Dr. Roy Martina, MD is a Holistic Medical Doctor specializing in holistic therapies (Acupuncture, Homeopathy, Nutrition, Cancer Therapy, Psycho Neuro Immunology & Deep Change Hypnosis),  a world-renowned martial arts world champion (8th degree Black Belt Martial Arts Grandmaster) and author of 86 books with numerous bestsellers he wrote to spread his knowledge. Many are translated into more than eight languages.

His worldwide bestseller is titled “Emotional Balance.” (Hay House).He’s the Founder of Omega Healing and many alternative therapies such as RAPID (Allergy Treatment), Neuro-Emotional Integration (Emotional Trauma Therapy) and INTEGRA (Integrated Complementary Medicine).

He is also a Business Inner Game Coach helping entrepreneurs become more successful. His goal is to bridge the gap between science & holistic therapies. His approach is based on combining Subconscious Neuro-Programming of the brain, Strategic Intervention Coaching Principles, increase the self-healing Intelligence of the Body, and accessing Universal Wisdom through Channeling.

He has been teaching this all over the world for 30 years and has trained more than 350,000 people including doctors, teachers, therapists, coaches, and managers. He has collaborated with Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Debbie Ford, Jasmuheen, Peggy Dylan, Eric Pearl, Professor Albert Ignatenko and many others.


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3 Key Points:

  • Take courses on sales. It is a process to learn and people will teach you and then you add your own spin onto what you have learned and make it your own way.
  • Make people an offer but also explain that when they go back home life happens and they will fall out of their heart into their head and might lose the
    opportunity for the transformation.
  • There are three levels of no

Show Notes:

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Christine Schlonski [0:02] "]
Hi Gorgeous, this is episode number seven with our amazing guest today Dr. Roy Martina and we are going to continue the conversation

Dr. Roy Martina [0:13] "]
Hi this is Dr. Roy Martina you are listening to Heart Sells! with Christine Schlonski, enjoy.

Christine Schlonski [0:22] "]
I’m so excited to have Dr. Roy Martina back with us today. And this is a very special episode. Do you know why? Because it is episode 007. I don’t know about you but I have to think of James Bond and his super powers if I read 007 somewhere. And today we have Dr. Roy Martian with his super powers on the show again. Let me just give you a little overview about the amazing accomplishments that he has achieved in his life. He’s a holistic medical doctor, as well as a world-renowned martial arts world champion, holding the eighth-degree black belt in martial arts as a Grandmaster. He has also authored 86 books with numerous bestsellers. He is also a Hay House author, and he is a Business Inner Game coach helping entrepreneurs to become more successful. His goal is to bridge the gap between science and holistic therapies. And his approach is based on combining subconscious neuro-programming of the brain with strategic intervention coaching principles that increase the self-healing intelligence of the body and also accessing the universal wisdoms through channeling. This is just wow. He’s been teaching over 30 years and has trained more than 350,000 people all over the world. I am so happy to have him back. If you haven’t listened to the last episode, please do so he is sharing their amazing wisdom. And now we’re just going to continue with our conversation. So welcome back Roy.

Dr. Roy Martina [2:14] "]
All right. My pleasure to be back.

Christine Schlonski [2:16] "]
Wonderful. So we talked about, like, the nervousness that came up for you and the signs of the body and that it’s still good to have a certain, let’s say, degree of being nervous because that’s a good sign. It shows you that you really, really care. Um, so do you remember, when you are in the process of selling, when you’re in the process of asking for money, and how you felt about it, and how you also shifted the money belief or got the courage to actually ask for a price that you really, really wanted?

Dr. Roy Martina [3:01] "]
Yes, in the beginning, I couldn’t do the sales at all, I would do the preparation and we had these weekends, also in Germany at a time where we had 1400 people and it was very low cost. And then we will present a whole training, that would be a more high end at a time, it was between 2000 and 3000 Euros. And I had someone come on stage to make the offer because I totally didn’t feel comfortable doing it. And also, I had this idea, it goes against my image and my persona. So it was like, there was the beginning. And that worked for a while. But then I because I’m very, let’s say, focus on congruency and, and so I knew I had to work on my congruency to become totally aligned and, and no longer being into a split, like, you know, you have a good program but you cannot sell it. And the main reason for this incongruency is that number one we have been conditioned in, especially in and I believe it is, in many cultures to never be like, you know, overconfidence you should always be a little humble and that kinda stuff. And then as a doctor, I was programmed a doctor doesn’t sell himself. I mean, in the United States it’s different but in Europe, you don’t go out as a doctor to sell yourself. And those were like, the things that there were the conflicts inside of me. And, and basically, I’m a specialist in aligning to subconscious mind with the conscious mind. So and that’s also when we thought about, for example, like the kickstart is about aligning your conscious wishes and getting your subconscious to work with you so you no longer sabotage yourself. And, and I know for sure that might growth is in the places that I feel uncomfortable. That’s where my biggest goal growth. So if I would, and I think in general, for most people, the biggest growth would be either in starting a business and you have to go to all these processes or to be in a in a very committed relationship, those are the two fastest growing ways for humans to develop the soul doing both at the same time might be even very complex.

