking about your sales success. And I’m really happy that you are here that you are tuning in. If you have any questions, please reach out. It’s very simple info@christineschlonski.com. And I’m here for you to answer your questions to support you on your way to sales success to sales success mindset. And I can’t wait for the next variety Friday. I will provide even more of my personal teachings. Have a wonderful day wherever you are in this beautiful world and I’m saying bye for now.

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