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The Success Library, gain instant access to the Sales Journaling Prompts and start shifting your mindset today.

3 Key Points:

  • Sales P.O.W.E.R. Formula, which is basically a formula that I have created to shift a simple sales-mindset to a sales-success-mindset here you make offers with ease, grace, and confidence. 
  • You can change your sales-mindset into a sales-success-mindset. You can embrace and love sales and you can make offers with ease, grace, and confidence while asking your price.
  • Usually, we all ask: What’s in it for me? first. So your client will ask the same question. What if you would ask yourself, not only what’s in it for your client when you support them with their gifts, but also what’s in it for those people connected to your client?

Show Notes:

[02:12] diving into the O of the Sales P.O.W.E.R. formula
[05:09] when a person transforms with the help of your services what else to look at…
[06:36] Happy people make people happy.
[07:27] "]When you help one person and it often only takes one person at a time that person has a unique opportunity to change their life through your wonderful gifts. It doesn’t stop there. It’s like this ripple effect
[09:55] "]So it’s super, super important for you to go out, step up, to be seen, to be heard so that people can work with you.
[11:51] Make sure you look beyond that’s not just a simple transaction that a client comes gives you money, you do some work with them and that’s it. There’s so much more to it that we often don’t see


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Christine Schlonski [0:01] "]
Hi Gorgeous, This is episode number eight with your host today Christine Schlonski, and you are listening to Heart Sells! podcast enjoy. I’m super, super excited that you’re tuning in for variety Friday and on variety Friday, I will be answering your questions, I will be sharing amazing resources that have helped me in my business and my life and also I am happy to share of my sales knowledge from high ticket event sales over the phone where I created millions in revenue, as well as teaching now heart-centered driven entrepreneurs to get to their next level by embracing and loving sales. So I help heart-centered driven entrepreneurs who might choke or freeze or lose momentum when they are making an offer to step into their own confidence and to make offers this ease and grace while asking their price. And all the years that I have invested into myself, I have invested time and money to learn, to try out to fail to be successful and with all that I created the Sales P.O.W.E.R. formula. This is usually something I teach in an eight week online course. So today, I’m just sharing in the limited time we have together what I can so that you get inspiration, motivation and the impulse to actually start changing your sales mindset into a sale success mindset. So an episode number two I told about the mindset and what the mindset has to do with a German Autobahn, always you driving on the German Autobahn, with 150 miles per hour,

Christine Schlonski [2:12] "]
if you want to just go back and tune in and listen to the mindset piece, then an episode number five, I started to share with you about the P.O.W.E.R. formula. And we talked about the P in power that stands for the past, and what this has to do with you. So today, in our time together, I want to talk about the O in the P.O.W.E.R. formula, and the O actually stands for the outcome and for the opportunities. So often we just, well, we are wired that way. But we think what’s in it for me? That’s usually the first thought that’s a thought when you make a purchase, you want to know, what are the benefits? What are you getting for spending your money? When you do something, you always have that first question: What’s in it for me? But here, it becomes very interesting to empower you asking yourself, not only what’s in it for your client, when you support them with their gifts, but also what’s in it for those people connected to your client? Now, this is a very empowering thought. And I would love for you to spend some time with this thought.

Christine Schlonski [3:45] "]
Because I see it over and over and over again, that heart-centered driven entrepreneurs, this beautiful gifts just struggle because they don’t dare to make an offer, they don’t feel comfortable asking the price, they don’t even know where to start in pricing the services. And by having a look at those opportunities, it will give you more clarity and with more clarity, more power to actually go for what you want. So have a look at opportunities that you are giving to your clients. I’m quite sure that your services and products are transformational. There are people out there that need what you have. And for those people, you give them the opportunity to transform their lives, which in itself is already super amazing. But I would love for you to look beyond to see even more than just the person you are working with directly with your products or services.

Christine Schlonski [5:09] "]
So let’s just have a look and assume you just have supported one person to transform their lives. So this person used to suffer, that’s why they came to you. And you had the audacity to make an offer to ask your price and to support that person with your beautiful gifts. So now this person has transformed. They’re in a much better place in their own lives. And that itself is amazing. But now this person is connected to other people, people that you don’t even know. This person is maybe in a relationship, maybe they are married, maybe they have kids, maybe they have friends, maybe they have family, maybe they have colleagues or if they run their own company, they have employees. Now you help that person to transform which may mean they are in a better place than they were before that transformation. And I don’t know if you’ve ever heard that saying, but hurt people, hurt people.