Christine Schlonski [5:28] "]
I mean you can handle it you already have put 3 lives in one bio…

Dr. Roy Martina [5:31] "]
right, right. Right. But there was a time when it wasn’t like that it was like, like, the subconscious mind forces you to focus even one or the other, you can, you know, those, those are all the process you have to go through. And so then I knew I had to take courses on becoming better in sales, and what at the same time I hated everything about the American way of selling. So when they would go to, let’s say, an American workshop when it when they start pushing, and in really telling you, you know, you’re going to die, if you don’t follow the course, whatever, your life is going to be miserable, I walked out of the room, you know, it goes against, you know, myself, I didn’t want to become a salesperson like that. Like, like someone who’s gonna tell you how terrible it is if you don’t buy, right?

Christine Schlonski [6:25] "]

Dr. Roy Martina [6:26] "]
And it was a process to learn and, and I went to different courses, I went to Lisa Sasevich, I went to ???? many different things they’ve done in order to find my way.

Dr. Roy Martina [6:38] "]
Everybody’s is offering you maybe a good formula that works for them and a lot of people but in that formula, you need to find your own way. And what works for me is a simple change that I did with the sales. I will tell the people, you know, listen, who have you are interested right now to find out more, how to go a level deeper or to continue this journey in a different way. And what I explained to people now is that when you go to a workshop, or lecture or anything else, you get inspired, you get new information. But then when you go back home, life takes over, you know, you get busy again. Because the next morning, when you wake up, you get your duties, your responsibilities going on, and on and on. And as time goes by, you know, as enthusiastic as you were in the workshop where you were in your heart, and you really were vibrating and resonating with whatever you were hearing as you go into life, you go more into your head. And then you have all kinds of arguments. And then you talk to your spouse who was not in the workshop who weren’t, was not in that vibration, who didn’t feel the heart opening. And they all have these cold facts you have to deal with, you know, the amount of money it costs, the amount of commitment and, and all those kind of things. And that’s where doubt comes in. And I explain this to people, I’m very straightforward to them. I’m offering you this and you know, it’s up to you if you want it or not. And just making that bridge to the sales and to explain to them that why I’m doing that changed the whole game. It was not anymore you go from teaching to sales, there was a bridge now to go into sales. And also I’ve learned to make them an offer that I say listen, now you’re in your heart now you know what it’s all about to make it an easy, Yes, you know, those kinds of things and once you find your natural way of doing that, it works much, much better. And one of the things that I really liked with the training with Lisa Sasevich which was that she was she’s very keen on bringing people to the hearts to, to really, she would even show let’s say, maybe a short movie of, you know, where you really realize that if you don’t say yes, that you letting an opportunity pass that can change your life. And, and what I do is explain a lot about our conditioning in life that we are being conditioned to think, act like sheep while we’re born to be lions. So and what we want is to awaken the lion again, in people and tell them the story of the sheep and the lion. And this is a time a chance to jump, it’s a quantum jump, you’re going to me from sheep to lion, and because it’s a process that will benefit you becoming more confident, whatever, or heal yourself, things like that. So you need to find your own way that makes sense for you and your own stories. Because as a therapist and a coach, we all have invested in ourselves, we all have invested in our studies. So we are also role models to show that investment in yourself benefit you. And if we are open and we share this with our clients, some of them will say yes, and always someone say no, you-you can ever expect 100% to say yes, it is also not important 100% to say yes, it’s for the right people to say yes, to people who sees to see your value and a willing to make a sacrifice for what you have to value because they have to pay there’s always a sacrifice. And if you can discuss it openly. It takes a lot of the objections out of the public when you go into sales. The other thing that’s important is when we go into sales, all introverts shift gears, it means that the energy shifts, they tell a story with passion, because that’s the story and then come sales and then you can feel the energy drop to a level where you can see how uncomfortable they are. And what is sending out is the opposite. And the trick is to practice in a way that you can sell from your enthusiasm. And the way I do it, is not to focus on the money, is to focus on what I’m going to bring to the people, what I can do for them, what I can see them already in the future benefiting from what am I offering and that is my passion. So when I go to this to the sales my focus needs to be not on the money, the money is not important, it needs to be what I’m offering and if I keep my eyes on that, my energy goes even up when I go to the sales. And that’s something you need to discover how to do that, but it’s possible, it’s always keeping your focus on the outcome and not so much on the sales process you know and that change your energy level that change your subconscious body language and the energy needs to stay up and then you need to stop at up. Don’t let it go down. Don’t go then into the questions in public but then take go maybe to a place if interested, if you have more questions you know, come to me talk to me but do not keep talking because if you keep talking you can lower the energy again and so I always say you have to stop when on a high when you’re winning and not allow the energy to go down because one negative question can destroy the energy you know I person…

