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The Success Library, gain instant access to the Sales Journaling Prompts and start shifting your mindset today.

3 Key Points:

  • Selling yourself short is not only hurting you and your business but also your clients.
  • Charging your price with confidence is possible when you have a clear offer that the client can understand. The client needs to get the benefits.
  • You always can go for high-ticket, if you deliver much more value. You want to make sure to wow the client and help her/him to get results by doing the work.

Show Notes:

[01:23] Q: Christine, how can I start to shift my mindset when I know that I’m not charging enough money, and I totally sell myself under worth?
A: So I think a really, really important thing is to understand that you are your boss and you make your prices and especially in an industry or business where you offer highly transformative work clients need to be and feel understood. Also, they need to feel great because they buy your energy, they buy who you already are because that’s where they want to be.
[04:41] Studies have shown that when you set a higher price people are more willing to work harder for the results. So often we have a situation that some people charge a really low price and then their clients are not following through.
[09:43] "] So coming back to the question, how can you charge more and why should you charge more and how can it be done? Get really, really clear on what you do and show the client the value you have 


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Christine Schlonski [0:01] "]
Hi Gorgeous, this is episode number 11 and you are listening to Heart Sells! podcast. This is your host Christine Schlonski and I’m super excited that you are here today. This show is another variety Friday so variety Fridays are to answer your questions, to share amazing resources with you or to just share my knowledge from over a decade of high ticket event sales over the phone and then at the events in a one on one situation and in the last two episodes that was episode number five and episode number eight we covered pieces of the Sales P.O.W.E.R. formula so if you missed it, just go back and have a listen. We also talked about mindset and we dove into the P part of the P.O.W.E.R. system which stands for the past and how you perceive sales and the emotion around sales so that you can really start shifting your mindset. And this is also the questions that I’ve gotten from you so far is actually

Christine Schlonski [1:23] "]
Christine, how can I start to shift my mindset when I know that I’m not charging enough money, and I totally sell myself under worth? And I know that this happens for a lot of people, especially for heart-centered driven coaches, experts, therapists, healers, lightworkers, service providers, we always want to serve and that is great and you know what, I think you need to understand that making money in the business, making a profit totally goes together with serving because clients will not return when they are not happy with your work or sometimes we, you know, offer a service that can only be consumed once and then the client has developed and grown and they don’t need more of what you have and that is totally fine too. So I think a really, really important thing is to understand that you are your boss and you make your prices and especially in you know, an industry or business where you offer highly transformative work clients need to be, they need to feel understood and also they need to feel great when they are with you because they buy your energy they buy who you already are because that’s where they want to be.

Christine Schlonski [3:05] "]
So you need to give them the honesty in a conversation that they can really understand where you can take them to. Because once you are really, really clear on what you deliver, how you say it, when you say it, what you charge, then the client will get it. Often what happens in sales conversations is that the people making the offer and in this case that might be you, you are not clear enough, you haven’t really nailed down your services. You cannot really express what the transformation is, what the benefit is for the client. So when they don’t really understand what you offer and how your services can help them obviously they are not willing to spend money with you.

Christine Schlonski [4:07] "]
And it doesn’t depend on the amount, right? So many people have the belief that the cheapest something is the more will be bought of it. So in case you really want to wear yourself out and if you you know, just want to work from morning till night and not really enjoying what you do because you are just doing too much of it, then you can charge really low pricing. The issue is though it’s not about you.

Christine Schlonski [4:41]
Studies have shown that if the value is not perceived by a price you know when you set a higher price people are more willing to work harder for the results so often we have a situation that some people charge a really low price and then their clients are not following through. And that is really, really a bad thing for your business. Because if your clients aren’t following through it will just back flesh on to you because you know the client didn’t do the work which essentially means that your product is not good. That’s how other people will see it. So you need to make sure that you find pricing that feels amazing to you. That is less than what the value you bring because we always want to wow the client but also needs to be at a point where the client is stretching himself because if they don’t stretch and you know they just pay for service and it doesn’t matter they could have bought themselves dinner or a coffee at Starbucks. And then they are not fully committed.

Christine Schlonski [6:07] "]
But the more they are committed, the more dedicated they are to do the work. And that doesn’t mean it needs to be super, super hard for them. Right? I’m not talking about you know, you need to do everything that you know, your clients work really, really hard. You want them to feel amazing as well. But like guiding them through the process, or supporting them with your product. Super, super important. So you want to be really mindful that it’s not just hurting you and your business if you are charging super, super low price. It is also hurting the client because the commitment they have, the way they show up the way they see the services the way they see the results really also depends on how much they paid for it.