Christine Schlonski [6:36] "]
And happy people make people happy. So since you now help that person who suffered to get rid of the pain to better their lives, they are more likely to not be that hurt person that hurts people, they are more likely to be that happy person that makes people happy. That can be in a simple way. Maybe they smile more, maybe they snap less at their kids because they are less stressed. Maybe they are healthier and they feel so much better about their bodies that they now can support others and share how they have gotten onto their journey.

Christine Schlonski [7:27] "]
You know, when you Help one person and it often only takes one person at a time that person has a unique opportunity to change their life through your wonderful gifts. And there, it just doesn’t stop. It doesn’t stop there. Your gifts are going on and on and on. It’s like this ripple effect. You affect one person, they change their state, they change their energy, they change the way they are thinking they transform into their better version. And by doing so they have others around them to transform by being a better example by showing them how amazing life can be by just being a leader. Or maybe now they have permission and they are stepping up with their amazing gifts.

Christine Schlonski [8:37] "]
I want for you to see especially when you are making your offers and you feel maybe nauseous or you feel like who are you to ask for that person to pay you to work with you? Who are you to bring those gifts to the world? I want you to see the magic you can create by being bold enough to make that offer to invite that person to work with you. Because that is where it starts, by you showing up, by you being available to help another person transform you will make a huge difference in the world.

Christine Schlonski [9:29] "]
So don’t judge where you are on your journey. Don’t judge if your products or services are good enough. There are always people who look up to you because you are on your journey and the place that they would love to be. And that means they will come to you when they can see you. So it’s super, super important for you to go out, step up, to be seen, to be heard so that people can work with you. If you keep hiding, if you keep being full of doubts, then your gifts will not be unleashed into this world. And we all need amazing people to unleash their gifts. So make sure that you see that opportunity not just for you and talk about that in the next episode. But also for your client for the people your client touches. Right. See that huge ripple effect for just one thing. One tiny thing can make a huge difference in the world. And it is your task it is your responsibility to unleash your amazing gifts and be bold enough to ask for what you want so you can create a life of your dreams. You can create a business that you just love. You can create that life where you jump out of bed each and every morning, where you have the freedom, the time freedom, the money freedom, the health freedom where you have what you desire, because by being a better person yourself, by showing up in that way, you attract those people who need you into your life more and more and more. And it helps everybody. So make sure that you don’t have only a look on: What’s in it for me? Make sure you look beyond that’s not just a simple transaction that a client comes gives you money, you do some work with them and that’s it. There’s so much more to it that we often don’t see. So make sure you have that look into the word look beyond just that one relationship and make sure you understand how important you and your gifts are to the world.

Christine Schlonski [12:26] "]
I hope that gives you a little bit of inspiration, something to work on something to start with. If you have any questions just email to info@christineschlonski.com. I am happy to answer questions on variety Friday. I am happy to share amazing resources and my knowledge on variety Friday. And if you want to take it a step further, please join the success library. This is my free membership where I have put in amazing resources and one you can start visit right now, right today are the sales journaling prompts. These are the problems that have helped me to shift my mindset from a pretty poor sales mindset into an amazing sales success mindset.

Christine Schlonski [13:26] "]
Where I now can make offers with ease, grace and confidence where I can serve so many more people. These prompts have helped me to double and triple my income, to make millions and revenue. So I’m so happy to share this amazing prompts with you. To empower you on your journey to give your gifts to the world. hop on over to christineschlonski.com to get into the success library. And also to check out all the episodes were amazing world-class entrepreneurs share how they have changed their own sales game, how they share their story so you can be inspired and motivated that you can get ideas that you can get tools for your toolbox so that you can just be a better more amazing person who unleashes their gift to the world even more, who shines brighter than before. And I’m so grateful that you’re here that I have the opportunity to speak to you. But I also want to speak with you so make sure you send in your questions to info@christineschlonski.com hop on over to my homepage christineschlonski.com for finding more resources for learning more about the podcast and the amazing stories and thank you so much for being here today. All the best have an amazing, amazing day wherever you are in the world. Make sure you subscribe to get notifications for the next episodes. And also hop on over and give the podcast a review. Share it with your friends and business partners so that we can all spread the word about giving more of the gifts to the world. Have a wonderful day and bye for now.

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