Christine Schlonski [12:36] "]
When you sell from stage right so

Dr. Roy Martina [12:37] "]
Yeah, exactly.

Christine Schlonski [12:38] "]
Yeah and I told I totally get that and you know, my clients come exactly from that space that they realize whenever they make an offer, they totally shift the energy they become a weird, different person and they don’t know how to deal with it so that’s really great advice. And so how do you deal this rejection than, what do you do when people say no to you?

Dr. Roy Martina [13:06] "]
Okay, I love this question because this-this was a life-transforming question for me and the different ways so number one when I was a young man, let’s say in adolescents and, and, you know get interesting to women, we already have to deal with rejection. That’s the first one. And I was the kind of guy standing against the wall watching everything. You know, I’m an introvert, but never having the courage to walk up to a girl I like and then asked her for dancing or start a conversation. Until one day I noticed a guy and this guy was black and nothing against black, I’m a color person to but he was black and ugly. And when I say ugly, I mean ugly. It was not a handsome looking guy. And even he was in a different color. He was still not beautiful, right? So and this guy was dancing with the most beautiful women all the time and I was getting more and more jealous is one thing I knew I was not I’m not I never saw myself as handsome but I’m also not ugly am somewhere I call it gray. I’m not one side or the other. And I had the courage to go up and ask him, you know, how do you deal with rejection? And he said it’s easy. You see it as they say, no for several reasons, one they don’t know you enough, they don’t know who you are. So that’s one reason they know number two day you know, you may be a stranger to they’ve been conditioned to talk to a stranger, whatever. So when someone says, No, it doesn’t offend me, as a person, I understand where to know it’s coming from and I’ll smile I know, you know, I have a conversation and so they get to know me and then next time I go to ask them, they will say yes, no, for me it just makes me stronger. It makes me go to the next level.

Dr. Roy Martina [14:56] "]
Then my second conversation and this changed my life by the number one, and the second conversation was when it came to sales. And I heard the story of you know, these people went door to door and there was selling encyclopedias, which I think is horrible. But one of the best is, it could be a salesperson told the following story. He says that statistically, I know that 1% of the people buy. So every time a knock on a door and they get a no, I know I’m getting one closer to a yes. So I’m happy with the noes that also changed my life. And then the other thing is when you are selling to customers, not everybody is ready in that moment, for several reasons, some people will come and the right moment for you. I have had many times that people didn’t say yes to that moment. But one year later, six months later, two years later, they come because then something happened in their life and they remember that I could offer them something that they didn’t have to deal with. So in growing up and becoming more spiritual and the personal development, I had to also learn to say no, and to be able to express my boundaries. So if I can express my boundaries, I should respect another person respect to the boundaries and sometimes a no is a solid no because I always speak at three levels of no one is solid, the process made up their mind, there’s no way you’re going to talk them into anything. Now, you respect that that’s a solid no. Then there’s a second one that is doubt. It’s a maybe right. And maybe, and you want to know what’s the maybe. Well, maybe it is: I need to first talk to my spouse, maybe it is I think you’re good for me but I you need to some few more questions before I can say yes, I want to know for sure if what you’re selling whatever it is, if it really would work for me. Right? So there’s a little more convincing to do there. And the other one just want you to tell them, yes, they want to come to you. And they know it’s a yes. But they want it hear from you to say it’s good for them. You know. So once you know that you see the different noes it’s it’s a different ballgame. And the most important thing is never to take it personal. Because it’s not about you. The only thing you can do is present yourself to the best you can and allow people to make the choice and sometimes help them to make the choice and for me the stories were the ones that really changed my life in ways that I can only be grateful for having learned how to deal with no, right. It’s really important in life and everything.

