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3 Key Points:

  • Help your customers to buy from you. Give them amazing content and also offer products for a smaller investment so they can get to know you.
  • Take them on a journey and don’t forget to make up-sells which means inviting them to get more support from you with the next product that fits their needs.
  • Create your course after you have done the research and know they will buy, out of the whole “pie” = big course takes out a slice and sell it as the mini-version so they get support and a better feeling of your work, which makes selling the big product easier.

Show Notes:

[01:37] imaging one of your products like a cake and take out one slice as a mini-product
[08:52] Build a staircase you client can climb to trust you and to see that your solutions work for them
[11:01] Always ask  feedback to improve and for testimonials to support your communication

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Christine Schlonski [0:03]
Hey Gorgeous, this is episode number 026 and you are listening to Heart Sells! Podcast with your host Christine Schlonski and I welcome you to another variety Friday. I am super pumped, you’re here. I hope you have already signed up for Heart Sells! and have given it a wonderful review. And you have shared with your friends, because we are all about to create a movement to teach heart-centered people around the world, how to enjoy sales, how to not only serve people in the best way but also to serve themselves by creating a life they love. So variety Friday is a day where I share some of my knowledge, where I give you some ideas, where I share resources or we answer your questions. So if you have any feedback, if you have any questions that you would love for me to answer in future episodes, just write me an email to info@christineschlonski.com.

Christine Schlonski [1:37]
So today, I want to share and talk to you about how to actually create your products. So just imagine a big pie like a big cake, right, you can imagine in the most beautiful colors you want or in your favorite taste maybe chocolate, or raspberry, or strawberry or whatever. Just imagine this cake. So this cake is basically your product. And people are super, super excited to get your product. Because you have tested your idea, you have an opt-in that converts, people are coming into your business. So now you would love to serve them even better. But also you have to establish trust. People need to know what you are about why you do what you do. So they trust you. And once they trust you, they are interested in your product. And they will be spending money with you.

Christine Schlonski [2:41]
So if you see that huge pie that could be, for example, a video course. Right. So when you think of a structure like that could be an e-book, then there could be like an audio course and then that could be a video course. And the perceived value you that customers have, well, you probably guessed it, the video course has the highest perceived value. Right? Because today we want to talk about something you could automate. Obviously, you can do live teachings via zoom for example. Or you can have a teleconference where you can also interact with people. But I guess that would already be something like a premium product. So the big pie is basically your big product, like in this case, we talking about the video course. Now imagine just one slice that you take out of this pie, right. So you get people into your world with your amazing free gift. And they are able to connect and you deliver value. So now what you need to do next is you need to make them an offer for something that helps them on that journey. So and that would be that little piece of the pie right off the cake. So that they can kinda of test and get an idea of who you are before they spend more money with you. And spending more money with you is a video course.

Christine Schlonski [4:23]
So now if you have done your research in a very good way, and you really know who your ideal client is, what they are all about, what their pain is, because you need to make money to solve something, you need to have a solution for them, right? Otherwise, it doesn’t make sense that they spend their money and you don’t want their money if you can’t provide value, right. So you have now, you’re now in the position because you know who they are, you know what the pain is, you know what they’re all about, you know what they need, and you have to solution.

Christine Schlonski [5:01]
So what you do next is you actually create this video course, right. And once you created that video course, then you take, that is the pie, you take a slice out of it. So that could be like one video or two videos. And you put that into a smaller package, right, because that now allows people to buy the package. And then you can invite them to buy more, right, the strategy is called up-sell, and then they buy more. And then when they love what you do when they love what you’re all about, depending what you offer if you would offer them a coaching what they might be interested in your premium packages. Because now they’re really sure that you are the go-to person for them. So what a lot of entrepreneurs do wrong. And what I did wrong as well, I created the slice first of the pie or the cake. And then it’s so much more difficult to create the pie around it. So it’s so much smarter to just create the pie and take a slice out of it. I hope that makes sense for you. And I hope you can follow that idea.

Christine Schlonski [6:26]
It’s actually pretty simple. But it’s nice if you would see it visually. So why don’t you just draw a pie, right, and then you take like a piece out of it. So you can really see that it all needs to fit together to make your life simpler because you’re solving the same problem, you are giving the same solution. So maybe in your small product in your kind of teaser product, that might be something around $20 or $50 you are solving a part of the problem what the positive thing is, is, first of all, the client gets support. Second of all, the person really can feel what you are about and that you have the solution. And then you invite them to buy more. Because often it happens that people have been in pain for so long. And they have tried so many things that your course will just like appear like another me-too product. And that means they don’t believe you that you are a big course that you know might be something around 1000, or maybe even $2,000 that this course can solve their problem. Because they have tried so many things in the past. They have spent money in the past, they got burned in the past. It didn’t get what they need it. So now when you come like this is a big thing that you show them well, that’s my course and that solves your problem, your potential client might have an issue or challenge to believe you. So you got them into your world with this amazing opt-in this you’re amazing free gift. So they’re already there. So the next thing is to offer them something that is affordable, that doesn’t feel like it’s gonna hurt in case it doesn’t work out for them. Right. But you know, you obviously you deliver amazing value and you make sure it works for them. So that then you can say, Well, you know, this has worked now we know each other better. So why don’t you take the next step and this is the offer I have then.

Christine Schlonski [8:52]
So when you follow it closely, you can see it’s like a little staircase you’re taking as well. So you lead your customer to the next step. But you also allow them and give them the time to grow with you. You don’t you’re not in their face and like, you know, screaming at them with your big product and that they need to buy it and it will solve all the problems, which it does, the issue is that the customer doesn’t know. So by taking that mini step in between. By having like this kind of a teaser product, you help your customer in taking the next bigger step with you.

Christine Schlonski [9:40]
I really hope that makes a lot of sense. If you have any questions if you have any questions you want me to answer on a variety Friday, you need to send me an email to info@christineschlonski.com and I’m so looking forward to hearing about your successes. So just let me know if this has helped you when creating something because I don’t want you to waste your time and creating like a video course spending hours, weeks, maybe even month and for some people I know it has been years into a project that you do not even know if it works. So you test it, you ask your customers for feedback. Then you start creating and then you take a slice out of it so that you can support your customer in stepping up, in making it easier for them to say yes to your amazing gifts and talents. And then from there, you make the offer to the next thing which is then the full course.

Christine Schlonski [11:01]
Don’t forget to ask for testimonials and feedback so that you always know that you are on track and also that helps you for your marketing and if a customer is a raving fan that is the best that can happen. So whenever you hear the word WOW that is when you want to get a testimonial for sure so that you can put that out into the world and other people have the opportunity to relate to you in a better way than when you say you are brilliant because we know you are but it’s always nicer if your customers are shouting for you from the rooftops. Have a wonderful day where ever you are in the world. Remember to subscribe to Heart Sells! Podcast to share it with your friends and hop on over and give it a five-star review. That would be amazing. We really want to hear from you. Have a blessed day wherever you are in the world. And bye for now.

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