Christine Schlonski [7:02]
So let me give you a really quick story. So a friend of mine also is a coach, and she has a friend who asked her to coach her and that maybe it happened to you already. I know for sure that it happens to a lot of people. And it happened to me as well. I coached some friends for free when I started out and then I learned the mindset shifts and tweaks and that really, really has helped my business and also has supported the friendship. So coming back to my friend. She coached her friend and they did get some results but not really phenomenal results. And then it turns out that her friend hired a coach like a different coach and paid them really good price because they said they didn’t get the results that the coaching wasn’t wasn’t good and well and it didn’t cost anything.

Christine Schlonski [8:06] "]
So I don’t want you to be in the situation. So really, really make sure that you want to stay in your heart you want to be true and authentic. You want to be true to your values. But also you want to create a business and the life you just love. And communicating the value of your services is super important. And it can be done in a way that your clients love to pay you and it can be high-ticket and high-ticket I mean $2,000 and up. I mean high-ticket is you know, $2,000 and up. And up can be you know, a million. I know coaches who charge a million and they have clients. They’re totally booked out. So why is that?

Christine Schlonski [8:58] "]
They’re probably not superhuman. They know really, really cool stuff. But they also know exactly how to describe what they do. They have outstanding results. And also they know how to market and where to market to. Because let’s face it right? If you don’t have any money than $100 will be a big amount. If you are a millionaire, then hundred thousand dollars for coaching might not really be a high investment for you. And if you’re a billionaire, well, maybe a million for coaching is still too cheap to really get you moving. I hope you’re getting the idea behind that.

Christine Schlonski [9:43] "]
So coming back to the question, how can you charge more and why should you charge more and how can it be done is getting really, really clear on what you do and showing the client the value you have what they will receive, right? That is what you really want to make sure. And you might ask: Well, how does she know all of the stuff? Well, I studied it for years and years and years, way back when in my corporate job where I trained sales people, were I hired sales people were, you know, they were coming from all different backgrounds. And when I started in sales, I didn’t have a clue. And the sales people I trained, most of them didn’t have a clue. They all had to learn the process and then they had to learn to enjoy the process. So I probably did something like over 80,000 cold calls in the years that I was in corporate so I have quite some experience in receiving noes and people hanging up, slamming the phone, you know all of this fun stuff, but it really depends on how you see the situation.

Christine Schlonski [11:11] "]
Do you see that you provide amazing, amazing value? And that’s why you persist until you succeed. Or are you maybe not sure about the value because you don’t really have the perfect offer. You don’t have an offer that kind of draws client in there. You just have to make an invitation. And then they say yes or no. Also, please remember that the client decides. It’s not you, the client decides if it’s a yes or no. All you do is making an invitation that’s it. Right? And you have to make sure that your sales mindset is a sale success mindset, that you have clarity in what you offer that you have a strategy in place, that you know your pricing, that you know different packages in case you have them and then you can just be totally focused and balanced and grounded and just make that offer from your heart because you know then exactly what the offer is and how it helps the client.

Christine Schlonski [12:31]
And I hope that this session has helped you. I’m really excited when you send in your questions so please keep sending them, I love to answer them as well. And also I want to make a shout out for amazing people. I received quite some reviews and as you all know reviews for a podcast for a new podcast are super super important so I’m going to do a shout out for these amazing people who have said something about the podcast Heart Sells! And the first shout out goes to the Variety Artist from the US and he said feeling P.O.W.E.R.-full (and power written exactly like in my P.O.W.E.R. system) Just listened to ep 5. Love the POWER formula. Christine explains it clearly and makes it simple for me to understand. Great podcast! So thank you so much Variety Artists for this amazing review then CCarroll1 also from the US says Inspirational! Christine is a joy to listen to and learn from! I am so glad she now has a podcast so I can keep learning from her wisdom on sales, money, mindset, business and more. Great information! So thank you so much for that.

Christine Schlonski [14:08] "]
Also to support you on your journey because I know that you have these amazing gifts and I know it is not that easy to really have an offer that your client can understand, that your client can relate to, that your client has an opportunity to say yes to, because they see it ,they feel it, they wanted it, they are drawn to the offer and they know it will solve their problem. I know that it’s not that easy. It all starts with mindset. So I have created the sales journaling prompts and you can download them at christineschlonski.com and just you know, print them out, read them out loud, repeat them every single day. Pick those that you know, feel good as well as a couple that don’t feel good. So you mind really starts to have that shift that you can say things like sales is love, that might not be the first one you want to chose. Because for a lot of people, that’s a difficult one because they don’t agree at all. But you could and then you know, My services are of the highest services or quality that they can be and my clients are super happy, right? So tune into this mindset shift. And then once you shifted, making offers will be easier but also you want to make sure that you have clarity on your offer. So just sit down and write it out. What are your clients getting? Why is it important? And then also what do you want to change for it

Christine Schlonski [16:01] "]
Thank you so much for tuning in. Please subscribe if you haven’t already, check out all the other amazing episodes and tune in for the next episode. Have an amazing day wherever you are in this wonderful world. Bye for now.

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