Christine Schlonski [17:57] "]
Oh, it definitely is. And you said one really, really in interesting thing, especially in the first story versus a perceived ugly guy,

Dr. Roy Martina [18:06] "]

Christine Schlonski [18:08] "]
He told you that the no he goes back a second time,

Dr. Roy Martina[18:13] "]
right. Hmm.

Christine Schlonski [18:14] "]
So it’s not just that you make an offer. And then it’s a no and you never talk to the person again.

Dr. Roy Martina [18:21] "]
Yeah, exactly.

Christine Schlonski [18:22] "]
You have to go back. And I think that’s a really important point to make. Because if you truly believe that your services and products are of the highest service, you need to give that person a second chance.

Dr. Roy Martina [18:39]

Christine Schlonski [18:40]
So I think that’s a really, really important point that we could add here because those stories are beautiful and so so helpful for changing that mindset, for stepping into your own sales power, so to speak, and for up-leveling that game because if you really believe that your services and products are great, then you want to offer them to the world.

Dr. Roy Martina [19:09] "]

Christine Schlonski [19:10] "]
There needs to be that energetic exchange as well. Because we know so often when we get stuff for free or low investment, we don’t really take it serious.

Dr. Roy Martina [19:21] "]
Absolutely. Yeah, we still live in what we call the physis time. In physis we feel we need to sacrifice, we need to it I always tell people the story: You know, if you would get a million just like that, or you work hard for the million, your bank will not know the difference. The bank doesn’t discriminate. Oh, no, this million was hard work. This million was too easy. The bank does it right. It’s the same number. But in our minds, we make that distinction. If it’s not with blood, sweat, and tears, it’s like it’s not worth it. Oh, I know, right. And then is shifting to acquires and in Aquarius time. And if you look around us also, technology has become more Aquarius. It’s instant, we are living literally in the field of possibilities, in the field of opportunities. And in this field of opportunities, it’s become even so more important to send out the right information. And also to show that you know, you’re you’re serious about your work, you know, if you if you’re serious about your you go out and do whatever, whatever is necessary. If you really believe what you have to offer is great, you need to go out and tell people about it. And you need to learn to deal with the no and as you said a one No, yeah, it’s one No, but it could be a lack of information like in last that was said there are three levels to no. It can be a solid no, which could be now we don’t know can still change in the future. I have hundreds of patients that came later to me that would not believe even the beginning where anything I have to say, but there comes a point in time where they might change. And that’s why we need to keep going out there. We need to become comfortable in the uncomfortableness of putting yourself out there. And I want to also remind the listeners, this is the greatest spiritual growth you will ever be able to make. Because once you discover your value, and that your value is priceless, then it doesn’t really matter what you’re asking for. For that, you know, and it will be customers for that.

Dr. Roy Martina[21:35] "]
The other big I think mistakes, a lot of practitioners and also coaches make is that they have this belief that they should ask low prices because everybody should be able to afford it. And that’s not true.

Dr. Roy Martina[21:49] "]
It’s better to increase your prices, and then offers the people cannot pay some sort of second, I would say like, give them a chance, or even give them charity. But first, you take care of yourself. But if you keep on taking clients who cannot pay, you are actually empty you losing your energy, you’re losing your life force, anybody who tells me that money does not make happy, I will say, well, the opposite is more true that when you don’t have money, I can guarantee that most of you will be unhappy, guaranteed. So to a certain level, money does give you a certain level of happiness, it’s we call it comfort zone. And when you are in abundance, or affluence that is the state where you can give back where, you know, you don’t have to worry about making your money anymore. And you’re giving can become more important. And I always had in my practice, a part of giving there was always there, but they always also clients would pay well. And then clients were rich, I charge them more because it’s a way of balancing inequality. You know, especially I was working on the island Curacao, where I’m from, and inequality is big. And, and so I had to help a lot of poor people. So I had two days where I would focus on people couldn’t pay some people just bring me chickens, or in they wash my car or take care of my garden, and the others would pay so but the others would pay more than enough so I could give a sort of that was always balance. And I think that’s one of the things we need to know that we have to be able to ask money, and then we can give, but if we don’t ask money, we always depleting our energy. And I think that that’s something that’s not sustainable in the long run.

Christine Schlonski[23:47] "]
Yeah. Wow. Wonderful. And it’s so so true. And also, you know, if people see themselves as not being a salesperson, they make the decision themselves, they decide how they want to be. And it’s a beautiful story, you just shared this your practice, you decided to work more or less two days for free, and just charging what people could give. But on the other hand, you made sure that you were taken care of as well, it was your decision and everybody that has their own business can make these decisions,

Dr. Roy Martina [24:24] "]
of course, and, and but most importantly, the we have so much confusion about certain things like is it okay to charge certain amount of money? My role is very simple. If I move to a new country, and I move many times to new countries, I will always check what are the people in my range of in my field charging and they always start to double. There’s my first rule, always charge double what other people check. And what happens is that you become more successful because people wonder, why are you charging double, you must be better than the rest. It’s a psychology thing. So they come. And I taught this to many, many, many doctors and therapists. I even had a very famous doctor in Germany. His name was Dr Helmut Schimmel and he had invented this thing called Vega test. And he was a worldwide phenomena. He was one of my master teachers and all of that it was using this machine to make diagnoses and find the right therapy. But he was charging in his private practice, at that time it was like 60 German mark for a consultation of an hour. And then I became friends and consult I say you are Dr. Helmut Schimmel, you should add charge 10 times more and even say but nobody would come as it trust me: charge 10 times more but see less people, you know, have a better life. And he did and the amazing thing happened to the other waiting list of two years. Then he trained his son, and his son helped him and it was a great thing it the opposite happened. And there’s a famous story of a doctor holistic doctor homeopath. In England, same thing every time he doubled his price, he got more clients. So that’s, that’s something we need to remember as well.

Christine Schlonski [26:18] "]
Yeah, so people rethink your prices. And especially rethink your value, right? You can only when you provide the value and but you believe in your product and have some right energy behind it. So if you want to kick-start your year with amazing success, you want to check out the wonderful course program that Dr. Roy is offering. It’s at christallin.com and I also have linked this in the show notes. So hop on over to christineschlonski.com/podcast and check out all the resources. Thank you so much for being here sharing these amazing stories and your wisdom with the audience. And yeah, have a wonderful day. Thank you.

Dr. Roy Martina[27:07] "]
You too. Thank you.

Christine Schlonski [27:09] "]
Wow, gorgeous. That is quite some wisdom that Dr. Roy Martina shared with us today. Make sure you subscribe to the podcast Heart Sells! and you share it with your friends and business partners. So they can also tune into amazing wisdom of world-class entrepreneurs that have just remarkable stories to share with us. For all the details just hop on over to christineschlonski.com. You will find the show notes you will find a transcript and also a section where I list all the resources that we are talking about here in the podcast. And yeah, just have fun and tune in for the next time. Have an amazing day and bye for now.

REAL SHOW notes with clickable timestamps here

[06:38] Everybody’s are offering you may be a good formula that works for them and a lot of people but in that formula, you need to find your own way.
[09:25] "]Because as a therapist and a coach, we all have invested in ourselves, we all have invested in our studies. So we are also role models to show that investment in yourself benefit you.
[10:14] It’s for the right people to say yes. For people who see your value and are willing to make a sacrifice for what you have.
[10:37] When we go into sales, all introverts shift gears, it means that the energy shifts, they tell a story with passion, because that’s the story and then come sales and then you can feel the energy drop to a level where you can see how uncomfortable they are.
[14:36] Roy shares an example: So when someone says, No, it doesn’t offend me, as a person, I understand where to know it’s coming from.
[16:34] "]Three levels of no
[18:26] If you truly believe that your services and products are of the highest service, you need to give that person a second chance. (the person who said no to you)
[19:34] If you would get a million just like that, or you work hard for the million, your bank will not know the difference. The bank doesn’t discriminate
[21:23] Once you discover your value, and that your value is priceless, then it doesn’t really matter what you’re asking for.
[22:03] If
you keep on taking clients who cannot pay, you are actually empty and you losing your energy, you’re losing your life force, anybody who tells me that money does not make happy, I will say, well, the opposite is more true that when you don’t have money, I can guarantee that most of you will be unhappy, guaranteed. And when you are in abundance, or affluence that is the state where you can give back where.
[24:46] "]Always start to double…


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